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Jeremy takes charge by Manny

James knew there was nothing to do but wait for the tracks to be cleared of the storm debris. It was going to be a long day! The station announcement estimated service would resume at 6 pm -- a full two hour wait. He would not get home before 9 pm. At least he had the weekend to look forward to!

James grabbed his attache case and found a bar where he could more comfortably pass the time.

As he sipped his beer, James watched the activity in the station barber shop across the way. It looked like it was from yesteryear with the huge old porcelain-based barber chairs and neon trimmed mirrors. Even the barbers, dressed in white from shoulder to shoe, looked vintage.

James was fascinated by the young barber closest to the concourse. He was handsome and poised, and totally in command of his clients. He juggled the clippers, comb and shears effortlessly as he tided up his patrons with skill and speed. Even though the barber could not be more that 25, he acted like a 50-year veteran of the trade.

James began toying with a quick visit to the barber shop after he'd finished his beer. His executive hairstyle could use a bit of a trim. James fiddled absentmindedly with the plush locks that spilled over his collar in back. Normally, his hair would just brush the top of his collar, but today it hung down below the mid-collar point. That settled it. He could definitely use a trim. He found himself downing his beer quite quickly!

James decided to swing by the bathroom before heading into the barber shop. As he washed his hands, he noticed that his hair was actually quite long on top as well. His heavy forelock lapped down across his forehead under the weight. James smoothed his shiny chestnut-colored hair into place and admired the natural highlights. Oh, the sides were spilling over his ears a bit as well. Perhaps he needed to request that the barber give him more than "just a trim."

As James approached the barber shop, he was pleased to see that the only barber without a client was the handsome young man nearest the door to the shop.

James pushed open the door and felt the cool blast of air conditioning.

"I'll be right with you," the young barber said as he greeted James. "You can hang your jacket on the hook there."

James happily complied. He examined himself in the mirror as he took a seat. The chair was so comfortable. His hair looked amazing, even in its slightly overgrown state. The neon lighting made it absolutely shimmer. James eyed the thinning shears on the counter. His stylist frequently used a pair on him so his coif didn't get overly puffy looking. That was one of the small disadvantages of extremely thick hair with lots of body. James had no doubt that the barber would employ the thinning shears on his mane - especially the heavy forelock.

The young barber strode up. He had "Jeremy" embroidered on his chest pocket. "First time here?" Jeremy asked as he cast the large white cape.

The starchy cape obliterated James' business attire from view. An expanse of white cloth with floppy chestnut locks at the peak like a shimmering crown could be seen in the mirror.

"Yep, first time. Nice shop here. Usually I'm rushing through the station, but this service stoppage caused by the storm means I have some extra time," James explained.

"A lot of extra time! They announced at least a two-hour delay," Jeremy said.

He took a brush to James' chestnut locks. "Well, everything worked out well for you. You're quite in need of a decent haircut," the barber commented as he examined James' hair.

Suddenly, James felt his head being pushed down authoritatively. His heart began to beat quickly. No questions had been asked. Barber Jeremy had a very commanding grip. He felt so subservient, staring helplessly at the white cape that covered his lap. Was this any way to treat a new client?

CLICK. Buzzzzzzzzz.

OMG! The barber was going to take electric clippers to his hair -- one of those huge sets that had hung from the base of the counter -- without even asking about the desired length.

In an instant, James felt the teeth at the nape, tight to the skin. Barber Jeremy was pushing the hair clippers right up the back of his head! And, he did not ease off until the clippers had cleared the occipital bone!

"Not too short," James managed to eke out. His voice sounded muffled and weak as he spoke down toward his lap.

He felt a clump of his hair being scooped off the back of his head. Out of the corner of his eye he watched the severed lock plunge to the floor.

The young barber did not reply. Instead, he took the clippers again to the nape and began to taper it further up the back. The clippers climbed quickly up to the back of James' head.

"There, looking much better already," Jeremy commented as he eased the clippers away from the head in a very aggressive taper.

