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The fatal visit to the leather bar by George Wheeler

The fatal leather bar visit
By George Wheeler

Adult content

I met a nice guy at University. His name was Rick. He was a good looking, bright and humorous guy and I felt great in his company. The best however was his love of my hair. We shared the same passion: My long hair! And long it was. I had not had a haircut for more than ten years and my mane now reached the floor! I had taken extremely good care of it: regular trims, vitamins, conditioner, special shampoo, special gentle hairbrush, and the works.

Rick loved my hair almost as much as myself. He could spend hours and hours brushing my hair, playing with it, caressing, kissing, pulling it, smelling it. Even enjoying hair jobs and sexual hair plays.

I loved every second of his worship of my mane. I could not get enough of it. And we constantly explored the boundaries to break new ground and gain wonderful new experiences with my mane.

One-night Rick presented a new idea. He wanted to take me to a leather bar for the first time in my life.

Full of anticipation and excitement I dressed up myself in black leather " tight black leather jeans, black T-shirt and a black leather jacket and wore black leather boots to my knees with 2½ inch heels (made me feel taller and more attractive).

All that black leather made a dramatic effect to my long blonde mane that I wore freely draped all over my body down to my feet. The contrast between the black and the blonde. The contrast between the "hard" black leather and the "soft" 6½ foot long blonde mane. It all made me very excited " and from all the looks I got when we entered the bar others than myself found the dramatic effects "interesting".

It was rather crowdy in the bar " lots of guys dressed in black leather " most of them bald or with very little hair. Many of them wearing caps.

As we pushed our way to the counter, I tried to keep my giant mane close to me, but I could not prevent several guys from grabbing fistfuls of my long thick blonde mane " some of them pulling quite hard. I heard one whisper to me: "Hi honey, awesome mane, like to have a haircut tonight?".

I pulled my hair away from him and focused on fighting my way to the counter.

We managed to get there and order two drinks. I felt awfully stared at from all ankles. Rick smiled at me: "I know it’s a bit overwhelming. But these guys are not used to see such an awesome man here every night. So, bear with them if you can. Once their curiosity has been satisfied, they will stop staring".

I tried to ignore they many guys eyeballing me all the time. And a few drinks later it seemed that my appearance had lost its interest and I only registered a few looks which were no more than I was used to from other bars.

Rick went to the restroom and I tried to catch the attention of the bar keeper to order two new drinks when suddenly, I felt quite a rough or more like strong pull in my hair. Someone was gathering all my long blonde mane that cascaded down my whole body like a waterfall to my feet.

I could not see behind me. I felt awfully helpless and vulnerable. All I could do was standing there as my mane was gathered into a giant ponytail. The hands that had gathered all my long hair now held it in a very firm grip at the base of my nape creating a thick blond ponytail 6 feet long!

"What a mane" I heard the guy behind me say with a wonderful dark gentle voice. "This is the most amazing long hair I’ve ever seen" the voice continued. It went right down my pants.

Without of letting go of his firm grip on my tail the guy stepped up to my side and I turned my head.

I was speechless. And breathless. Before my eyes was the most beautiful, sexy, awesome man I had ever seen!

He was tall " a little less than 7 feet. With an extremely well-trimmed and athletic body which the tight leather clothes did nothing to conceal " very much on the contrary!

He had a wonderful face. His hair was short " very short. A flattop no more than ½ an inch in front and white walls on the side and clean shaven in the back.
My heart stood still. There this gorgeous guy stood right before me holding my giant mane in a high ponytail in a very firm grip.

I could feel my head flushing. My legs felt like gel. I had a pain in my stomach. My throat was all sore. All I could manage was to stare at this Adonis and smile at him.

"Well beautiful guy, how long did it take you to grow this fabulous mane" he asked me in his soft deep voice. He held up my ponytail high in the air " and I could feel the bulge in my leather pants starting to grow.

