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Isaac takes charge by Shant

It was nearing the first of March of this year. I had been really busy and it had been two months since getting my last haircut. I kept saying to myself that I needed to get it cut before it got too hot outside. I work outdoors throughout the summer doing landscaping and it gets really hot in NC. My hair is really thick, sandy brown, and was the longest it had been in quite some time. Then the virus came along and then the quarantine was announced and then all businesses closed.

Barbershops were closed in NC for three months and finally it was announced that they could reopen the first of June. About two weeks before shops could reopen, I called Randy, my barber for over 10 years, and asked if he was coming back to work then. He told me that he had had some medical issues and his doctor had advised him that with his immune system being weakened it would not be a good idea to come back to work then. "I’m thinking that the very earliest I’ll reopen will be August 1 and I might not even open then," Randy said. I had thought that he would probably retire after not working for six months so his response was not totally unexpected. He’s 68 years old and the majority of last year all he talked about was wanting to retire. I realized If I waited for him to return to work it could be eight months without a haircut and even then it was not guaranteed that he would be back at work. That just wasn’t an option. My hair hadn’t touched the top of my ears in probably 20 years and now it was almost down to my ear lobes. My hair was driving me crazy after five months. After eight months - that just wasn’t going to happen.

I got online to see what barbershops were in the surrounding area. I really wanted to go to a traditional man’s barbershop. No salons for me. Having gone to the same guy for over 10 years, I was amazed to see how many barbershops had closed and discovered there weren’t a lot of choices. I drove around to several shops to check them out, knowing that I had to find a new barber. Wouldn’t you know it? The very last place I looked ended up being the place where I decided to get my hair cut. I was so relieved to find a place. It was a two man shop. Both guys were around 30 and had very short haircuts. I went home and called the shop to see if they took walk-ins or if you needed to make an appointment. As I expected, you had to sign up for a time slot to get your hair cut. They scheduled you for a 30 minute session and the barber had plenty of time to cut your hair. I asked the barber if he were the barber nearest the window or the barber to the left of him. "I’m the barber to the left but I’ve scheduled your appointment with the barber near the window. His name is Isaac." "Okay. Great. I’ll be there tomorrow at 2:00." I said.

The next day when I got to the shop I met Isaac. The first thing that I immediately noticed was that there were large mirrors all around the room. Sitting in the barber chair you could see yourself from any angle. I have always had a thing about my hair and liked watching getting it cut, especially in the spring when there was at least three to four inches coming off! It was a real turn on watching the hair which I had been growing for over six months fall to the cape. I always got hard. Randy however had always cut my hair with my back to the mirror so I never could see what he was doing. It had been over ten years since I had faced a mirror and watched my hair being cut off, so I was really looking forward to it.

I explained to Isaac that it had been five months since my last haircut due to the quarantine. I told him that what I wanted him to do was taper the sides down short and take about 2 inches off the top. "Let’s see what we have to work with here," he said as he brushed my hair until every hair was in place. By the smile on his face I could tell that he enjoyed brushing my hair. I couldn’t wait to watch him cut it. I knew I would instantly get a hard on. He ran the clippers up the sides and back and took the 2 inches off the top. Seeing all that hair coming off really turned me on! Five months of hair fell to the cape!

While cutting my hair he said, "Man, you’re a lucky guy. You’ve got a great head of hair that any guy would love to have. I can’t believe how thick it is. Have you ever worn a flattop?" He surprised me with that question because a flattop was my absolute favorite haircut and nothing turned me on more than the thought of getting one. I suspected that because my hair was so thick that he was hoping down the road he might be able to convince me to get one. Little did he know that I was already fantasizing about when he would do it.

I told him that I had often worn flattops before Randy started cutting my hair, but because he didn’t like to cut flattops I just quit getting them. "If a barber can’t cut a good flattop then he doesn’t have enough confidence in himself. If you are confident in what you’re doing you shouldn’t have any trouble cutting a flattop" he said. He finished cutting my hair and took his time brushing it into place. I was really happy with it and realized how lucky I was to have found such a great barber, one that was actually better than Randy.

