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The Conscript - PART II by George Wheeler

The barber - Al - was a middle-aged guy dressed in a white tunic and sporting a crewcut. It was obvious from his looks that he was a no-nonsense barber!

His look at me made me sick. I had never met such contempt in my life. I was facing a huge mirror, but the barber turned the chair around away from the mirror!

Then he grabbed a giant blue nylon cape and threw it around me! He fastened it very tightly around my neck.

And then started pulling all my wonderful long blonde female hair out from under my T-shirt and the cape.

He was very rough, showing every sign of contempt having to do this, as if just the mere thought of even touching my mane made him sick.

Lock after lock were pulled out and let down the cape that began to turn more blond than blue!

I felt miserable having my pride and glory manhandled in this way.

"You miserable creatures" the sergeant yelled. "Look at that sissy boy and all his repulsive hay. The world will be a better and cleaner place once the barber has clipped all that gross s..t off!"

The barber swore and pulled ever harder on my hair that now covered the blue cape completely.

Finally, he had pulled it all free. He did not even bother to brush my precious mane before he turned on the clippers!

He went behind me. I sat imprisoned in the huge barber cape and all my wonderful long blonde hair all around me but could not see a thing since the barber had turned the barber chair away from the mirror.

Suddenly and without warning I felt the barber's hand on my forehead. He pushed very hard backwards. Then the room filled with the horrifying metallic noise of the clippers. And within a second, I felt the cold steel on my forehead!

Without hesitation the barber pushed the clippers backwards directly down the middle of my mane! I could hear several of the conscript sigh as they watched my 4 feet of golden silk race to the barber floor. I could feel and hear how enormous amounts of thick blond hair left my head and dropped to the floor. I felt sick and ever so sad.

I had not had a real haircut in my life and now this!

The barber went on with no pause placing the clippers at my hairline again and plowing it backwards through my precious treasure.

I could not hold back anymore and started to cry. This was simply too overwhelming. Too much for me to grasp.

"Ohhhh little Goldilocks doesn't like no haircut. Sissy boy sobs because his pretty long hair is clipped away. Well princess too bad but you better get used to the feeling of fresh air all around your head!"

The barber continued motionless and merciless to clipper my long hair off. The clippers went all over my head and tons of wonderful blond girly locks raced to the floor. My fairytail golden Rapunzel locks seem to cry as they were separated from my head and dropped to the ground - now homeless. I could see my beloved shorn locks almost covered the barber up to his ankles!

Now the barber pushed my head forward almost down to my breast. And seconds later I felt the cold steel against my neck and the clippers moving upwards!

Further tons of blond gold dropped to the floor. The barber pushed and pulled my head around and finally as I sat up right, he let the clippers dance all over my now practically bald head! It felt so cold, so strange, so utterly horrible.

When the barber turned off the clippers there was complete silence in the room. Everybody seemed very affected with the hair massacre they had just witnessed.

The barber spun the chair around facing the mirror. I was in a full state of chok as my eyes hit the mirror. The sight that met me was so dreadful that I simply had to close my eyes.

When I opened them again the image was still there. I could not recognize the person in the mirror. Most of all it resembled a shorn sheep looking ever so peeled off. With nothing to cover or protect my scalp. So naked so vulnerable. Not much more than white skin.

The barber reacted as if nothing had just happened. He uncapped me and spread out the cape that was filled with huge clumps of shorn hair and shook it. Further tons of gold dropped to the floor where all my wonderful hair piled up to a height of almost 3 inches!

"NEXT" the barber called. I sat as paralyzed. Could not move. "Get out of the chair! You're finished" the barber commanded.

As in slow motion I crawled out of the chair and tumbled to the back of the line. Last thing I saw was the barber kicking my shorn locks away with his shoes. This was what it was worth to him.

Trash nothing else nothing more than trash.

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