I cleared my throat and coughed a few times before I could answer.

"12 years" I managed to stammer out.

He pulled my extremely long and thick tail even higher and then " let go of it!

From high above my head tons of thick blond more than 6-foot-long locks cascaded down all over me like a giant blond waterfall. I felt embarrassed standing amid this waterfall covering my whole body in a carpet of long blond hair to the floor.

As my hair finally had found its place surrounding me my face was completely hidden behind a thick curtain of blond hair.

I felt like frozen to the floor. Could not move. Then light began to meet my eyes. The giant beauty led his hands into my long hair and parted it down the middle and held it back with both his hands, so I got a clear vision.

"My oh my do we have a hair challenge here". He kept his hands in my hair on either side of my face. "Isn’t it a shame to hide such a beautiful face behind all that thick long hair? You have nothing to be ashamed of. You have a beautiful face. Why do not you cut bangs so you can always see, and the rest of the world can see your beautiful eyes".

I managed to smile at him. My heart melted at the look of him. He was so big, so strong, so handsome, so sexy. I had never seen a guy like him. And I had to have him! Tonight!

When Rick returned, he saw the amazing big guy at my side fondling and caressing my long hair.

I guess he realized his defeat without even trying to put up a fight. I felt awfully sorry for him and had a very bad conscience. But one look at the guy in front of me and I forgot all about Rick.

We ordered new drinks and started to talk. "I’m Ian. Who are you?" he asked. "I’m Peter" I answered and smiled at him. "Nice to meet you Peter " and all your magnificent hair" he smiled.

We talked and drank and drank and talked. I was in love!

So, when Ian asked me, if I wanted to see his place just around the corner, my heart threatened to explode.

When we arrived at his apartment, we had a few more drinks. We sat together on his couch. Moving closer for every new drink.

Ian reached out for my hair. I almost exploded in my leather pants. He pulled it gently and pulled my head closer to his.

"You’re a very special guy Peter. You know that. I think you are amazing and your mane, gush I could play with it for hours". I moved my face very close to his and closed my eyes. I felt his lips on mine and we started to French kiss.

Ian with both his hands busy buried in all my hair draped all over the couch. And me rubbing the giant bulge in his pants.

"You’ve far too much clothes on" Ian whispered, and we quickly undressed. We stood opposite each other. Very close. He had my rock-hard cock in his huge strong hand and my hand was on his giant shaft. We wanked each other and kissed.

My body was almost hidden in my floor long mop. I felt Ian’s other hand caressing and pulling my mane moving down to my ass. He started to massage my rather huge ass with his giant strong soft hand.

I got hold of a huge fistful of my extremely long and soft blonde hair and twisted it around Ian’s rock-hard shaft. I covered his giant cock in my long hair and wanked him. I could sense that this brought him very close to the point of explosion.

We kissed even more intensely, and he came in my long soft hair with a deep sigh. He kissed me and then kneeled and took me into his mouth while still working my ass. The feeling of his warm lips and mouth around my rock-hard cock and the look of this giant beauty kneeling down before me send shivers down my spine and I came in his mouth.

We went for a bath together and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Next day we spent naked making love all over the apartment. I felt like Paradise.

We only paused to drink and eat.

In the evening Ian asked if he could brush my mane for me.

I was ever so glad to have him do that. I loved having my floor long mane brushed by another guy and Ian was something special.

He asked me to sit down on one of his high bar chairs and went to get his hairbrush.

I took a seat. Sat there naked on the high bar chair with hair all over me covering my body onto the floor.

Ian came back with the brush in his hand. "My lovely beautiful little hair man" he said. "You look ever so adorable sitting there all naked but hidden behind all that wonderful lady Godiva hair".

Ian went behind the chair. And very gently started to brush my hair. I felt like getting electricity through my body. It was sensational. I closed my eyes and gave myself fully in to sheer pleasure.