Then the barber drove the clippers all the way up the back, even tighter and higher, virtually to the crown!

"You're going to be pleased with your haircut. I'm sure of that. In fact, so much so that you'll become a regular here," Jeremy predicted.

"It feels like you're cutting it quite short," James croaked.

The barber wrenched James' head to the side and brought the clippers up through the sideburn and temple.

James watched a huge padding of his pampered hair get peeled off and drop to the cape. The side was left alarmingly short, almost to the scalp all the way up.

"It's quite a bit shorter than I normally have it cut," he stammered.

"With such thick hair, there's only one solution. Short!" the barber pronounced. "I mean look at this here," he said, combing James' massive forelock so that a veil of hair hung over his eyes.

"I had noticed it was rather long," James admitted.

In a flash, Jeremy snagged the forelock, lifted it up with the comb and buzzed the mass of hair off quite near the scalp!! The veil of thick, heavy hair fell to the cape.

James was beside himself.

Lift and buzz, lift and buzz, lift and buzz. Jeremy employed an aggressive clipper over comb technique to clear away much of the length on top. The cape was totally covered with hair.

There was no way James could see how his short haircut was shaping up because the barber stood between him and the mirror.

Jeremy combed the short hair forward and then snipped it with the shears at the top of the forehead. Snip, snip, snip.

"It's looking good. Can't go wrong with a classic crewcut," Jeremy commented.

Crewcut!! The word sent a jolt through James!

Then the clipper were taken to the remaining uncut side. Jeremy buzzed off all remaining bulk at a quick, determined clip.

When the barber finally stopped, James could not believe what he saw. All of his hair clipped very close to his head with just a hint of bangs. He had been given a very short crewcut! The last timed he'd sported such a tidy, practical look, he'd been in second grade.

The array of cut hair on the cape was alarming.

Jeremy held up the hand mirror. The back was stripped almost bare!

"There, how's that?" the barber asked a bit perfunctorily, obviously pleased with his client's transformation.

James was still struggling to come to terms with his abrupt, radical and unrequested transformation.

Jeremy took the duster to his neck and ears and then whisked the snippets off his forehead and cheeks.

"I can take it down shorter," Jeremy said with a hint of glee in his voice.

James squirmed under the cape.

"Uh, no. It's quite short enough," he replied quickly.

The barber took some shaving cream and spread the foam around his client's ears and neck. "Do you come through the station often?" he asked. "I mean, I'm expecting you to be a regular in my chair no that you see how much better you look without all that overgrowth. I mean that helmet hair you walked in here with made you look a bit, well, you know, prissy."

As Jeremy said that, he forced James' head into an extremely penitential bow and began scraping his neck smooth.

James felt so submissive to the forceful barber who had impugned his manhood.

After Jeremy has carved some exaggerated arches around James' ears, he briskly rubbed the pelt on top.

"Ah, nice and short! So will you be back in a week or so?" he asked as he unfastened the cape. "I'd like to have you back in my chair. Keep you clipped and tidy. How about it, pal?" Jeremy fondled the tight pelt again, this time stroking it almost in a caressing manner.

James felt his cock stir. He looked at the array of shorn hair around the base of the chair as he stood to pay.

"I'd like to buy you a beer, if you're getting off work now, Jeremy," James offered as he handed the barber a fifty. "This is the best haircut I've ever had. Oh, and keep the change."

A crackling voice came over the station speaker. "The tree that came down on the track has been cleared. However, the damage to the rails cannot be repaired this evening. All service is suspended until 10 a.m. tomorrow. We regret the inconvenience."

"That means you need a place to spend the night. My place is just around the corner," Jeremy said with a twinkle in his eye. "Give me a minute to change out of my barber outfit."

"Actually, I kind of like the way you look in that traditional tunic -- maybe I can help you take it off once we're at your place!" James chuckled nervously.

"And maybe you'd look even more manly with a high 'n tight!" Jeremy said, as he reached for the clippers. "I think I'll take these with me, as long as I'll be keeping my barber's outfit on past my work day!"

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