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Caramel Flow by cut.the.flow

In walks in a man with shoulder length caramel hair and a radiating smile. He’s wearing a blue plaid button up that compliments his eyes beautifully and rocking some nose piercings that go unmatched. His whole aesthetic draws me in. What I would give to run my fingers through his locks. He began, "Hey dude. Can I get a quick trim?" I snap out of my daze and answer "Absolutely!". He introduced himself before sitting down in my seat. He told me he wanted a trim which I absolutely wouldn’t settle for. I’ll give him one last chance. "What exactly do we wanna do today?" I asked him. "Just a trim. I’m growing it out." As I put the cape around his neck I shook my head and responded, "No... I don’t do trims for long hair. I could take off a little more for something shorter if you want." "I’m good. So you can’t just trim it?" "I can, but it’s just not what people usually ask for in a barber shop."

We spoke about it for a bit as I set up my plan. I asked, "How about I make you a drink. Want some coffee?" "Sure." I smiled at him and poured him and I some coffee. I made sure he wasn’t looking before dropping in a tab of something in I had gotten from a friend. This would make him real drowsy, then I could really get to work. Faking a smile, I returned and handed him his coffee as I sipped from mine. I held up his hair and pointed at the point where about an inch would be cut off. "No man. Literally just the tip of my hair. The slightest trim ever." I told him I understood as I trimmed his hair, if I would even call it that.

He sipped on his coffee as I trimmed. He yawned, "Sorry dude. I’m so tired for some reason." "You’re fine! I understand that this can be relaxing too haha." His head bobbed, "Absolutely...I am so so tired. I really... apologize." "That’s fine. Why don’t you close your eyes and just relax?" He shook his head, "No. I should be fine." Slowly he was losing feeling.

He began again, "Dude. I don’t feel alright actually. Can you stop?" I stopped trimming his hair as he continued, "I can’t feel my legs and arms. Dude, call the ambulance." I smirked in the mirror at him. "Can you feel your face and head still?" "Yes dude now wipe that grin off your face and call the ambulance! Seriously!" "You’re gonna be fine. Just give in and don’t worry." "No dude. Call an ambulance. What do you mean?" "I mean, I put a tab in your coffee. You’re be alright. Just keep calm and let me do my job." He kept cussing at me. I blocked out his screams as I set up for the real fun.

I picked up the clippers and took the guard off. He was pleading for the life of his hair now, "Please dude. All the girls love my hair. It’s my prized possession. Anything but the hair." "What if I do something else first?" "I don’t know what you mean, but anything but the hair." "Okay, If you can manage to not cum...", I said as I took the cape off and began to undo his belt, "...while I absolutely blow your mind, then I won’t cut your hair." "Oh my god. Y-You know what? Okay. Fine. I won’t cum then." I pulled his pants to his ankles and then pulled his underwear down to reveal his member.

I picked it up and began began playing with it in my mouth. Just enough to get him hard. I asked him, "Can you feel that?" as I began to deep throat his dick. He gasped and moaned with pleasure as he said, "I can feel everything right there. Just nothing in my arms or legs." His chest jolted and shook, which was the sign to me that I was doing a good job. I continued to suck his dick until I felt like it was time to move to the next stage. I stood up and took off my pants to reveal my black jockstrap.

My bulge was uber prominent as I undressed. Quickly I got some lotion that was on my table and lubed up his dick and my hole. While facing him and looking him in the eyes, I got on top of him and pushed down so that his rock hard cock entered me. We both moaned in pleasure. Slowly, but getting faster gradually, I slid up and down on his cock. It was a beautiful nine inches and was surrounded by a buzzed bush. I couldn’t wait to match his head to that bush. I bounced up and down on his dick, moaning in ecstasy, as we f***ed. I looked into his eyes and could tell he was about to cum, so I started focusing on deep, fast pumps now. In a matter of seconds, he threw his head back and his hair followed as he filled my ass with his cum. He whimpered and quietly moaned, "F***." as I got off of him and put both of our clothing back on us.

He began again, "Don’t think that just because you got me to cum, I won’t put up a fight." I laughed, "What kind of fight are you gonna put up with numb arms and legs?" I picked up the clippers and slowly caressed his forehead and side of his face. I brought the clippers to life. I placed them delicately at the side of his forehead, "Say goodbye to your mane."

"I plunged the clippers back into his hair. Golden brown chunks flew back with it and covered my feet. I grabbed a handful of his hair in my fist and use the clippers to shear it off. I dangled the chunk in front of his face and cackled before dropping it in his lap. I was too good at what I did. He was panicking as I finished shearing the top down. I started on the sides, slowly tracing the shape of his head to see his tresses fall. Before long, I had made my way to the back. Not much caramel grew out of him anymore. I buzzed and buzzed and buzzed until the lack piece fell. I looked at him in the mirror.

I walked over and picked up the shaving cream and razor. He began, "Please man. I can’t even have some stubble to feel to know it’s gonna grow back soon?" I began massaging the foam all over his soon to be shiny dome as I said, "Nope. And that’s precisely why. I want you to fall in love with this. This is the kind of cut a man like you should have. So for a little bit longer than you want, you’ll be feeling a smooth head." I picked up the razor and began shaving, "Trust me. You’ll get more ladies with this head anyway." In no time at all, I had shaved his whole head. Easy.

He looked at me and said, "Now what?" I picked up my spray bottle that was in my drawer and said, "Now you forget who I am entirely" and sprayed him in the face. Instantly he fell asleep. I took the cape off of him and got him ready to transport. I managed to carry him over my back to my car. I drove up to the park and threw his body out there. I sat him up on a bench and left an empty cup in his hand. And like that, a smooth beauty had come out of that nest of hair. He would be getting any lady or man he wanted now.

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