Ian brushed my mane over and repeatedly. And I enjoyed every second of it. And he is a well. I reached for his giant cock and found it easily! So big so wonderful. I felt like kissing it and swallowing it. But that would be for later. Right now, I would just wank him and enjoy his sensitive sexy brushing of my floor long mane.

Then Ian put the brush aside on the kitchen table. He caressed my long tresses and smelled them and kissed them.

"Do you think you would ever be able to live without all this hair" he suddenly whispered in my ear!

I was taken completely by surprise! I had never expected such a question from Ian. I just froze.

Ian sensed my reaction and put his arms around me. "Hey gorgeous, don’t do like that. I love your fabulous mane. I was just wondering if you had never considered a haircut. I mean hair to the floor " it must be a whole working week job to take care of it and make it shine and look so healthy as yours do".

His strong arms felt comforting " but his words did not. What just happened? The whole sensation of making love to Ian and in common find pleasure in my overwhelming mane disappeared. Instead fear and anxiety came creeping.

"You look so pretty and so vulnerable sitting there in naked in the barber " ups sorry bar chair covered in all your girly hair from the top of your head to your naked feet.

I did not like Ian’s tone of voice at all. It scared me. I felt very uncomfortable and wanted to get away as quickly as possible.

But I was no match for Ian and his strong trimmed giant body to keep me in place. I could not move and rested firmly in Ian’s grip.

"Listen little girly man. We have had our pleasure with all that hair. But all good things come to an end. Did you honestly believe I would let you walk out of here with that mop? Why do you think I sport a nice stylish manly haircut like a flattop? I do not think small guys should walk around with princess hair to their feet. I think a man should wear a manly hairstyle and not look like a little girl".

I felt sick listening to Ian. Where was the kind, gentle, emphatic guy I had instantly fallen in love with? Could he just disappear like that? I could not believe it.

"Ian listen, we had a great time and I enjoyed it immensely. But now I want to go home. So please let go of me".

"Oohhh sure little hair man. I will let you go. But not until you’ve had a haircut!"

I was completely paralyzed! Frozen to ice.

"I will do you the favor to give you the haircut you should have had years ago. A modern stylish short haircut suited for a real man".

I could not believe my own ears " and I would not!

"I think you realize girly boy that you’re no match to me. I can do with you exactly what I want. I would prefer if we could make your haircut in a civilized manner. But should you not agree to that, I will cut your long hair in a less friendly and civilized manner".

I was speechless.

Ian continued: "I didn’t show you all of my apartment. There is one room " a very special room " you missed. I will take you there now. I hope you will follow me without any quarrel but should that not be the case I will carry or drag you there. One way or another you will visit that room. Now how shall it be? Are you coming with me?"

I was still totally paralyzed. My control over my mind and body completely gone.

Suddenly I felt how Ian lifted me off the chair as easily as a feather.

"Can you walk on your own feet or must I help you" he asked.

Since I could not move or speak a word out of fear Ian decided to carry me in his strong arms.

He got his arms firmly around me and started to walk with me to the special room. When we got there, he put me down but kept my right arm in a vice. With his free hand he opened the door and pushed me inside.

First, I did not realize where I was. But slowly my mind started to function again. But what I saw made me tremble with fear.

The room was big like a living room. On all four walls were floor to ceiling mirrors. There were only a few pieces of furniture in the room. A table on wheels. Three wooden chairs in front of the mirrors and in the middle of the room dominating it completely: An old-fashioned barber chair! With red leather seat and a steel footrest. Strips were attached to the armrests and the footrest!

I almost fainted. The world turned around and I felt dizzy and sick. My legs were trembling so much that I feared they would disappear under me.

Ian kept a firm grip on my arm " perhaps also to prevent me from falling over.

"Welcome to my special room princess. I call it "Ian’s barbershop". Not very original perhaps but it tells it all. This is a place where you can get a real man’s good old-fashioned short haircut. Please step forward dear".