About a month later I made another appointment with Isaac. When I opened the door the very first thing he said was, "Ready to go short?" "I think so," I replied, "First, I want to tell you how much I liked the way you cut my hair last time. A friend of mine, who’s known more for being sarcastic than kind, asked me if I had changed barbers because he thought I had the best haircut I’ve ever had and I’ve known him for over 30 years." Isaac beamed when I told him that.

"Remember how I told you that I like to mix it up, short in spring and summer and then grow it out for fall and winter? With the virus I never really got to get a short haircut. We still have two months of 80 plus heat and the high humidity. What I’d like to see you do is cut it short like Randy does and see if it looks any different. I bet it’s going to. I know he uses a #2 guard on the back and sides and runs it up to 3 fingers above the ear. He calls that the sweat line. I really like to feel the bristle on the back and sides. He then trims down the remaining hair on the sides and blends it into the top." "Sure, I can do that," Isaac said.

"You mentioned a flattop the last time I was here. Do you like to cut them?" I asked. "I love to cut flattops. It’s my favorite haircut," he said. "Do you think you could cut the sides the length I described but square up the back and the sides and leave about an inch pile on the top?" "Sure," he said, "That will be fun" as he proceeded to use the blow dryer, along with a little gel and brushed my straight up and back. "I wish you could have seen my hair when I was in college," I said. "When I look at old pictures I can’t believe that I thought my hair looked good. I could actually tie it under my chin." "I’d like to see a picture of that," Isaac said. "The next time you come in bring me a picture so I can see it."

I was then really excited about getting my haircut, especially knowing that Isaac loved to cut a flattop and I could watch. He cut my hair exactly as I requested. About an inch came off the sides near the top. He went over the sides again and again and again. I had never seen anyone be so precise and watching the transformation was great. He again brushed the remainder of the top straight up and back and using a wide tooth comb and clippers made the top as flat as a board. He left it almost an inch long in the front and cut it shorter as he went to the crown. When he finished, he handed me a mirror because he wanted me to take a closer look at the sides. When I checked myself in the mirror I couldn’t believe how different my hair looked! Not that much hair had really come off but the change was striking. "My hair has never been cut like this. I love it! I really like the sides!" I exclaimed. Isaac had a huge smile on his face. The sides were perfectly square. They had never been cut like that. I was really blown away at how different my hair looked. It was definitely the best flattop I had ever received. As corny as it may sound, this guy was not just a barber, he was an artist. He had an incredible eye and he viewed your head from every angle and had the steadiest hand that I had ever seen. Every time he had cut my hair so far I was even more satisfied than the previous time. I left really excited (and horny) and already was looking forward to my next haircut.

One thing you know if you are a flattop lover is that if you want to keep your hair looking sharp you have to get it cut more often. Three weeks went by and I was again back in the shop. Before we got into discussing the kind of haircut I was going to get I pulled out the picture I had brought in to show him. I was 20 years old at the time. My hair totally covered my ears and the back was almost to my shoulders. The longer it got, the curlier it got and it was a mass of curls. I thought I kind of resembled little orphan Annie. "How would you have liked to have given me a flattop then?" I asked. "Oh man, that would have been a lot of fun! You really had a great, full head of hair. You still do. I would have loved to have taken you down!"

That got me even more excited about cutting my hair even shorter. "I really liked this haircut," I said. "Because of Randy, I hadn’t thought about getting a flattop in years but now I’m hooked on them again. I’m a little nervous about it, but I think I want you to take it down even shorter. It was great this last time but when it started growing out the sides were too heavy and it lost its shape, especiallly with the heat. I want you to know that I totally trust you. You have given me three of the best haircuts I have ever had and you have a new customer for life. I’m just going to leave it up to you to cut it how you think will look best. I’m not afraid to have the sides really short but I don’t want skin showing. Other than that, you’re in charge."

"That’ll be great," Isaac said. "I love it when a guy gives me complete control over his hair. I can’t tell you how many times a guy will come in and ask for just a trim and I’m aching inside to give him a completely different haircut that would really change his look, but most guys are afraid to change their hairstyle and keep it the same way for years. I love it that you want to be constantly changing it. It will be great fun this winter growing it out and cutting it into different styles and then cutting almost all of it off in the spring! I’ll really look forward to that! We’re going to have some fun times," he said as he lifted up the front and started cutting my flattop even shorter. As my dick got harder and harder, I was thinking to myself the exact same thing!

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