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Nightmare turned into pleasant reality by George Wheeler

Nightmare turned into pleasant reality

By George Wheeler

I am in my late twenties and has been growing my hair for more than 10 years. It is my pride and glory and reaches my ankles 5 feet long. I have used endless hours caring for my mane and all the work and time have paid out. My mane is golden blond, straight, extremely thick, and very healthy. I have had regular trims of ½ an inch and my ends are thick without a ripple and in extremely good condition. I enjoy my mane very much " in fact, you could say that I am in love with my ankle long mane.

Despite all my effort making my hair as long and as healthy as possible and despite all the pleasure it has offered me and the countless number of satisfactions it has helped me achieve. Despite all of this in the back of my head another and very different thought had started to grow " and it would not go away. A thought about having a haircut!

I was taken completely by surprise the first time this thought popped up in the back of my mind. It was so far away from all I believed to love, what excited me, what I wanked about. Namely my long hair growing to the floor if possible. I could not explain to myself why suddenly, I started thinking of having a haircut. Utterly opposite to my extreme long hair obsession.

I kept growing my mane " and wanked and enjoyed it immensely. But ever more often I also thought about getting a haircut and the idea of getting it made me even more excited than watching my ankle long magic mane in the mirror.

I started searching the internet for traditional male barbers in my neighborhood. I found none. So, I broadened my search and after hours of searching I found what I was looking for!

A small old-fashioned barbershop with just one barber " an elderly one. The barbershop looked very traditional with the barber pole, and just one window with an old transparent white curtain and a door with the same transparent curtain. In the window photos of short male hairstyles " modern years ago!

Time went by " my mane was on its way to floor length. But the idea of a haircut in the old traditional male barbershop would not slip my mind.

One day in early spring I got on the train and then on the bus heading for the barbershop. When I arrived in the street where the barbershop was situated, I hesitated. What was I doing? But curiosity and excitement removed my fear and I approached the barber.

When I reached the barbershop, I slowly went by it. I did not even dare to look through the window! I turned around and passed the shop again. And again, without looking.

The third time I passed I looked through the curtain. I saw the old barber cutting the hair of a customer. I was at the point of fainting and hurried by.

My heart was beating like a drum. My legs felt like gel. My stomach hurt. I had to get away immediately. And the fourth time I passed by the barbershop I almost ran.

Back home I decided never to visit the old barbershop again. It had left a lasting impression of fear by me.

But as time went by the little thought of a possible haircut started pushing its way forward in my head. I could not ignore it. The effect it had on me was very visible! I got a huge hard on when I stood naked in front of the mirror admiring my freshly washed and blow dried giant mane with an enormous volume and the idea of getting it all cut off suddenly struck like lightning.

The moment it got into my mind I exploded with a huge load.

One hot summer day I returned to the barber shop. This time the door was left open due to the heat. Before leaving home, I had washed my huge mane and groomed it for a very long time. It reached the lower part of my ankles.

Like a couple of months before I slowly walked towards the barbershop. This time I looked inside as I passed the open door and saw a man seated in the barber chair. I moved on and then returned. As I reached the door the barber looked up from the customer and caught my eyes. Immediately I felt dizzy and like vomiting. I was trembling from fear and excitement. Part of me wanted to step inside so badly and part of me feared having a haircut more than anything else in the world.

I walk by and pass the open door. Last thing I see is the barber looking after me! With my nearly floor long girly mane I feel extremely embarrassed but at the same time very excited.

People in the street watch my giant free flowing female mane with a mix of curiosity and contempt. I cross the street and walk a small distance away from the barbershop. But I do not let it slip my eyes for a second. It has a magic fascination on me. I feel somehow spellbound by the old-fashioned male barbershop.

I know that the barbershop will close at 6 o’clock and at 5.45 I watch the last customer leave the barbershop. The barber talks to him for a minute standing in the door and then he walks inside.

At that time driven by a force inside me " not known to me and seemingly out of my control " I walk towards the barbershop. On trembling legs, I cross the street and move to the still open door. Just before I reach it, I pause and take a few very deep breaths. And then I enter!

The barber is standing behind the counter. He looks up and just stares at me. I stand in the middle of the small shop with three old fashioned barber chairs on my right and 4 wooden chairs in the waiting area to my left with the counter in front of me.