Ian pushed and dragged me towards the chair.

"Now now sissy boy. Remember if you do not behave things will get pretty ugly. So, for your own sake be a good boy and take a seat in my barber chair. It is awfully comfortable I can assure you. You probably didn’t remember since it has been so many years since you last sat in a barber chair".

I felt horrible and helpless. Covered completely in all my extra-long blond hair down to my naked feet I felt ridiculous and embarrassed. I was trying to think clearly. How could I get out of this nightmare? But nothing came into my mind.

We had reached the barber chair and Ian told me to take a seat. I tried to resist " alas to no avail. I was no match at all for Ian the giant so tall and strong and determined. I felt little and weak beside him.

Ian spanked my ass and pulled my long hair, so I formerly tumbled into the barber chair.

Faster than lightning and before I even realized what had happened, Ian had tied my hands to the armrests with the attached strips and my feet to the foot rets with the attached strips!

I was tied down naked in a barber chair!!!

My eyes caught myself in the mirror in front of the barber chair. I looked miserable. Tied down, naked and with tons of my thick long blond hair spread all over me and the chair all the way to the floor. I was captured in my own hair prison!

"Now my little hair princess. So far so good. You are now firmly seated in my comfortable barber chair. You should use the occasion to lean back and relax. And enjoy all that is to come".

Ian went to the table beside the barber chair and from a drawer he pulled out a piece of textile. He unfolded it and spread it all out. It was a giant black and white striped sheet.

He went behind me and spread it all my naked body. Slowly I realized that this was a barber cape!!! And Ian was caping me! OMG!!

"Pls. Ian pls. no" I whispered. Ian continued unaffected to arrange the huge cape, so it covered me completely except for my naked feet.

The cape was so big that it hung all around the chair just about a foot above the floor. I felt even more imprisoned now tied down and captured in the giant cape.

"So, my darling hair boy. Let us make sure we get all the action on cam. He pushed a button and suddenly the room was lit up even more than before and several cameras placed at different places were turned on.

I thought the humiliation had already been complete. But the fact that Ian was now recording my helpless state added to the feeling of helplessness, humiliation, and embarrassment.

Ian went close to me and started to gather all my precious 6½ feet long thick blond locks that were captured underneath the giant cape. He pulled huge chunks of hair out from under the cape and let it slip freely down the cape and further down towards the floor where they landed and piled up all around the barber chair.

"What a mess" Ian complained. "I don’t understand why you longhair boys want to go through all of this endless hair business " washing, drying, brushing, styling and what do I know that takes hours and hours. I’m sure you will feel a great relief and thank me when I’m finished with you and all that floor long hair".

I sat speechless and paralyzed as Ian released all my captured hair and released it all over the cape. My hair had such volume and length that it almost covered the cape completely!!!

When all my mane had escaped the cape prison, Ian picked up a hairbrush.

"Now let’s get this mess straightened out" he said and started brushing my mane. But not in the soft, gentle, caring, and loving way like before. This time he was rougher on my hair brushing it from the top of my head and all the way down over my body and the cape and the barber chair unto the floor.

"No no no" Ian complained. "This won’t do". He put aside the brush and started to pump up the barber chair!

Was this humiliating! Being lifted high in the air totally helpless " like a sheep being prepared to be shorn!

Ian stopped pumping when I had reached max. height a good 3 feet above the floor.

Ian grabbed the brush again and started grooming my mane. "That’s better but not much" be mumbled as he brushed my mane all the way to the ends that now hung free of the floor.

He continued to groom me for at least another 10 minutes making my mane look shiny and ever so healthy. I followed the whole scene in the mirrors in silent and fearful anticipation.

Finally, Ian put the brush aside and started to arrange my mane. He spread it out all over the cape and the chair making sure to cover as much of them as possible. It looked as if I was trapped inside a giant thick blond hair prison. If I had not been so scared, I would have been VERY excited. I looked ever so beautiful and sexy covered in my floor long mane.

