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Made Bald At the Beach by YoungBald

Every year in my youth I would go to the beach with my father for a couple days. He was cool and we had fun, but we were somewhat distant and the trips were only a few days because it was hard to pry him away from work.
When I got to be in my late teens a routine had developed, after we would hang out in the day, he would often go to the bar at night to drink, though I let him, we were on vacation after all. With some walking around money in my pocket, I would go up and down the boardwalk each night. Also equipped with the power of hookup sites, I would try and find someone looking for fun on their vacation before I went back. I wasn’t just expecting some bald, muscular hunk to just come and sweep me off my skinny, willing feet after all.

Now, more about me. I was actually quite thin and somewhat pale (it was the beach and I couldn’t tan to save my life). My hair was brown with a lighter tint to it in the light, and I usually wore it a couple inches on top and faded from a 0 up high to a 2 on the sides. Nothing crazy, I was always hesitant to go shorter because I was insecure about my head, oh well. I had simple black studs in my ear and the stubble of a mustache and chin hair. That light tint of my head carried over to my facial hair so I hasent felt able to commit to a full goatee/mustache.
As for my relationship with hair, let’s say the beach was very important to me because of the slew of muscular, hotter, older dudes not wearing too many clothes to tan their fit bodies and sometimes even, their shiny heads. Totally bald dudes that felt in their element with the sun beating on their scalp, country boys from the region over with short shaved heads, I liked them all.
A couple years into my routine, I was 18. Dad had gone off, as usual, and I began my regular searching. Checking near the hotel first, then venturing out. I never was able to really find bald guys, the younger they are the more rare of course, and I was only somewhat flexible in age range. With money and hours to spare, I would be a little choosey.
I began my walk down the boardwalk, looking at the same stores I had already looked in during the day, to kill time while I waited for messages. I thought I was fairly attractive, so they came easily. I remember I was wearing a simple, dark t-shirt, with some skateboard logo on it even though I didn’t skate, tight, ripped denim shorts, a cute pair of underwear, and my very worn in pair of leather flip flops, worn out mostly from these beach trips because at home, it turned me on too much to wear them as well.
I was in the t-shirt shop responding to some random message when I saw him. It was a man with a build more average than mine, but I could see the definition of muscles through his black tank. His dark hair showed in the short goatee he had kept much nicer than mine, as there was little indication of hair on his head. He was tan with the most piercing blue eyes but most importantly, a gorgeous buzz cut, down to a 1, if I had to guess, that showed off how nice his head shape was. Usually guys like this shave it because they were losing it, but he had everything up there still. No, it was purely cosmetic.
I don’t know how long he was looking at me, since my head was in my phone, but when I met his gaze he turned away. We met a longer glance again before looking away again. I knew this language. I slinked over beside him and silently looked at the tanks for a minute. The tension could’ve been cut with a knife.
"I don’t know why I’m looking at all of these." he finally spoke up in a deep, handsome voice. "These are the same as everyone else on this whole beach"
"Yeah, true. I’m just looking because I have nothing better to do" I smiled.
"That’s exactly what I’m doing, man" he chuckled.
"You’re not here with anybody?" I asked, the bells going off in my head.
"My friends, but they’re out at the end riding the rides, I don’t do too well on those." he said pointing down the boardwalk. Our eyes were slowly shifting away from the shirts and towards one another.
"I’m here with my friends too." I lied. "But they’re on some dinner boat thing and I don’t do well on the water either" that was another lie. I stretch the truth only for privacy and safety reasons. He was a stranger after all.
When we slowly walked out of the store, walked in the same direction. We kind of veered into the other store that was attached to it, still looking together.
"Yup. It’s all the same." he laughed again.
"I know, you’d think on this whole strip there would be more to do." I said, the wheels turning In my head.
"Plus the people I came with haven’t been very interesting, all we’ve done is drink all day. And then the one thing they all actually agree on I can’t go to! So now I’m here." I lied, even though my friend trips to the beach usually did go like that.
"I have a lot of beer, if you wanted to maybe hang out for a little bit." he shyly asked. Bingo. "I hope that’s not too forward." he looked over at me.
"Not at all. Oh, why not?" I asked as if I hadn’t immediately said yes in my head. "By the way, I’m Justin." I said, shaking his hand. He had a great grip and I realized I had given him my real name by mistake. I didn’t care though.
"Garrett." he simply said. I was hooked.

When we got back to his place, I could see that several dudes things were in fact there. That made what little worry I had, settle. We both sat down on his bed, even though the others were clear, and opened up a couple of Coronas. Nothing too crazy, but it made us both more relaxed. I’m social enough and a good conversationalist, so I felt really comfortable staring into those amazing blue eyes.
I learned that he was 23, had a job in finance that allowed him to travel a lot, and that he enjoyed going to the gym and going out with his friends.

