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The Conscript by George Wheeler

The conscript PART I

By George Wheeler

Adult content

I grew up in what you might characterize as very liberal. My mother was a ceramist and my father a University professor. My parents believed in so called free upbringing. In practice that meant that I could almost do as I pleased myself.

One of the things I wanted was long hair. Until my 7-year birthday I have never had a haircut. When my parents suggested that I might want to consider getting one before I started in school to avoid being taken for a girl and teased about it.

But my view was completely different. I did not want no haircut. Not now. Not ever!

So as always, my parents let me have it my way.

And I was taken for a girl. And the other children teased me for it, but I chose to ignore it and eventually they got tired of mobbing me.

And my hair grew and grew. At my 10 years birthday I could sit on my hair! In high school my hair reached the back of my knees. I used hours and hours on my hair every day. Making it ever more beautiful and attractive and loooooong. Some days I had to satisfy myself 3-4 times because my mane was so magic. My hair had become me and I had become my hair " Inseparable.

At graduation, my mane reached calf length. When the headmaster handed me my diploma, he said "congratulations Miss"! And he did not even mean it to tease me. He really believed that I was a girl! My long blond free flowing mane blew in the wind and surrounded him and me.

So, there I was 19 years old. Before I started University, I had to perform my military service. In my country we have a system on general conscription which means that every young man must perform 12 months of military service. The only alternative is prison since we do not have conscientious objectors.

I was not into the military due to my liberal upbringing. I did not like the thought of having to submit to other’s demands, discipline, and subordination.
But my greatest worry was my precious mane. Would I be able to keep it in the army? If not, I would choose to serve my time in prison instead. Only " that was not a very good and safe alternative since prison regulations like army regulations would probably entail strict rules concerning hair length.

However, I had heard that the army had started accepting long hair if it was kept in a very tight bun and surrounded by a hairnet!

I must admit just the thought of wearing a hairnet made me sick. I found it ridiculous, humiliating and degrading.

But if this was the price, I had to pay to keep my wonderful long hair I was willing very reluctantly to accept it.

On the day I should report to the local army base I took the bus together with a couple of other conscripts.

Upon our arrival we were ordered to line up for inspection. I had tried to conceal as much of my hair as possible by tying it into a giant ponytail 4 feet long and more than 5 inches in diameter that I had hidden under my shirt.

The sergeant slowly started to move down the line inspecting each of us closely. I could feel the sweat of fear trickling down my forehead, under my arms and down my back. I was incredibly afraid that the sergeant would discover my long hair before I had the chance to hide it away in an extremely tight bun covered by a hairnet!

The sergeant had a very harsh appearance. Middle aged, hair extremely short and cut like a wire brush on top of his head, looking extremely fit and in very good shape. His expression was very commanding and no nonsense.

Walking down the line he made several comments on the conscripts:" You need to lose all that fat young man. No worry I shall see to that!"." Look what the cat dragged in"." OMG I never saw skinny arms like these. Never had your hands up from your pockets?".

He was closing in on me, and my fear grew ever larger.

Now I was next to be inspected.

The sergeant took an almost hostile look at me. "My my what have we got here". My heart started pumping at max. speed. Before I could even move and hardly noticing his move the sergeant had reached behind my head and grabbed my hair in the neck. He pulled it very hard and up went all my long thick blond hair from under my shirt!

"Good lord Miss. What is this"! The sergeant stood with all my 4 feet long hair thick blond ponytail in his hand. "Missy must have taken the wrong bus here. You should have taken the one to the beauty parlor right Missy"!

I blushed and felt awkward and embarrassed. Did not know what to say.

The sergeant pulled my hair out in its full length. "Disgusting Missy absolutely disgusting. How on earth should I be able to make a real man not to mention a soldier out of you sissy boy? I suppose I am going to try anyway. Missy you will be the first in line at the camp barber tomorrow morning. That at least would be a beginning getting all this horrible s..t removed".

The sergeant let go of my hair that fell back on my body covering it to my knees. I felt ever so embarrassed and humiliated standing there with my calf long girly mane beside guys all of them with short hair.

The sergeant went on with his inspection, but I was too chocked to hear or understand what was said.

I had been told that I could keep my long hair if only I put it away, so it did not present any danger to myself (grabbed and pulled by the "enemy", getting in the way in weapons, spending time on it in times of danger and presenting hygienic risks to others (lice)). However, the sergeant obviously was of a totally different opinion!

After the inspection we had our equipment handed out, were shown around the base, and led to our rooms. In my room there were 8 beds but only 4 other conscripts and myself.