When Ian was satisfied with his arrangement of my mane he said: "Now my little boy with the big hair I have a little surprise for you".

He went to the door and opened it. In through the door came three guys all of them fully dressed in leather and all of them shining bald.

OMG! If only I could I would have hidden myself in the first mouse hole. I never felt so embarrassed and awkward sitting there in the barber chair high up in the air with hair all over the place down to the floor " with an audience staring at me!

The guys entered the room smiling and joking about me. Commenting on the amazing sight and marvelous hair in front of them.

Ian asked the guys to take a seat in the wooden chairs in the "waiting area" and said: "Gentlemen. As you know we made a small bet earlier this evening when we all saw this little boy with all his floor long hair enter the bar.

The one to date the hair boy first would get him. And as it turned out I was the lucky one."

Ian continued: "I have had a wonderful time with the guy with the golden mane " lots of fun. But the best is still to come. And to share this with you I have invited you into my special room: "Ian’s barbershop". And tonight, we have a very special customer in the chair. A guy who has not had a haircut for more than 10 years! Can you imagine that guys? 10 years! Silly me. Of course, you cannot. How could you with your shining bald heads!"

All of them laughed as Ian went on: "I have won the honor to be pretty boy’s barber for the night. But I want your advice on his haircut. Unfortunately for the poor hair guy this barber only does short haircuts " in fact only VERY short haircuts!".

They all laughed again as Ian continued: "So tonight you can vote on one of the following two haircuts: One flattop and two bald"!

I was watching all of this as in a fog. My mechanisms of repression worked hard to try to protect me from realizing the horror taking place just in front of me.
"So, gentlemen " what should it be: One or two? Please put your hand in the air with one finger for option one and two fingers for option two".

All three showed their hands with two fingers!

"Very well gentlemen. The verdict is unanimous. The boy with the long hair will receive a haircut that leaves no trace of a single hair on his head".
The guys in the waiting area cheered and laughed.

"Gentlemen please lean back and make yourself comfortable for the wonderful spectacle you’re about to see".

Ian turned his face towards me.

"Pretty hair boy, you heard the verdict. I will now cut off all your exceptional long hair and shave you bald like a cue ball. It will not hurt and afterwards you will be grateful to me for relieving you of this far too long and heavy burden. You will feel the fresh air around your head, your ears will be open to the outside with all that hair removed. You will be able to see clearly without all that hair in your face. And you will be able to eat without getting your hair in the soup all the time".

All four of them laughed viciously.

"So, all in all princess you should be grateful to me. And as a further gesture of my good I won’t charge you for the haircut". Again, laughter and cheering.
I felt so bad, so sick and like vomiting. This was the worst nightmare I ever had " only this was not a bad dream it was reality!

Ian went to the table and picked up a comb with broad teeth and a pair of big scissors!

He placed himself in front of me.

"When you get a haircut with so extremely much long and thick hair as yours the barber can proceed in basically two ways. Either he can go for the fast and most painless job using balding clippers taking your mop down to nothing in less than 2 minutes.

Or he can cut your long hair in stages going ever shorter. That of course takes much longer time, and is a little less painless as you get to watch your pride and glory slowly be removed and shrinking to less and less length and volume until there are only stubbles to be shaven off with a razor.

In your case I have decided on the slow cut. You will end up bald, but the pain will be dragged out for all of us to enjoy. You should focus on the reward awaiting you with your freshly shorn shining head, that will help ease your pain as your glorious locks start to drop to the floor where they belong".

I was afraid to get a heart attack. I could not breathe, and my heart raced wildly. My legs were trembling and my throat all sore. My mouth completely dry. I tried to swallow and ease my panic, but little did it work.

And the misery turned even worse, when Ian started to brush my frontal hair down over my face and breast and stomach unto my lap " where he squeezed the brush against my cock " and further down my thigs to my knees. He repeated this repeatedly. My hair curtain was so dense that I could not see a thing and hardly breathe through it.

