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Liam’s Locks by cut.the.flow

I’m sitting in my empty shop. Today had been a slow day. I had cut a few guys’ hair, but nothing drastic. It had been a while since I had done that. I would give anything to shear some locks off. The closest I got to that was last week when I resisted the urge to cut off this dude’s flow. He just wanted it trimmed up before his lacrosse season started. I resisted taking control. As soon as I finish my though, in walks a middle aged guy. His hair is about the same length as the guy’s from last week. The same "flow" hairstyle. I smiled at him when he walked in. Guys of his type always tip so well, so I make sure to be extra kind. "Hey man. What can I do for you?", I asked. Through a slightly shaky mouth he says "My girlfriend wants me to get a haircut because she says it’s starting to get out of control". Perfect. This would be a great opportunity. Let’s just pray he wants to take it short. I begin, "Alright. Well let’s get you in the chair and then we can discuss what we’re gonna do with your mop." We laugh, then runs his fingers through his locks as he walks toward the chair I’m getting out of. His hair is brown and blonde. Dirty blonde, but brown is definitely dominating. His color is gorgeous, but what’s even more gorgeous is the length. His hair quite literally flows back and out. Some of the guys from the college down the street would die for his hair. He’s also wearing a band t-shirt along with a pair of grey sweatpants that tell me all I need to know about him. It’s so clearly outlined that not staring before I sit him down seems like slow torture. He goes to shake my hand before he sits down. I happily oblige. He has a tight, rough grip that shows he means business. He looks like a sweet guy, but I can definitely see that side of him coming out. He finally sits down and I grab my favorite black cape and wrap it around his neck. As he fiddles to get comfortable under the cape, I put his hair out from the place that I’m about to fasten it and make sure it’s all out, ready to get chopped. "Sorry. I guess you see her point." he says as I get his hair out of the way. "Yeah! This sure is a lot of of beautiful hair you’ve got here."

I finally get all of it out of the way and get a sanex strip between his neck and the cape. The time has come. "So, what are we thinking about doing today? Or did your girlfriend order you to do it a certain way?" I say. He laughs more, then starts to tell me that "We agreed that I just needed to get it cut so it’s out of my face. I was thinking of taking about an inch or so off all over". My stomach drops when he says this. Another disappointing haircut it looks like. Might as well take about two inches off instead just to feel something. He probably won’t notice anyway. I go over and get my scissors to begin cutting. I start to have a conversation with him as I cut his hair. "What’s your name?" I ask him. "Liam." We talk back and forth for a minute or so and he begins to tell me about his life some more, "Yeah. My girlfriend can be kinda crazy. I’m glad she’s not here with me." "Why not?" "Because she’d probably change her mind and decide she wants it all buzzed off or something crazy like that. " He laughs again. His laugh is hearty. I start imagining how he is outside of here. All that’s on my mind is what’s in his pants though. I continue to cut off the two inches I had planned on doing without his permission and as I suspected, he isn’t suspicious at all. He just keeps on talking with me about himself. I start paying attention again to him as he says "The reason I decided to grow my hair out was because I used to have decently short hair, but I just got tired of it. I really think that the flow fits me more." I thought I migh as well take advantage of this opportunity and stroke his ego some. "Absolutely. Like I said, you have some of the best hair I’ve ever seen. You’ve got the perfect face shape to pull off any kind of look though. Perfect everything really." My statement startled him somewhat, so he asked, "What do you mean? What is perfect?" "Well, I mean...can I be completely honest with you?" He nods his head, so I continue. I begin to explain the science of how he would look good with any cut, really exaggerating the shorter cut, but still letting him believe anything would work. I finish up my statement then start to go on