We had been told that after dinner we could have the evening off " for the last time in a very long time. We should report at the fair in the morning at 7 o’clock or 700 hours as we were told. At 7.30 we should report to the base barber for regulation haircuts!

Even though I did not have the best impression of my new roommates I decided that it would be best to try an establish some kind of relationship with them since we would be stuck with each other for the next 12 months.

So, I joined them when they went to the nearby city and visited a local bar. I had my hair securely fastened in a tight but rather huge bun in my neck hoping my mane would not catch any attention (as it otherwise always did when I had it flowing freely down around me).

We got our drinks and sat down at a table. It was quite difficult for me to join the conversation. They mostly talked about cars and fitness and girls. I was more into literature, music, and art.

Anyway, we had another drink and another and yet one more. Eventually we all got quite drunk.

Then one of the guys turned towards me and said: "Why is your hair so long? You look like a girl".

I was caught completely off guard because of the drinks. I blushed and my throat got all dry.

I tried to clear my throat and managed to reply: "I like to wear my hair long. Always did. I do not think it makes me look like a girl. I feel very masculine with long hair like a Viking for instance".

They all burst out in laughter. "Masculine!" they grinned. "He thinks that knee long mop makes him look masculine. Well boy your perception of masculinity differs quite a lot from ours. In fact, our view is exactly the opposite " that long mop makes you look like a sissy boy. It looks horrible and not manly at all".

They all laughed, and another guy added: "Anyway that will soon have an end " you’re first in line at the base barber tomorrow morning. I think he only does two hairstyles: SHORT and BALD"! Ha ha ha they grinned and cheered.

"Hey guys how about having some fun with all that long s..t before it’s all gone anyway?".

"Hell yeaaahh. Let us play with that gross mop".

I looked desperately at their faces. The expression on them were evil, mean, and vicious. I froze inside.

" Come on let us do it then. Let us have some good fun with the little mermaid".

I tried to resist and persuade them to leave me alone. All in vain. Two of the guys " much bigger and stronger than me " grabbed me by my arms and led me out of the bar. They took me to a nearby rather gloomy looking 1-star hotel and asked for a room for 5 persons for the night.

The receptionist looked at us but since the guys paid him a little extra, they got a room.

They dragged me up the stairs to the room and pushed me inside.

I was so scared I almost peed my pants.

They closed the door and all of them moved up closely to me. I feared I would faint. My legs could hardly carry me. The room was turning around, and I felt utterly sick and helpless.

"Now sissy boy we will have a little fun with all of that girly hair of yours. You seem to have more than plenty enough for all of us to play with. Why don’t you start by taking your clothes of Missy"!

I did not dare to defy them and undressed. I never felt such embarrassment in my life standing naked before those four guys with my mane tied up in a giant bun."

"Now release all that gross s..t" they ordered, and I started to undo my bun. When it was free, I let it down all around me. My wonderful blond locks tumbled all the way to my calves. They nearly covered my whole body in a coat of long thick hair.

At first the guys just stared at me as if they did not believe their own eyes. Obviously, they had never seen a naked guy hidden in his own long hair all the way to the calves.

"I don’t believe it" one of them said. "Disgusting absolutely horrible". "My God he looks gross".

Another one said: "Look at her. Isn’t she cute with all that pretty long sissy hair? I bet she knows a few good tricks to satisfy a real man with all that hair". He grabbed a huge chunk of my mane and tugged it roughly. While doing so he took off his pants and wrapped a fistful of my pride and glory around his rock-hard cock!

I could die of shame. So unbelievably humiliating having my proud tail used like that. And all those guys watching me!

"Hey Gene wait. We want to participate too."

All of them undressed and Gene also took of the rest of his clothes.

There I was in the middle of the room closely surrounded by four guys and their rock-hard cocks!

"So sissy show us what all that female hair is good for".

They each grabbed a quarter of my mane and pulled it towards them. "On your knees Missy" they commanded, and I went on my knees.

All of them pulled my mane from all four corners of the room so it was stretched out at its full length.

"WOW look at that mop. Her hair reaches all four walls of the room when spread out like that!"

I felt like a slave being evaluated before being traded.

Then the first guy moved up to me. "Swallow me sissy" he commanded and pushed his giant rock-hard shaft in my mouth. I felt like being suffocated and had no other choice than to start blowing him.

All of my hair that he had in his hands he twisted around his cock while being blown".

The next guy went up behind me and led the part of my mane that he had in his hands up my huge ass, between my legs and onto the first guy’s rock-hard cock. Together they tied my hair in two huge knots.

