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Matt by Moc

by Moc

It was early on a Friday night in June, and I swung by my buddy Matt’s place to give him a lift to our favorite bar. Matt came out and hopped in my car, his hair was still damp from the shower. He was wearing his usual khaki shorts, flip flops, and a blue shirt. Matt is 5'10" with wavy brown hair, blue eyes, and a muscular physique, a result of his football and wrestling in high school. As I pulled away from the curb, he ran his hand through his wavy mane and said, "I need to do something with this hair, it is getting hot and I am thinking I should just cut it all off!" I muttered an excuse about forgetting my wallet at home, so we cruised over to my place. I told him to grab a beer while I rummaged about, looking for my wallet. As I headed out to the living room, I had stopped and grabbed Matt’s birthday present from the closet. "Heads up birthday boy!", I called as I tossed him the box, and went to grab a beer from the fridge. I returned to find him wearing the black, soft sole, buffalo mocs that I had ordered from a place in northern Minnesota. "Dude, these are so sweet!" said Matt with a huge grin on his face. "Thank you!" I grinned and apologized for missing his 24th birthday the previous week.

As we were finishing our beer, Matt kept running his hand through his mane, and muttering about a haircut. "Ok buddy, let’s take care of it now!" I said as I a grabbed a stool and headed into my bathroom. "I don’t know about this," said Matt, as I placed a blue and white barbers cape around his neck. "Just relax buddy," I said as I pulled out my barber’s shears, combs, and Oster clippers with a 00000 blade, placing them on the counter. I combed through his hair, switched on the clippers and took a swathe through his mane on the top right side of his head. "F***, that’s short, Mark!" Matt exclaimed as he felt the side of his head and gazed at a lap of brown locks. Steady passes with the clippers quickly revealed a perfect head. I left a 3" wide strip of his brown locks from his forehead to the nape of his neck.

As I placed the clippers on the counter, Matt was running his hands along the sides of head with a slightly stunned expression, "Holy krap man!" "Not quite done my friend!" I said, as I returned to work some Nivea shave gel into the nubs of hair. A Gillette razor with a new blade removed the stubble, revealing a perfect pate. I worked Got2B glued spiking wax into his hair before grabbing the barber shears and started trimming his locks. "Matt, I am giving you a paahúkasa, or Pawnee roach, not an everyday Mohawk". I left his hair 4" tall at the forehead, tapering it down to 3" at the crown, and 2" down the back of his head. I took off his cape and quickly swept up the bathroom, as Matt kept looking in the mirror and feeling his new haircut, "F***, I like it! Thanks dude!"

As we sat at a table on the deck of the bar, having some beer, Matt kept running his hand over his head and laughing. "F***, I like this haircut, it sure will be a lot cooler!" I reached into my wallet and put $100.00 on the table, "Matt, you show up every Friday evening for the next month at my place, so I can shave your head to maintain your new look!". "Done!" said Matt with a grin, as he scooped the cash off the table. Just then Sarah, Matt’s latest love interest came over, "Hey Mark, have you seen Matt?" Matt started to laugh, "Hey baby! What do you think?" as he ran his hand over his head. "Oh my God!" Sarah laughed as she ran her fingers over Matt’s head, "I like the f*** handle, you have got to keep it."

We had one more beer before I excused myself, leaving Matt and Sarah to enjoy the weekend. True to his word, Matt showed up every Friday afternoon for me to shave his head. He had me trim his paahúkasa by an inch in height and narrow it by about ½". He got a good tan on his scalp and kept the haircut until the end of September, when I shaved it off so he could grow his hair out for Christmas.

Matt left a message the other day, "Hey buddy, it is May, I was wondering if you could give me another haircut?"

The End

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