The barber then moves to the other side of the counter towards me. He is an elderly man around 65 years old dressed in a classic white barber tunic and black trousers. He looks me straight in the eyes and asks: "What are you doing here son"?

I swallowed deeply. My mouth is all dry and my heart beats out of control. Finally, I manage to utter:" I was wondering if you would have the time for a haircut sir or perhaps it’s too late for today?"

The barber looks at me." A haircut son. So, you are here for a haircut. Well that might just be possible. What kind of haircut are you thinking of son? I am not a lady hairdresser. I usually don’t cut long hair styles."

I take a deep breath and then says with a very low voice:" I want a short haircut". I cannot believe I just said that!

The barber steps up close to me and asks:" How short son?" He grabs a fistful of my fairy tale hair at the left side and lifts it up high in the air, so my ear becomes visible. He inspects my mop and with a thick lock of my 5 feet long mane in his hand he says:" I can cut a nice stylish short male haircut with ears free, nape buzzed and short on the top. Should we do it now"?

I am at the point of fainting. Part of me wants nothing more than to jump in the chair and let the barber get his hands on my amazing 5 feet long mane feeling the thrill when he puts on the neck paper and capes me and pump me up high above the floor.

But another part of me is so attached to my beloved princess hair and opposes a haircut heavily. I am in love with my own almost floor long hair and want to keep it and never part from it.

Finally, I say:" It’s a very big decision. I am not sure that I am ready for a haircut today. I might need to sleep on it. Is that all right with you sir?"
The barber lets go of my mane and the giant lock lands on my right knee. "You’re the customer so of course it’s your call. But you need a serious haircut son and I’m confident you will appreciate a new shorty stylish male haircut instead of all that long girly stuff".

I thank the barber very much for his patience and understanding. We agree that I go home and seriously consider a short haircut and then returns if I decide to part from my mane.

In the following days I walked around almost all day " and night! - with a constant erection. I had to satisfy myself several times a day.

I posed naked before my floor to ceiling mirrors and admired my giant blond thick mane almost covering my whole body down to my ankles as a long coat - except for my rock hard cock that the thick curtain of hair couldn’t conceal.

I wanked as I enjoyed the unbelievable sight of my mermaid mane " such volume, such length, such splendor. Who could ever dream of cutting off this magnificent mane?

The answer to that was: ME! While wanking and caressing my wonderful long hair I tried to imagine what it would be like to sit in the old fashioned barber chair pumped up high in the air tied to the chair by a huge cape and the barber grooming my mane that would cover the whole of the back of the barber chair below the seat and continue all the way almost to the floor.

After a week had passed by, I had made my decision. On the internet I had made an appointment at the barbershop for a haircut the following day at 4 o’clock.
I slept restlessly that night. I washed my ankle long hair in the morning for the last time. As always it took almost three hours to dry my giant mane.

Around 2 o’clock I dressed in my black jumpsuit with a black leather belt and put on my black high heel sandals on my naked feet. I took one final view of my long blond mane cascading all the way down to my high heels. I looked amazing with all that blond hair on the background of my black jumpsuit and black high heel sandals freshly washed and groomed and free flowing covering almost all my body.

What was I thinking about? How could I even ponder getting a haircut? Destroy the thing I loved the most. I was not convinced that I could live without it.

I took the train and then the bus to the barber. People stared at me like never. I admit I did look very feminine in my black high heel sandals and black jumpsuit with all my ankle long mane draped all over my body. I tried to ignore comments like: "Disgusting, is that he or she? he needs a haircut, I feel like vomiting" and many more.

In the bus some of my hair got caught behind me as it flew down the back of my seat and onto the lap of a guy sitting behind me. "Hey, look out where you’re putting your hair Miss" he complained and gathered my hair and threw it back on me.

Finally, I got off the bus and started to walk towards the barbershop. On my high heels and covered in a blanket of golden ankle long hair. A few minutes before 4 o’clock I reached the barbershop. The door was open due to the summer heat. I almost fell over in my high heels because my legs threatened to disappear under me. My stomach hurt like never, my throat was all sore, I felt dizzy and my heart bet like a drum. I had to pause and take a few very deep breaths before walking the final meters to the door of the barbershop.