"I don’t go to the gym if you couldn’t tell, I’m kind of a twig." I laughed.
"No you’re not, you’ve got a little bit going on here." Garrett said, giving my bicep a little squeeze. I gave him a subtle look as he touched me for the first time, but I was sure to not spring up, as I didn’t want to make his innocent gesture into a thing.
"Yeah but we’re still pretty different looking, you and I." I said, staring down at his own tanned arms. That's when I found my gateway. "Not that I wouldn’t mind having what you have going on."
"Maybe a little work and you can." he said, tapping my arm again with the back of his hand. "Get in there, fill out a little."
"With that alone, you’re driving a hard bargain" I said. "But I don’t know, I don’t know if thats… ME, ya know?" I asked looking up at Garrett, or rather his head, with a shy face. "I mean.. I like your haircut too, but I don’t think I could pull it off as well as you do."
"Oh, this is a lot of hair for me!" Garrett exclaimed. "I usually just shave it because its comfortable, but I kinda let it go way too long."
I was stirring on the bed already.
My throat was already dry when I said "Yeah I’ve always kinda wanted to do that, but I don’t know…"
"I mean, I still have all my hair, well, you can see that. I just do it because it feels good and I like it. I know its not for everyone and you’re kinda young, but if you want to, why don’t you just do it? I mean you could definitely pull it off." Garrett said, rubbing his hand on the back of my head.
Its like he was just rattling off all the reasons I should shave my head. I had never really told anybody or had anybody say that I should do it before, it was incredible.
"I don’t really know… I guess… it never really felt like...me. I mean I’ve always kinda wanted too…" I stammered.
"Well, man…" he said, taking a sip of his beer and looking at the top of my head. "I think you’d look hot."
Him calling me hot, or hypothetically hot, empowered me. I never thought out of all the times I had been out with these men I’d be sitting here having this conversation.
"S**t, you got me convinced. I think when I get home from here I might shave this off." I said running my hand through my own hair.
"Ya know, if you’re looking for something to do, my bro brought some clippers with him for his beard. I got ‘em in there. I mean if you’re up for it…" Garrett said. Except for he said it excitedly, like he wanted to do it.
I stopped to think briefly, but I think I had just enough beer in me to agree to it. "Sure, f*** it!" I said, hopping up first and walking myself to the bathroom where sure enough, there was a beard trimmer sitting right on the counter.
"Alright! Someone’s excited!" he said, shocked at my immediate agreement. I couldn’t tell if he meant my instant willingness or the stirring excitement I had in my shorts.
Garrett followed behind me and set the kitchen stool right in front of the mirror. He put one hand on my shoulder and the other through my hair.
"Ya sure?" he asked one last time.
"Yeah, you’ve got me convinced." I confirmed one more time, but truth be told I was terrified.
"So, you want me to go right down the middle or give you a Mohawk?"
"Mohawk? I’ve always been curious." I choked.
"That’s cool, and if you decide you don’t like it halfway through, at least you’ll have a sick Mohawk!" Garrett reassured me.
Almost as soon as he said that he turned the clippers on and shaved down the top left of my head, creating a perfect line next to where a Mohawk would lay. It was official- I was getting my head shaved.
He went behind me and created the rest of that straight line down the back. All I could focus on was the perfect outline of a Mohawk I was going to have. As soon as he shaved that back line he quickly took the whole left side off. Making quick, deliberate passes that showed he knew how to use a pair of clippers. Within a minute, the whole left side of my head as nothing but a tiny amount of stubble.
I loved it.
I loved the way the top corner of the shaved part of my head curved around. I loved the contrast between the zero amount of hair and the first part of the Mohawk that stuck up. I shifted again in the chair to adjust my pants.
He repeated this again to the other side as I watched, speechless. Within a couple of minutes he had given me a haircut better than I ever could’ve imagined. I knew it wasn’t over yet though.
"Okay, now I get to smooth the sides." Garrett said as he pulled Gillette razor and some shaving cream out of his bag. We didn’t talk about going all the way with a razor, but he either assumed or naturally decided that’s what I wanted. And he was right.
I thought he was getting as excited as I was, and the way he treated shaving me like a privilege proved it.
I breathed heavy as he rubbed the white cream on the sides of my head. I couldn’t resist touching it as he made the first pass. I had never felt anything but the very bottom of my head bald before.
When I did this a glove of shaving cream plopped onto the shoulder of my shirt. Garett saw this and said "You know, your shirts already covered in your hair, you may as well take it off now."
I pulled it off, rubbing more shaving cream off as I pulled it over my head. Garrett slowly rubbed the stubbly sides of my Mohawk with more shaving cream to ensure it was still nice and even. Almost as quickly as he buzzed it, I saw the little hairs pull away to reveal a beautiful shaved head underneath. Garrett ran his hands on the sides of my head to clear the remaining cream, and the feeling was ecstasy. Even with the bristles of the Mohawk on top I moaned as I rubbed my hands through the now completely bald sides of my head.
I couldn’t hold in any longer, I stood up quickly, and my tounge met his throat. He looked shocked in his eyes, but the way he shoved me into the bathroom wall and did the same to me, grabbing the only hair that remained in the center of my head, I knew he didn’t mind my being forward either.
This went on for a minute until I felt the bristles on top of his own scalp.
"Let me shave your head." I whispered in his ear. He pulled away and quietly nodded. Before I knew it the roles were reversed and he was the one shirtless getting his head lathered up. Though I had no experience I had played the scenario in my head a million times before, and he moaned under his breath as I scraped the hair away from his scalp. Somehow I knew exactly what I was doing. Years of watching and absorbing videos of men making themselves smooth was paying off. I shaved each spot against the grain and as quickly as he had done mine, he was fully bald within minutes. As I toweled his own head off, he reached into his bag again and handed me a lotion to put on his head that made it glisten in the bright bathroom light. Rubbing that shiny oil into his now completely smooth scalp was one of the most erotic moments of my life.
"Your turn." Garett whispered into my ear.
First, he put a two or so guard on the clipper and buzzed the remaining strip of hair I had so for a minute I had a proper recon. I hardly had time to look at it before he lathered up the rest of my head again. He took his opportunity to shave the rest of my head against the grain and more importantly was sure to leave no hair on top this time.
When he toweled me off he made sure to use extra of the lotion he had me use. The second he rubbed his hands over the now clean, perfect white surface that was my head, I soiled the front of my pants. Garretts attention then turned south, now that his task was complete, and everything else after we went to the bedroom will be left to the imagination.

