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Halloween: Trick AND Treat by Shant

It was the end of the 60's. Beatlemania had not yet hit our small town. Just about all the guys still had their hair greased up and combed back into a pompadour. The Elvis look was still very much alive.

I grew up in a very isolated area in upper New York state. The town's entire population was only 400. Along with three neighboring towns, the high school was built in the largest town, which had only 1200 people. Combining all four towns resulted in there being about 150 students in grades 9-12. This meant that there were only about 75 guys in the entire high school. Everyone grew up together and most of us had always been classmates since kindergarden.

There was this one guy in particular, Mark Peck, who had by far the best head of hair in the school and he definitely knew it. Think blond Elvis hair and that's pretty much how his hair looked. He coud brush the top back and then bring it forward, out over his forehead, and then brush it back into the side. His hair had such great body that the lock that was hanging out over his forehead was suspended in midair and did not fall into his eyes or onto his forehead. He never had a hair out of place.

Despite being so vain about his hair, Mark was still a nice guy. He was the captain of the basketball team and voted homecoming king his senior year. He was two years ahead of me in school but because the town was so small we knew each other really well.

One time, the school portrait photographer was taking group pictures for the yearbook and was standing on the roof of the second story building, shooting down at the group below. While trying to get everyone lined up evenly he said, "The guy in the back row with the beautiful hair needs to move about 6 inches to the right." Everyone laughed because they all knew he was talking about Mark. Mark was not at all self conscious because he loved his hair so much and enjoyed the attention.

I can remember another time we were riding the bus home from school and this guy, Terry Niles, walked up behind Mark and emptied an entire salt shaker onto the top of his head. Mark never reacted and rode the entire rest of the way home without even touching his hair because he did not want anyone to see him with his hair out of place. He was that vain about his hair.

Every once in awhile Mark got a little too cocky about his hair. He'd come up to me and in a good natured way mess up my hair and then tell me how his hair was so much better than mine. He did this to three or four other guys in my class as well. We all went along with it because we liked Mark, but sometimes when a group of us got together we'd talk about how great it would be to take him down a peg. It was one thing to be lucky enough to have such great hair but another thing to make fun of other people because their hair was not as great as his.

During the summer my family went to visit my dad's brother who lived in Syracuse. Dad's brother was a retired police officer and was really a good guy. He had always worn his hair in a no nonsense flattop and Andy, his son, wore his hair short too. Andy was a big guy, about 6' 2" and 220 pounds and played football at Syracuse University. In the fall he was coming down to visit and to close up his father's summer house, located on a lake about 25 miles from our home.

One night while we were talking, I told him about how Mark was such a jerk sometimes, always bragging about his beautiful hair and how he made fun of me and some other guys because our hair was not as nice as his. We wished we could teach him a lesson but didn't know how we would get away with it. Andy said if we really wanted to do something to Mark, he had a great idea how we could teach him a lesson and we could do it when he came down on Halloween. After he told me his idea I couldn't wait to do it. I hated that I couldn't tell anyone about it because if I got caught I didn't know what kind of trouble I would get in. There were many nights when I went to bed and fantasized about what we were going to do to Mark and his luscious locks.

Halloween came and Andy arrived and we worked out all the details for our plan. That night the town hall held a dance and everyone was out and about. Andy had brought along Brian, a buddy from school, who was also on the football team. He was about the same size as Andy. While Andy wore a short flattop, Brian had his hair cut in a traditional crewcut.

Both Andy and Brian wore face masks so no one could identify them. Neither guy had been to my home town before so they really didn't have anything to worry about as long as no one saw their faces. I wore a padded costume which made me look about 100 pounds heavier than I actually was. Unlike Andy and Brian, I wore a mask that totally covered my head. It was agreed upon that I would not say a word the entire time because I didn't want to take a chance that Mark would recognize my voice.

During the dance, we were standing on a side street smoking a cigarette when Mark came walking around the corner. Of course, he was dressed up like Elvis Pressley. He had his pompadour piled up at least six inches high and was just full of himself. He saw the three of us and strutted over and started talking. "Why do you guys have such dorky haircuts? I'd never get my hair cut like that. I go to a barbershop 20 miles away just to have my hair cut by a guy named Vern. I'm not going to let that old geezer here in town ever cut my hair. Vern told me that of all the guy's hair he cuts that I have the most beautiful hair of anyone. I don't let anyone touch my hair except Vern. Girls are always wanting to run their hands through it. It's a major turn on for them and for me. I love my hair."

Mark was standing in front of a shop which had no lights on inside so the window was like a mirror. He was combing his hair and didn't pay any attention as Andy and Brian approached him. Andy egged him on by saying, "Man, you really do have great looking hair. How high can you make it stand up?" Mark loved the chance to show off all his pampered tresses and proceeded to make his hair stand up as tall as he could. Before he realized it, Andy and Brian had moved in and quickly grabbed his wrists and put a pair of handcuffs on him. Mark never had a chance. He was 5' 8" tall and 150 pounds so the guys had no trouble taking charge of the situation. After getting the handcuffs on him they placed a piece of tape over his mouth and then placed a pillowcase over his head. At the same time, I took some rope and tied his legs together so he could not move.

We threw Mark into the back seat of Andy's car and Brian and I sat on each side of him. "What do you guys think you are doing? Whatever it is, it's not funny. You need to turn this car around right now and take me back to town and let me go." We let him ramble on and on, totally ignoring him. As the silence continued, we could tell that he was getting more and more nervous about what was happening and didn't know what to expect. Every once in awhile either Brian or I would rub our hands all over the top of the pillowcase crushing Mark's perfect pomp. "Man, even under this pillowcase I can feel how thick your pretty boy hair is. No wonder you love it so much. It feels really great," Brian said.