The heavy smell met me and added to my dizziness. I entered the barbershop. The barber was handling a customer and greeted me: "Welcome son, I will be with you in a few minutes. Pls. take a seat in the waiting area. I turned towards the wooden chairs. And found three other guys already seated there.

I got very puzzled. What were they doing there? It was close to 4 o’clock now and I had my appointment at 4 o’clock and should be next in line when the barber had finished the customer presently getting a haircut.

If these guys had appointments after me, they had arrived very early. As I took the only vacant seat between two of them and tried to arrange my ankle long mane, so it did not come in their way I noticed the look on their faces. And I did not like it at all. They were all smiling " but no kind smiles. More like evil smiles.

I felt ever so uncomfortable sitting VERY close to them with all my long blond hair and my high heels and black jump suit.

Apparently, they were well acquainted since they knew each other’s names. One of the guys sitting closely next to me said: "Excuse me Miss but I think you’re in the wrong place. This is a male barbershop not a beauty parlor. This barber only does men’s hairstyles " and very short ones". The other two guys laughed. "Yeahh that’s right Jeff only male hairstyles ha ha ha". I blushed and felt extremely embarrassed.

"Your hair is extremely long Miss. How long did it take you to grow it to your feet? When did you last have a haircut?".

I swallowed deeply and replied in a very low voice: "It has taken 10 years to grow my hair so long, and I have only had trims of ½ an inch every 6 months".
"Ohhhh" another one of the guys teased: "So you haven’t had a decent haircut for 10 years. You sure need one. Maybe you’re in the right place after all". They all laughed.

"You see Miss. The barber is a good friend of ours. We all have our haircuts here since we were kids. And yesterday the barber called and told us that today would be a very special day in the barbershop. A big event. A dramatic transformation. But you know what. The barber must have been mistaken. Because he said that at 4 o’clock a guy with hair all the way down to his feet had made an appointment for a short haircut. He thought we might like to witness that. And of course, we would. That’s why we’re all here".

One of the other guys continued: "But you’re a lady aren’t you Miss? So, it cannot be you can it? You are dressed like a woman and you sure looks like a girl with all that hair. So, tell us please Miss " you are a woman, right?"

My face was all red and my whole body trembled. This was so humiliating and embarrassing. But I had to admit I was not a girl. So, I whispered: "I’m a man".
They all held their breaths " to tease me. "Say that again Miss. We couldn’t hear you".

I said in a very low voice: "I’m a guy not a girl".

They all pretended to be taken completely by surprise. "You’re WHAT! Did you just say that you were not a girl? That you are a guy! You must be kidding. Which guy would walk around in high heels and jump suit and with hair down to his feet"?

I felt so humiliated I could not say anything.

"Hey guys, she says she’s a guy. I do not believe that. Do you?" "Noooo" the other guys shooke their heads vigorously. The guy on my right grabbed a fistful of very long hair and held it high in the air. "Guys " don’t let anybody tell you this is a man’s hair". He dropped my hair and it hit the guy on my left.

"Yyyaakk, get that disgusting thing away from me" and he grabbed my mane and pulled it hard and then threw it at me.

All the while the barber and the customer in the chair eyeballed us in the huge mirror in front of the chair " smiling and seemingly enjoying the three guys teasing me about my ankle long mane.

"Ronny" the guy to my right said. "We need to have a proof that she’s not a girl. That should not be so hard to find. Try feeling in her lap!".

Suddenly I felt a hand in my lap rubbing the bulge in my jumpsuit (I did not wear anything else). I could not help reacting. I felt even more miserable and embarrassed as my cock started to get hard with the guy’s hand rubbing it from the outside.

"Oohhhhh, listen guys. This is DEFINETLY not a girl. Or rather it is a girl but a very special one " it’s a SISSY girl!". They all laughed their hearts out. And the guy kept his hand in my lap and had a strong hold on my rock-hard cock!

I could have died of embarrassment. I never felt so miserable before. This was soooo humiliating and all I could think of was to get out of there as fast as possible.

Even though my legs felt like gel and I felt very dizzy I tried to get up " but could not! Both guys sitting right beside me grabbed my arms and held me down in a vise " keeping a firm grip on my rock-hard cock! I could not move!

