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Girlfriend Takes It Down by SheShavedMe

Girlfriend takes it down

I somehow landed a stunning woman that was out of my league.
I was a solid 7-8 but landed a beautiful 10 that shared my same passions.
So I was always watching my steps when we were together making sure I didn’t screw it up by doing something stupid.
I would take her to nice restaurants and clubs because she liked them.
They weren’t my thing but I would certainly take her out and show her off.
Eventually we at 6 months of dating we got very serious and we moved into a nice home together that I bought with my hard earned money.
I worked a lot to make enough money to satisfy her needs and she definitely noticed.
She would always keep the house clean and decorated nicely for me and made delicious meals.
We were both working for each other and that made us both feel fulfilled and happy.

One day she mentioned that i needed a haircut.
I always buzzed my hair fairly short and she seemed to like it buzzed.
I had a months worth of hair and it needed cut.
Since I was still treading carefully I told her I would go to the barber immediately and buzz it.
I was shocked when she asked me if she could cut it for me.
As far as I was aware she didn’t have any experience or even wanted to cut my hair.
I asked why she wanted to cut it.
She said I’m bored at the moment and it sounds like fun.
So I said okay if you want to and she grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom.
She pulled out a chair and I sat down it.
She rummaged through one of our drawers till she found the clippers.
I told her to get the #2 guard out for my usual buzz.
She told me to relax and that she would be deciding my hair cut.
I started to argue but she looked at me and slipped off her shorts and t shirt.
I stared at her hourglass figure clad in only black lacy lingerie.
Her long chocolate colored hair hanging down to her mid back and a few strands falling towards her breasts.
She struck a pose with the clippers in hand showing off her beautiful physique with a look on her face that about made my heart seize up.
She asked if I still wanted to argue and I responded with a quick head shake.
Then she walked behind me and turned the clippers on.
I knew there was no guard on them but I really didn’t care.
This was a secret fantasy of mine to have my girlfriend do what she wanted with my hair.
She pushed my head down to my chest and ran the clippers up the back of my head to the crown.
A big ball of hair accumulated and then fell down my back to the floor hitting my girlfriend’s bare feet.
She giggled and told me that I am going to look great after she gets done.
A few more passes on the back and she pushed my head to the left and started on the right side.
Starting above the sideburn she pushed the clippers up the side revealing the damage to me.
She ran the clippers quickly and professionally up the side of my head working towards the back.
She folded my ear down and quickly cut the hair off around my ear.
It was happening so fast I couldn’t comprehend what was going on.
I just knew my gorgeous girlfriend was shaving my head with clippers very fast all the while looking smoking hot half naked.
After the right side was shaved down she tilted my head to the right and started on the left side repeating the same steps.
Then she tilted my head so it was level and placed the clippers on my forehead and pushed them to the back of my head.
She didn’t say anything to me while she did this.
She just focused on her work.
She ran the clippers over my head 5 more times and then proceeded to run them over my entire head 2 more times to make sure my stubble was even.
She finally clicked them off and ran her hand over my head smiling at me.
She said it feels so good with it so short.
She moved around the chair stepping in the cut hair on the floor with her bare feet while feeling my head.
Then she told be to get in the shower and clean up.
I undressed in front of her and was about to step in the shower when she told me to stop.
She picked up the clippers again but this time aimed them at my pubes.
She carefully but quickly removed the hair on my balls and the region above.
After going over it 3 times she was satisfied and told me to proceed.
I just stood relaxing in the warm water and the feeling of it on my head while she swept up the hair she shaved off my body.
After 5 minutes I started shampooing my head even though there wasn’t much to shampoo.
When I opened my eyes after rinsing off I saw my girlfriend was stepping into the shower with me.
I took her in my arms and showered her neck in kisses while searching her body with my hands.
I was very turned on by the events today and was ready to show her.
But before I got going good she stopped me and told me to kneel down.
I did and started to kiss her other region but I was abruptly stopped.
She held my head and said she wasn’t finished with me yet.
And she help up a handful of shaving cream and a razor.
I was surprised but now I had a full on erection as she smeared the cream over my head.
She ran the razor with the grain shaving my stubble down to the skin making my head smooth.
After 5 mins of shaving she was reapplying the cream to my head and started shaving against the grain.
After another 5 mins she applied yet another layer of shaving cream.
She told me that she wanted my head completely smooth and that I looked hot as hell.
After she shaved my head 3 times it was smooth and shiny.
She ran her hands over my head constantly while making out in the shower.
After we both finally pulled away we cleaned ourselves up and toweled off.
I carried her to the bedroom where I laid her down on the bed.
She kept running her hands on my bald head while I went down on her.
Then she let out a moan as I slipped inside her and her hands grabbed my neck and the back of my slick head.
After a few minutes we were breathing heavily and cuddling in bed.
After we had calmed down she whispered to me that she was going to keep me smooth and shiny bald.
I told her that sounded perfect.


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