We got to the summer house in about 30 minutes. Almost all the homes were empty now that Labor Day had passed. Very few people lived on the lake during the winter because of all the snow and the cold. The houses all around us were empty. We took Mark into the house. Andy had everything set up. We sat Mark in a chair and tied him to it so that he could not move. Behind Mark hung a large mirror but we didn't want him to see that yet because we were going to have some fun first.

Andy took the pillowcase off Mark's head and removed the tape from over his mouth. Mark immediately started shouting and talking a mile a minute, telling us we needed to release him right now. Andy paid him no attention and said, "Man, we really messed up your pretty hair. We need to comb it so that it looks better." Andy combed Mark's hair back into his pompadour. "This is fun. I've never combed such pretty hair. I've always worn mine short but combing your hair is really great." After he finished, Brian picked up a brush and said that it was his turn to style Mark's hair. He brushed it to the opposite side and of course, it looked fantastic. I then got my turn. I had been waiting for this for months. I ran my hands through his beautiful hair and then brushed it all straight back. He had such a thick mane. It really was exceptional hair. With all the grease he had in it for his Elvis pompadour his hair really shined. I was thankful that I wore a padded costume because the moment I ran my hands through his hair I got a hard on. I had never messed around with a guy before and it was pretty exciting!

Mark had calmed down a little because he thought all these guys were going to do was comb his hair. Andy then took over again and continued to comb his hair. "I think that your hair is a little long," he said. "I think you need a little trim." Mark immediately got upset and said, "What do you mean a trim? You're not going to cut my hair are you? No way you're going to cut my hair!" Mark tried struggling but Andy just ignored him and started cutting his hair at the back and sides and took off about half an inch. When he finished it actually looked good.

Then Brian stepped in and started combing Mark's hair again. "I think your hair would look even better if we cut it a little shorter. What do you guys think?" Mark was getting really upset by then. "Okay, you guys have had enough fun. Please don't cut any more of my hair off. I love my hair. It's taken forever to get it this long. It will take all year to get it back like this and I want it to look good for my senior year." Brian also ignored him and proceeded to cut his hair, taking off more than an inch on the back and sides. Even then his hair was still long enough so that he could brush it back.

The top however had not been touched. The guys had left that for me. I combed his hair straight back and started near the crown, sectioning off a piece and cutting about 3 inches off. Mark had no idea how much hair he was losing. I combed another section and cut off another 3 inches. As I worked my way to the front I started cutting off more and more because his hair was so much longer in the front. When I combed the very front straight up, I cut off about 5 inches. Tears were running down Mark's face.

Brian turned Mark around so that he could see himself in the mirror. His hair was still long enough to brush back but it was all choppy and uneven. Mark was practially hysterical. "Look what you've done to me! You've ruined my hair! Why the hell did you do this to me? What have I ever done to you guys? I don't even know you! Please stop now and let me go."

"Don't worry about your hair looking so uneven. I'm going to fix it up and it will look good," Brian said. Mark was freaking out and Brian said to him, "Look Mark, you can either sit here and take this haircut like a man and leave here with your hair still long enough to brush back or you can struggle and continue to whine and you can leave with no hair on your head at all. It's totally up to you." Brian then turned the chair back around so that Mark could not see himself in the mirror.

Mark knew that he had no choice and despite wanting to try and escape he knew that it was better to just sit there and let this guy finish the haircut. It would be a lot better to go home with short hair rather than no hair at all. He couldn't imagine his hair being shorn totally off.

Brian's dad was a barber and Brian really knew what he was doing. He cut most of the football players hair at school and he cut Andy's hair into the flattop that he wore. He turned the clippers on whiched freaked out Mark even more and proceeded to square up the back and the sides leaving the top about an inch long with the front just a little longer so that it brushed back. The top was as flat as a board and of course, Mark looked great! It was definitely a different look from his pompadour but if he were to quit being such a jerk about it, he might actually like it. Any other guy would be thrilled with the haircut, even if it was short.

Brian turned Mark around and despite the haircut looking good, Mark totally lost it. He went crazy. Tears were rolling down his face and he was cursing a blue streak. Mark continued his tantrum for a while and then Brian said, "I'm sorry you don't like the haircut. I think it really looks good on you, but don't worry, we can take care of that." Without another word, Brian put the number 2 guard on the clippers, placed them at the center of Mark's forehead and ran them straight back to the crown! I thought Mark was actually going to have a seizure. "I told you that if you acted up you'd leave here with a short haircut and that's what you're going to get. Now sit still." Brian continued running the clippers all over the top of Mark's head. When he was finished there was not a hair longer than 1/4 of an inch anywhere.

Andy then put the tape back over Mark's mouth and took some rope and tied his hands together. He put the pillowcase back on Mark's head and we drove him back to town. On the way back, Brian rubbed his hand over Mark's head and said, "Doesn't that feel really great? Now you can have some fun and grow your pretty hair out again and by next Halloween it will be just as long as it was tonight. Of course, we may come back again next year and take you for another ride. Just something for you to think about."

We brought Mark to the same place where we had picked him up. We took off the handcuffs and placed him on the steps at the side of the store. The dance was still going on so we knew someone would find him in a little while. Andy then drove me to my parent's house and headed back to Syracuse.

I couldn't believe that we had actually cut off all of Mark's hair! I couldn't wait to see the reaction when people saw him the next day. I went to bed thinking about all his pretty hair falling to the floor and I had the most intense orgasm that I had ever had! That scenario was repeated many times that fall. All I had to do was replay that evening in my head and I'd get aroused.

Time passed and no one ever found out who cut Mark's hair. I never dared tell anyone. It wasn't worth the risk. Whenever I saw Mark, I just smiled to myself and thought, "Who knows? Maybe next Halloween we'll get to play with Mark again!"

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