"Easy now princess. You are not leaving before you get the haircut that you are here for. We have all come to watch the show and we don’t want to miss it!"
I tried to move " but to no avail. They held me down and were so much stronger than me.

I could feel tears in my eyes. I was desperate. This was a nightmare. This was not the way it was supposed to be. This was rough and insensitive and brutal. I could not take it and tears streamed down my face.

"OOOHHHH look sissy is crying. Poor little sissy. Does not want no haircut. Does it hurt so much sissy? Ooohhh we’re sad " not!" and they all laughed viciously.

In the meantime, the barber had finished the customer who was just paying for the haircut. As he turned around about to leave, he looked at me with an expression of contempt. "You’re a disgrace for your sex. High time you get all that long s**t cut off". The three guys laughed. "Actually, today I’m in no hurry so I think I will take your seat and watch you get shorn. That would be a most enjoyable experience!".

The barber was just brushing of the barber chair and turned towards me. "Next!" he called out.

"We better help Missy to the chair" one of the guys said. "It seems she’s a bit unstable and we wouldn’t want her to fall on her way to the chair would we now".
The two guys kept their firm grip on my arms and dragged me to the barber chair.

"Please take a seat" the barber told me. I hesitated and the third guy immediately pushed me into the chair and the other guys held my arms firmly on the arm rests of the chair.

My ankle long hair was all over the place. Spread all over me and the chair and the guys.

"What a mess" the barber sighed. "It’s good that this will soon have an end".

He started to gather all my 5 feet long mane " looking at it with contempt. He did it very roughly. It hurt and my head was dragged from side to side.

Finally, he had gotten hold of all my ankle long hair. He asked one of the guys to hold it for him and lift it high in the air, so he could apply the neck paper on me. When that is was done, he spread out a giant blue nylon cape and threw it around me fastening it very tight around my neck.
He nodded at the guy who held my hair high above my head and he let go of it.

All my amazing thick long blond straight hair rained down all over me and covered me completely in a thick curtain of golden hair " also the cape was almost hidden in my long hair only the lowest part ending just above my high heel sandals and naked feet resting on the steel foot rest was visible.

"OMG" one of the guys let out. "That’s a sheep in the barber chair. Can’t wait to see it shorn". They all laughed and went back to the waiting area and seated themself next to the former customer.

"Hey guys aren’t we forgetting one thing? Wouldn’t it be great to get this hair massacre on video?" The other two nodded eagerly and all of them went to the desk and to the table in front of the chair with their cameras getting the haircut covered from all angles. Even the former customer got out his camera and held it ready directly behind the barber chair!

The barber got a broad teeth comb and started grooming my mane. He placed the comb right at the top of my head and lead it all the way down the back of the chair, below the seat and onto the ends just touching the barber floor! The barber had to bow to comb the last foot of my mane.

"No no no" he complained. "This won’t do". So, he started to pump up the barber chair. And up higher and higher I went. It only added to my feeling of complete humiliation. When the chair reached its max. level, the seat was raised almost 2 ½ feet in the air!

The barber started to groom my mane again. My thick long blond hair still covered the back of the chair and dropped below the seat but now ended well above the floor.

The barber kept grooming my mane " each time pulling hard on it making my head move backward all the time. The "audience" in the waiting area turned increasingly quieter the more groomed and shinier and thick and straight and beautiful my mane became. I could see it from behind in the huge mirror behind me in the waiting area. And the amazing sight made my cock rock hard again. How I loved my fabulous mane.

The barber paused after having groomed my mane for about 10 minutes. He went to the counter and grabbed his mobile and began to take a lot of "before" photos of my abundant mane from all angles. Very slowly and discrete I had maneuvered my hand down to my rock-hard shaft and very very slowly started to wank.

I was so extremely excited to watch my mane draped all over the back of a barber chair, below the seat and almost to the floor and feeling my whole body imprisoned in the giant blue nylon cape. Finally, I was in the barber chair with my 5 feet of thick hair carpet covering completely from behind.

I noticed how the former customer and panned up and down my wonderful mane to get the full beauty of it before it would soon hit the floor!