Then the second guy led his giant cock to my huge ass, spanked it and then moved inside my whole! He slowly started to f*** me doggy style with my own hair around my whole as well!

The third and the fourth guys each brought their huge cocks close to me. They both had twisted their part of my mane around their stiff boners and now led my hands to them and told me to wank them!

Never in my wildest dreams and worst nightmares I had imagined this! Four guys taking full advantage of me and my precious knee long hair!

If I could have seen myself from the outside, I would not have believed my eyes.

There I was naked on my knees wanking two guys with each of my hands and their giant cocks surrounded by my own lovely long hair. And blowing a guy in front of me and being f…. d in my huge ass while part of my mane was pulled through my huge ass and tied together with hair from the front in two giant knots!

The guys were moaning and talked dirty to me: "Yes you little whore. You love having a real man in your sissy mouth don’t you". "That huge fat ass needs a good pounding and spanking and all that horrible blond sissy hair up in it". "Ohhhh yes Missy " wank my giant cock so I can cum in that disgusting mop". "You should see yourself sissy on all 4 with our four giant cocks in your pretty long girly hair and in you. What a sight!"

One after one they shot a load in my mouth and ass and hands and all my long beautiful hair.

When they had been satisfied, they put on their clothes and left saying: "We really enjoyed all that horrible long girly hair sissy boy. You do not need to wash it now. You would not be able to dry it before the fair in a few hours. And anyway, all that gross s..t will lie on the barber’s floor very soon"! "Ha ha ha" they all laughed and left me on the floor with all my precious long thick blond hair in a terrible mess and filled with their cums.

I was exhausted. Felt embarrassed, humiliated, ashamed, and miserable.

They had misused me and my beautiful long hair. And in a few hours the barber awaited me!

I was so tired and so dazed and confused I could not think straight.

I had to take one thing at a time. First, I had to put my clothes on and get back to the base. Once I put my head to the pillow, I felt sure that something would pop up to save me from the base barber and his terrifying clippers.

The other guys greeted me with vicious laughs when I came back to our room.

"Hello sissy boy. We all want to thank you from the bottom of our cocks for a memorable hair show. Pity we can’t repeat that ha ha ha".

I just crept into bed with tears in my eyes. I had hoped to be able to think clearly once in bed, but I fell asleep immediately.

Only a few hours later we were brutally awakened by the sergeant yelling: "Out of bed princesses. Beauty sleep is over. Get your asses in those clothes and move to the fair NOW!"

We all tumbled out of bed. I looked at myself in the mirror. And was chocked! I looked miserable and my pride and glory the fabulous mane looked like s..t!
I did not have the time for a bath so all I could do was to brush my enormous mane. In itself hard work but all the cum and the tangles made it worse. Finally, I managed to get it straight and beautiful.

I did not have the time for buns and hairnets and the works, so I simply tucked as much of my gorgeous mane as possible under my T-shirt.

I ran to the fair. The sergeant shouted at me: "Get that ass moving princess" and I quickly found a free seat and sat down. I had no appetite. Could not eat a bite. So, I just sipped to the coffee until the sergeant yelled: "Ladies get your fat asses moving. On to the base barber NOW!"

Everyone got up immediately and followed the sergeant out of the fair. I was completely paralyzed. Could not and would not rise.

Then an almost hysteric shout: "YOU TOO SISSY BOY! NOW!"

I tumbled on my feet. "MOVE IT MOVE IT MOVE IT MISSY!"

I staggered towards the sergeant.


The sergeant literally pushed me all the way to the base barber.

When we got there, I had to pass all the other guys lined up before the barber chair. It almost felt as if I ran the gauntlet before them.

It was awfully embarrassing.The sergeant pushed me all the way to the head of the line.

"Now gentlemen we’re all here and the shearing can begin. This is a first moderate but not less important step towards your transformation to real men and soldiers.

When I look at you today, I see a bunch of longhaired, grass smoking, lazy, fat, no good scumbags. Well I never shied away from a challenge now matter how big. And I can tell you, you are the worst I ever seen. So much more the pleasure to see you transform.

And the first and most visible example of such a transformation we will all enjoy taking a seat in the barber chair now. I know my good friend Al the barber has been looking forward to this young lady ever since I told him about her yesterday afternoon.

So " here we go Missy!"

The sergeant pushed me hard towards the barber chair. I lost my balance and tumbled into the chair. Making everybody laugh at me.

For the first time in my life I found myself seated in a barber chair!

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