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More Than a Spray Tan by damien999

I always hated haircuts as a kid, around 14 I started growing out my hair and only had it trimmed once when I was 18, it got pretty long and reached half way down my back.
When I was 19 I moved to a new town for college and didn't know anybody. I found this guy on a dating app who was obsessed with tanning, he even had a tanning bed and a spray tan tent set up in his house. so he convinced me to meet up with him and he'd give me a light spray tan. Once I got off the train he was waiting for me at the station to take us back to his place. He was about 25 and had the darkest skin id ever seen on a white guy before, no body hair and had a really short flat top and we really contrasted since I was so pale and had such long hair.

He lived with a couple other guys but they were all out, his place was pretty small and his room was especially cramped with his stand up tanning bed taking up one corner, also he didn't have any mirrors except for in the bathroom, he said it was because he wanted to make it a big reveal. He wasted no time and led me to his bathroom where he gave me a fresh razor and shaving cream, he said to have best results I had to shave everything down. I hadn’t shaved my legs before so it was pretty jarring to see them smooth again, but I did like it. I worked on my arms and happy trail, everything below the chin.

I threw back on my shorts and stepped out to greet him again. "Perfect !" he exclaimed looking at my legs, but as he panned his gaze up his expression changed. "But … we still need to fix that" he said as he pointed to my hair. I tried to protest and reason with him but he just shut out everything I was saying, he took my arm and led me back into his bathroom and pulled out a set of clippers and some different kinds of scissors and proceeded to cover up the mirror all while ignoring me. He sat me down on the edge of the bath and plugged in his clippers to the wall. I was too timid to really stop him … also some part of me kinda wanted to cut my hair shorter anyways. I accepted that it was getting cut and changed my tune to start discussing how we should cut it, he kept ignoring what I was saying with the exception of "I knew you'd come around". I told him "maybe something shoulder length would be good, just below my chin is the shortest I'll go !" and with that cut off the sectioned ponytails he made and he pushed my head forward, took the clippers without a guard and started shaving the back and sides of my head, it was a 00000 blade too. I was too in shock to speak up and let him continue. Once he finished the sides, he then placed a short guard on and started on top. Finally, he made a few touch ups, and used a pair of scissors on the front of my hair and used a razor near my neck and finished up.

He finally spoke up "And … done! You look just as great as I knew you would !" I asked him what cut he gave me and he said it was a crew cut with a slight bumper, I was too in shock to even comprehend what he was saying. Passing my hands through my hair (or what was left of it) felt surreal, I was just too shocked, it all felt like it went by so fast but, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying the feeling. He slapped me on the back and snapped me out of my trance and told me to use the shower to wash off the stray hairs and to exfoliate. I was left alone with the covered mirror and debated taking off the towel covering it to see the results but then remembered the tan and decided to wait it out.

I finished drying up and stepped out in my towel, He then threw a pair of speedos my way, "the tan line is probably more important than the tan itself y'know". He had finished setting up the spray tan tent and his room was even more cramped. I put on the speedos and stepped in. At this point I felt as though the shock had been worn out of me and I wouldn't be surprised with the tan, man was I wrong. When he said he was finished I looked down and my body was just as dark as his! He laughed and complemented me (but mostly himself on his work).

He led me back into the bathroom and asked if I was ready to see his craftsmanship, I nodded. With the whip of the towel the mirror was exposed and I took in the new me. I had deep, saturated, brown, hairless skin. When I pulled back the speedo, the white of my previous skin just made the tan look that much more of a difference. But bigger than the tan was my hair, It was the shortest it had ever been in my life. I was in disbelief at how good I felt I looked, I instantly fell in love with the crew cut. He stood next to me and that's when I realised just how much I looked like him, I was a mini version of him.

From that day forward I kept up the tan, opting to sun tan so it would be more permanent, even as far as investing in a tanning bed for my house. I would then grow my hair out to cut it short again every 6 - 12 months, Nowadays I'm sporting a flat top, and I love it.

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