Eventually Ian put the brush aside. "Now my little sheepdog it’s time for you to get your vision back. Thus, I will cut bangs on your extremely long frontal hair. These bangs are called baby bangs because people wearing them get a horrible childish look " grown up guys look completely ridiculous with such short blunt cut bangs."

The "audience" cheered: "Come on Ian, give the princes baby bangs. He will look adorable with them"!

I could hear and feel Ian stepping up closely to my face. Then I heard the dreadful sound of scissors opening and closing. The sharp blades preparing themselves to cut through the thick vail concealing my face.

And then the sound I had feared more than anything in my life. The horrible sneering of scissor blades cutting their way through my beloved floor long hair!

It sends shivers down my spine and I hyperventilated as the scissors opened and closed those merciless blades around my wonderful thick vail of golden hair. I could feel and hear heavy clumps of shorn hair hitting the cape and starting to slide down the cape into my lap and further unto the floor.

As the scissors reached my left eye, I could not hold back anymore. It was too traumatic and horrible for me to take any longer. Tears started to stream down my face under all my long heavy curtain hair.

My tears and sobbing had no effect on neither Ian nor the scissors " I got the feeling that they added to Ian’s joy of destroying my beautiful crowning glory.

The scissors now cut their evil way across my left eye " high above " actually VERY high above my browse. I could feel the cold steel almost at my hairline! Tons of blond thick hair feel before my eye as the scissors plowed their way and made my vision free to the left.

"He looks adorable Ian, good work. Keep cutting!"

The scissors now reached my right eye and continued the vicious attack on my glorious curtain of thick supposedly impermeable hair. The cold steel continued its path across my forehead close to the hairline and my right eyes were "freed".

Ian finished by cutting the rest of my frontal hair equally close to the hairline as the rest of my new baby bangs!

When I saw myself in the huge mirror in front of me, I was horrified. Partly because of the extreme amount of shorn thick long blond hair on the cape partly because of the length or rather lack of length of my micro bangs. I looked absolutely disgusting with my new baby bangs " blunt cut straight across my forehead less than an inch from the hairline! I looked like a little girl or even a doll!!

"My God you look ugly" Ian just burst out. The other guys laughed their brains out. Ian got a comb and started to brush my new ultra-short extremely blunt cut baby bangs and to add to the humiliation he used the scissors to "adjust" them "just a little more"!

I looked horrible " tears streaming down my cheeks and those terrible bangs " and all my 6½ feet long frontal hair all over the cape, in my lap and on the floor piling up.

"Now you can see and follow your haircut sissy boy. Next we have to take some of that extreme length".

Ian moved behind the barber chair. He gathered all my hair into a giant 6½ feet long thick ponytail and held it high above my head " and then let go of it down my back. The heavy load streamed down behind me and covered the back of the barber chair, below the seat and stopping just a few inches above the floor.

Ian started brushing my mane " roughly. My head moved backwards with each stroke from the top of my head down to the ends. It hurt and my eyes filled with tears again.

Ian put aside the brush and picked up the dreadful scissors again.

"Now let us cut this mane to a more manageable length. Ian placed the scissors 2 feet up my mane " and started cutting! I could follow the cutting in the reflection of all the mirrors in the room. I cried as the scissors worked their way straight across my back. My wonderful, beautiful, lovely golden hair manhandled by the evil scissors.

Ian cut off my hair in a perfect blunt cut line straight across my back. My mane now only reached the seat of the barber chair. Ian was standing up to his ankles in my cut hair " a sea of golden blond shorn hair covered the floor under and around the barber chair.

"Doesn’t he look cute now guys?" Ian asked with a grin to the "audience". "Sure Ian, like a little schoolgirl " he only lacks red ribbons in his long female hair ha ha ha".

"Hey Ian " get on, we want to see his shining head and naked skin".