I was in Heaven and in Hell at the same time. Ever since my mane reached my ass, I had had the idea of getting a short haircut in an old traditional male barber shop with a mean old barber manhandling my sissy mane. I had wanked to this vision endless times feeling totally excited and frightfully scared at the same time.

And now I have not been able to resist the thrill of a haircut any longer " as much as I loved my long hair more than anything else and dreaded the thought of parting from it.

"Enough grooming Richard" one of the guys told the barber. "We want to see all that gross s**t on the floor where it belongs!"

The barber went in front of the chair at the table where several clippers were placed. He picked up a red and black one " Oster Classic 75 it read on it. It looked very big, very heavy, and frightfully powerful!

"Well let’s go to work son" the barber said and moved behind me! I trembled and could hardly breathe. My hand went up and down my rock-hard shaft. Now was the time! In a few seconds it would be too late to regret.

Suddenly the silence in the barbershop was broken with a horrible metallic noise. I froze in the chair and grabbed the armrests.

The noise came closer to my head! I felt at the point of fainting and hardly dared looking in the huge mirror in front of me.

Now the barber placed the comb under my hair above my ears and lifted it up! A 5 feet thick blond lock of magnificent girly hair and moved the horrible clippers to the comb! And started moving it along the comb and into my wonderful long blond hair!!

Even though my awesome hair was so thick and healthy it was no match for the powerful clippers. With a loud sneer it cut its way across my helpless lovely feminine hair and separated almost 5 feet of long shiny gold with less than 10 cm of short male hair.

My heavy wonderful beautiful thick lock of hair fell on the cape where it slid unto my lap " and huge hard on " and further onto my naked feet in my high heel sandals resting on the metal footrest. I felt a chin down my spine as my long cut lock almost covered my feet!

The guys cheered as the clippers worked their way through my splendid mane. I felt sick and excited watching all my wonderful long hair shorn above my ears and my former hair curtain hiding my face removed and replaced by extremely short micro bangs.

My extremely long locks piled up all over the place, on the cape, in my lap, on my naked feet and all around the barber chair.

The barber showed no hesitation and no mercy. He just plowed the clippers through my princess locks and brutally sent them to the floor " soon he was covered in a sea of blond cut hair up to his ankles! I felt like crying watching my pride and glory being ruined before my eyes. All my years of taking care of my crowning glory, hours of grooming and conditioning, hours before the mirror admiring and wanking. All that gone now.

When he had removed the bulk, he turned off the clippers and the barbershop suddenly was all quiet again.

He now took his scissors and started to shape my hair into a very short manly style with my hair cut very high above my ears, my nape buzzed and the frontal hair cut down to less than ½ an inch.

I was a sight for Gods! Still completely covered by my amazing blond mane " but now shorn resting on the cape and in my lap " and looking at myself in the mirror with a very short stylish male haircut!

When my haircut was finally over, the barber removed the cape and tons of cut blond silk fell from it and joined the mountain of blond cut hair on the floor. The barber removed the neck paper and dusted me off.

I sat paralyzed in the barber chair in my black jumpsuit and feminine high heel sandals " still covered in my own shorn locks!

Slowly I managed to get up and out of the chair. I looked at myself in the mirror. Still looking very feminine in my black jumpsuit and black high heel sandals and naked feet but without my coat of thick long blond straight hair surrounding me all the way to my ankles. I felt awfully stripped and naked and vulnerable resembling most of all a shorn sheep without any wool to protect it.

I looked at the floor. I stood amidst a sea of shorn blond hair covering the floor completely under and around the barber chair.

The "audience" was very quiet " flappergasted at the sight of me.

I went to the counter to pay for my haircut. "No payment son. This one is on the house. Never in my 30 years as a barber I have seen a man enter my shop with hair that absurdly long and gross looking like a woman and now leaving as a real man with a stylish modern good looking proper short haircut. This brings pleasure to my heart " much more than money can buy".

I thanked him for the haircut and was about to leave as one of the guys asked me: "Hey dude awesome haircut. Give me your email address and we will all post our videos of that amazing haircut. We will surely have hours of pleasure watching it repeatedly from different angles and hopefully you will too".

I gave him my email and left " with very mixed feelings. Hair like man and clothes and shoes as a girl. Time to find out which part would win the second round.

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