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Boyfriend, Boyfriend by cut.the.flow

“Baby... Can I talk to you about something?" I asked my boyfriend. “Anything babe." He said to me as he flipped his hair out of his face. “I know you’ve had your hair like that since we met and I just... I don’t know." “No. What’s up? Is there something wrong with my hair?" “There’s nothing wrong with your hair! I just thought that maybe you’d wanna try something new with it because it’s been like this for so long." “Really?... Do you think so?" “I mean—don’t get me wrong. You’re gonna look hot as hell no matter how you look." “Okay... I’ll think about it... any ideas on what you’d like to see me do with my hair?" “Like I said, you’d look amazing with anything."

A few days passed before either of us spoke about it again. The ball was in his court to talk about it whenever he was ready though. We were sitting on the couch together when he broke the silence.

“I’ve been thinking about it and I think you’re right about my hair." “Really? What made you decide that?" “Well, first off, I agree that it’s been this way for a while. Secondly, I trust your judgement, so if you think I need a change, I trust you." I gushed hearing him say that. I kissed him on the lips a few times, which slowly progressed into a full on make out session. In between breaths, he asked, “How do you think I should get it cut?" Quickly I responded “I don’t know. Why don’t you ask the barber what he thinks would look best on you?" I plunged my fingers into his mane as he responded, “Interesting. I like it." I pulled on his hair a little as I put my leg over him. Something stirred around in his pants throughout all of this as I played and pulled on his hair. He pulled back for a moment and said, “I am going to miss this though." referring to me being all over his head of hair.

We walked up to the barbershop together. He insisted that I go with him to calm his nerves. As we entered, it looked like there was only one guy working and he was in the middle of a cut. We sat down by the door as we waited. Clearly, I could only calm so many nerves of his because after a few moments of silence, his fear began to sink in. “What if we just came another day? I don’t want him to feel rushed." “You’re fine! Promise." “Well what if he messes up?" “He won’t. He’s a professional. Do you even know what you want yet?" “No. Oh god-That too! I’m gonna have to make a decision.—“ He kept on blabbering on for what felt like an eternity. Every few seconds he would whip his hair out of his eyes, so I eventually said “Don’t you want to get this hair out of your face at least? You’re constantly trying to keep it out of your eyes." He sat for a second before saying “Yeah. You’re right." with defeat. Not soon after, the guy had finished and was paying. I looked over at him and ran my fingers through his hair one last time. I assumed he would probably just take some length off the sides and style it differently. He wasn’t the kind of guy to make a big change. He smiled at me. We looked back over as the barber called him over.

I followed them and sat in the chair next to his. He sat there talking to the barber as he set up shop. I could tell he was nervous. Finally, the dreaded question had come from the barber’s mouth, “What are we thinking of doing today?". He quickly responded with “Well I actually wanted to know what you thought would look good on me first. I have some ideas, but wanted to hear your opinion." The barber looked at him for a minute before running his hands all over his head. He lifted some stuff up, brushed some stuff to the side, and held some stuff back. He began talking while repeating these motions. “Well, I’d say that you have a good bone structure to pull off a long undercut and I think that would compliment your hair already. Also you could go for a slightly shorter look than what you have now but more messy. I would just trim it up, like a few inches off here and there, and then add some product. Or you could go for a more extreme—“ “I actually really like your approach. Seems like you have a lot of different ideas for what I could do." The barber shook his head to signify that he did have a lot of different routes that he wanted to tell my boyfriend about. My boyfriend began again by saying “I completely trust your vision. Study me and give me whatever you think would look best." He smiled at the barber in the mirror, then looked to me for approval. I smiled at him.

Quickly the barber continued to survey his head in silence. The only sound was of the radio on in the corner. It murmured softly like the barber did to himself continuing his cycle of lifting hair up, pulling it back, pulling it down. Basically treating my boyfriend’s head like a model’s being pulled in every direction. Eventually, he stopped and began to get his station ready for action. He threw the cape around him and fastened it. He quickly asked “Do you want it to be a surprise?" My boyfriend looked at my quickly, then back at the barber and enthusiastically said “Sure! Why not?" The barber smiled in the mirror before spinning him around to face the bare wall.

Suddenly, he turned on the clippers and began cutting away at the side of my boyfriend’s head. It looked like quite a lot was falling, but my boyfriend’s eyes were closed and we were talking. The barber joined in here and there. Slowly, I started to realize that a lot more hair was coming off than I had expected. I was excited though because I knew it was gonna be a trendy look. Conversation continued as my boyfriend seemed to be more relaxed than ever. He has a total “zen" face on and was just letting the barber do whatever really. He didn’t have a care in the world. It’s at this time that I realized that the back and sides were almost done. The side I was looking at was pretty barren. I sat there for a second thinking. I can either stop him where he’s at and check that he’s not gonna do anything extreme to my boyfriend’s hair, but if he’s not then I’ll look like a damn fool insulting the barber. Or I could sit here and watch him cut his hair like he had been doing, but if he did something drastic then I would feel guilty for not stopping him. I looked at my boyfriend’s face. What did I know? It’s not like I was my boyfriend anyway. If he trusted him, then so should I. The barber got done with the back and sides and walked over to his station again. My boyfriend opened his eyes and looked over at me. I smiled at him.

The barber walked back over and revved the clippers back to life again. He picked up the fringe on my boyfriend’s forehead and dove the clippers into his mane. Instantly, a near bald spot appeared where once his beautiful tresses sat. The dark locks now floated down to the floor. The barber started to go after chunk number two when my boyfriend jolted with energy, “TURN ME AROUND RIGHT NOW!" He shouted again and again as the barber tried to explain that he asked for it to be a surprise. “NOW. I MEAN IT." he said as the barber turned the chair. There my boyfriend sat with about a fourth of his hair left still on his head. Something he held so near and dear for years sat on the floor beneath him. The barber and him quarreled for a while before coming to the conclusion that they should have communicated better. The barber thought a short buzzcut would look best on him, so he started doing that. My boyfriend thought the barber was gonna give a cut similar to the ones he had described earlier. Nevertheless, the cut had to be finished. The barber painstakingly brought the clippers to life one last time. He slowly drove them into what was left of his hair. I watched as the remainder of what was once a beautiful chestnut lion’s mane was sheared off.

The car ride back home was silent for the most part. Once we got inside back home, I pulled him to the couch and said “I know you probably don’t want to talk about it right now, but I just have to say... I think the barber was right." He looked at me like I was insane. “Why?" “I’ve never wanted to ride you more than I do right now." His expression quickly changed a few different times as we talked. That wasn’t the only thing that changed either. We instantly had our hands all over each other and couldn’t keep them off. I spoke, “I mean it. You are sexiest man alive right now and no one can tell me different." I ran my hands across his head before pulling him in to make out. His southern region began to rise at the sound of this. By stroking his ego, I was also mentally stroking the southern hemisphere of his. Things escalated quickly. He rubbed his buzzed head all over my chest as I whispered the dirtiest words I could think of into his ear. Not long after that, his head into my chest was not the only thing of his buried into me if you know what I mean. We had sex. Not just regular sex. It was the hottest and most passionate thing I had ever experienced. Once we finished he sat up and rubbed his head. He was satisfied and said “I guess you were right. I can pull off any look."

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