After all was said and done, he asked me if I wanted to go back out. I had never felt more intimate with anyone, so I didn’t want the night to end. When I pointed out I had nothing to wear, he just pulled a tank top and some jeans out of his roommate's suitcase for me to ‘borrow’. I ran to the mirror one more time before we left, and even though we were both physically different, we looked very alike with similar dress and the same perfect shine on our newly bald heads.
We met the other dudes at the bar, which let me in I suppose because I looked so much older. The guys he was with were cool, straight dudes who were more than happy to share rounds of drinks with me.
They asked how we met, and I made up something about how he went to the store I work at back home. Of course I don’t work in a store either. I began to feel a bit off about the lies, as I had grown
I got lost in our conversation and into Garrett’s eyes, but I couldn’t stop rubbing my head.
After a couple rounds, one of the guys pointed it out and playfully tapped the back of my head. When he did he drunkenly stopped and then began to rub it himself. Letting out an ‘ooh’ at the feeling. Garrett made the opportunity to point out if he liked it so much he should shave his own head. I would be very interested to hear how that turned out.
When it came time for me to go back to my room, Garrett walked me back and kissed me goodnight.
"I had fun." he said.
"I know." I said, winking. "Too bad I won’t be seeing you around."
"Yeah… too bad." Garrett said. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me one more time. After giving me one more good look, he turned around and began to walk home. I stopped for a minute and realized how much the night had changed me, both physically and mentally. Whether I would have the balls to keep shaving my head or not I didn’t know. I just knew I would be never seeing him again, and that kind of killed me. But that's just how this always went. I was so in my head I didn’t realize until I got to the door that my dad was ready to see me bald, let alone in someone else's clothes.
I slowly crept the door open and all the lights were on, and he was lying in bed watching the tv. I don’t know if he had a few either or if his ‘cool’ persona led to such a minute reaction. But he just kind of looked at me, smirked, and said ‘Nice."
"Yeah it kinda just happened." I awkwardly replied.
"Where’d you get that done at?" he asked.
"Oh there was a guy on the boardwalk that was giving out shaves for 5$. I was sitting on the bench on my phone when he asked if I wanted one and I kinda thought… why not?" I said, thinking on my feet, rubbing my head as I explained.
"Oh, well that's cool." he said calmly, turning back over to the tv. No questions asked. No mention of the tank top and jeans I was wearing instead of what I left in. I just was preparing for the caveat of questions I was sure to receive back home about my newly shined head.

Even in the success of the night, I couldn’t stop thinking about everything that had happened. I changed and hopped into bed myself, shocked at how amazing the cool touch of my pillow felt. I couldn’t sleep the whole night because of how excited I was.

In the middle of the night I got up, looking for literally anything to do. I was still too worked up for more sleep. When I picked the tank top and jeans up off the floor, I paused to think about what to do with them. I couldn’t return them, and I know they weren’t his, but at least I’d have something besides my head as a souvenir. I went to throw them in my own suitcase when I discovered the note with his number he had slipped in the pocket.

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