about something similar, "And obviously you’re doing something right because you’ve got a girl who gets to be with you and, you said I can be honest, I know you’re treating her good because I saw what you were working with when you walked in with those grey sweatpants on." That part made him blush. There’s a pause for a moment as he tries to come up with what to say. "...Thank you." He finally says and then smiles. I smile back at him as I finish up his cut that was less eventful than I had hoped for. I just couldn’t do it to the guy more than that extra inch. He paid me, shook my hand, and left. A good tip.
The door opens as soon as the client I had just finished left. In walks Liam with an upset look on his face. His hair looks great, but not nearly as good as
he looks in those same grey sweatpants. "Hey! Liam. I was just about to close. Did you leave something by accident? Or did—" He cuts me off, "She dumped me." I instantly gasp and walk around to give him a quick bear hug. "Sorry buddy. Have a seat and tell me what happened." He sits in one of my chairs and I flip my sign to closed and close the blinds, then I go sit in the other chair next to him. He starts, "So as soon as I get done from running errands, one of which was getting my haircut like she asked, then she starts questioning her decision about my hair, just like I told you. She started telling me that I should have gotten it a lot shorter. She has always thought she could walk all over me so I started yelling at her telling her it’s my hair anyway and that all along I didn’t really want to cut it, but I did it for her. She kept on pushing it and eventually she walked out on me once I blew up on her for all the crap she’s put me through." I was shocked. "That’s so crazy Liam. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I wish we would have known today and maybe we could have prevented this." "It’s fine. It’s all over and done with... but there is a big favor I want to ask of you now." My ears perked up when he said that. I shook my head so he would continue,

"My hair has been growing out ever since I’ve been with her and honestly my hair kind of ruined this relationship, so I kinda wanna take it all off." My jaw hit the floor, metaphorically. He could see the shock on my face obviously because he laughed and started again "You mentioned earlier that I could pull off any look, so I wanna get rid of all this stupid hair that reminds me of her. Whatever you think would be best for me." "Damn man, that’s a lot hair. Are you sure?" "Absolutely. That is, if you’re okay wait cutting it after you’ve already closed." I shook my head quickly up and down and smiled at him as I spun his chair around and began to prepare him again. My mind raced with ideas on what to do. As I finished getting him ready, I had come to the conclusion. "So, honestly, I think a buzz cut would look best on you. Your beard with a buzzed head is really modern right now anyway. Perfect way to snag a new lady." He smiled, but I could tell he was scared. "I was expecting you to recommend an undercut or something... but I’m a man of my word, whatever you think will be best for me." We spoke some more as I got my supplies ready. I couldn’t wait to watch his locks fall to the floor. "Ready?" I said as I held up the clippers with no guard. "Whenever you are" he said. I smiled and then brushed through his beautiful hair one last time.

Finally, I plunged the clippers right down the front so he couldn’t chicken out. I worked from the inside going out. I could see in his eyes that he was hurting, but I knew he’d feel so much better once it was over. I continued around his head taking him down to nothing. We didn’t even speak as I did this, which was extremely unlike the first time. I’m reminded of my power every time I cut someone’s hair drastically. I hold the power in my hands and with one change, I could easily take charge of their hair fate. I was about half way done with his cut when I noticed his reaction had changed. His face now is... embarrassed? I didn’t know why until I looked down at his crotch. He was very excited to say the least. I commented "Oh, so you secretly like getting your head shaved?" He laughed, "No. My girlfriend used to run her fingers through my hair all the time and I think i’m having the same reaction with you running the clippers through my hair." "Well I’m glad to hear that I can make this experience enjoyable for you." We laughed. Finally, I finished cutting his hair. I turned off the clippers and we both stared at his bald head for a moment. I’m sure we were both on the same page, trying to imagine him with his hair again. I took the cape off so he could stand up. He sat for another moment. As he stood up, his dick pitched a tent in his grey sweats. This day had truly turned into one of my favorite days in the shop. He walked around the chair and hugged me. His penis pushed up against me as we hugged. I had nothing to lose, so I rubbed up against him as we hugged. This time it lasted longer than a quick bear hug. It was a genuine hug. We pulled away and he began, "Oh my god. I am so sorry about that" referring to what had happened with his penis during the hug. I smiled not knowing what to say back to that. We walked over to the counter and he paid. I handed him a business card and told him to come back anytime for any cut. He smiled at me and winked as he walked out the door, leaving all of his locks on the floor of my shop.

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