"Not so fast guys. We must enjoy every second of this haircut. But I still think his hair is far too long. Agree?"

"Hell, yeahhh Ian, we want skin, we want skin, we want skin….."

"Your word is my command gents. Peter, our audience is anxious to see you without all that hair. I have told them to be patient, but they want me to move on. So as the next step Peter, I will cut your long hair into a nice stylish bowl cut just above your shoulders. That should match your baby bangs perfectly".

I was desperate to stop this hair massacre but without any ideas how. My head was spinning, and I could not think straight.

Ian placed the scissors just above my left shoulder! OMG! No No No. This was not happening. That could not be true.

But it was for real! Ian squeezed the sharp blades around my wonderful long thick but ooh so vulnerable golden locks and with a horrible sneer my pride and glory was reduced from a good four feet to less than one foot!!

I looked in despair as Ian cut my hair extremely blunt all the way from the left, in my back and to the right " in a perfect blunt cut with an extremely thick hairline.

Tons of golden hair dropped down the back of the barber chair like a waterfall and the pile on the floor now grew to around 3 inches height!

I looked in the mirror. I looked more feminine than ever before with my new bowl cut " much more than with my floor long mane.

"Ha ha ha look at him! He looks like a girl" the "audience" cheered. "Isn’t he just pretty and soooo cute".

I felt more humiliated and embarrassed than ever before.

But Ian went on. He put down the scissors and picked up a very big, heavy pair of clippers! Black and red with metal teeth " OsterClassic 75 it said on the side of it. I had heard about those clippers. Probably the best (worse in my view) clippers in the world.

Ian turned them on, and the room filled with a terrifying metallic noise. I never heard anything so horrible in my whole life. I froze as Ian moved the clippers towards my head. He placed them above my ears! And then moved them in the same way that he had just done with the scissors.

From above my left ear, to my neck and on to my right ear. He cut an even more perfect straight line right across my head.

"Now gents. How about this mushroom cut? What is the verdict on this hairstyle for our formerly longhaired friend?"
"Disgusting, shave him, horrible".

I must admit I agreed with them. My mushroom looked absolutely horrifying. I had never seen a worse haircut in my life. I could not recognize myself.
"Should we leave Peter like this or take the final step?" Ian asked.

"The sooner that disgusting hair is removed the better".

"All right Peter, ow to the final step".

Ian removed the guards from the clippers and turned them on again.

He placed the clippers on my forehead at the height of my bangs " and pushed them backwards down the middle. Loads of shorn hair tumbled down over my face and on to the lap. The clippers went merciless over my head over and over again. More and more white scalp became visible as more and more hair fell to the floor.

When Ian turned off the clippers I was left with no hair! Until recently my hair had touched the floor! Now there was nothing left.

I sat paralyzed as Ian began lathering my head and with a sharp razor, he shaved me completely bald!

I looked at myself in the mirror. But I could not recognize myself. It was a different person. Where were all my beloved beautiful thick blond floor long locks? My pride and glory. My crowning glory.

Taken from me by evil merciless force I could not grasp and had not been able to prevent.

The guys came up to the chair and rubbed my bald head.

"Great look man. So much better and a lot sexier than all that feminine s**t to the floor. You will love it man. So much more practical and easier to care for."
I heard their voices but could not hear what they said " I was in a world of my own. Chocked, confused, terrified, desperate, disbelieved and immensely sadness, sorrow, grief, and pain.

Ian uncapped me and tons of cut hair from the cape joined the rest on the floor and the pile grew even higher.

I got up from the stair, but my legs were trembling so much, and I felt so dizzy that I had to sit back again.

"Easy now Peter. It’s certainly a huge transformation but you will get used to it very soon and from then on you will never want to grow one single hair on your head."

I just sat there " in the barber chair surrounded by a sea of blond cut hair covering the floor completely under and around the chair. I could not move. I could not think. I could not anything at all.

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