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Neighbor: Part 2 by Jajko

I recommend reading Neighbor: Part 1.
Neighbor Michael takes care of me while my parents are on a 10-week business trip. A neighbor told me how lucky I am that my parents took care of me, but I don't appreciate it. I wanted to explain to him that I didn't deserve to have hair as short as the inmates in the institution, that I didn't do anything wrong. He had a simple answer to that, you got a haircut # 1.5 and they got # 00000 which is the difference. Also, a neighbor told me stories from life, when he worked in the institution, that there were many boys who never did anything wrong, only their parents did not take care of them, so their offices were taken away and placed in the institution, but most were there for some minor thefts or multiple hooliganism. He told me how they received a strict upbringing and various corporal and physical punishment, and most of them enroll in military schools after leaving the institution.
Time passed and I slowly got used to my neighbor's educational methods. One evening he told me that 3 weeks would pass on Saturday and I would have my hair cut again. I know it's not worthwhile to oppose a neighbor, but I just wanted to warn him that my hair is no more than 1/2 inch apart and no one around me has hair as short as mine. His answer was brief: I am not interested in the boys from the area and my sons walked with short hair and as long as you are with me you will have them too. At the same time, the neighbor looked at me with a stern look and in a raised voice told me that my behavior was inappropriate and in the 3 weeks that I was with him, my behavior did not improve at all, so he has to punish me. I thought he would give me a spanking or instead of my personal time off I would have to learn a poem or get some work assignments. But nothing happened, so I was glad that my neighbor Michael forgot about it.
On Friday night, just before bedtime, my neighbor Michael informed me that we were leaving at 7:30 in the morning and brought the stored clothes, which he laid on a chair and told me to put on in the morning. When he left the room, I got up from the bed to see what to wear in the morning. At the top were white briefs below them gray thick stockings, short gray felt pants and a gray shirt. Under the chair were heavy black ankle boots. He flooded me with sweat. After all, this is the uniform that the inmates wore in the institution.
I didn't want to wear the inmate's uniform, but I was afraid I would make Michael's neighbor even more angry. My pants were uncomfortable and bit me on my thighs, reaching just above my knees. The stockings covered the calves on my legs, only my knees were visible. In the car, a neighbor told me to roll my stockings up to my ankles. After arriving at the institute, I saw the first group enter the building where the barber was. When we arrived at the barber's room, the inmates stood there in 3 rows after about 10. He placed me among them as the second in the middle row, quietly announced something to the present educator and barber, and left. I looked better at the haircut of the inmates in front of me, and they were really hairless after leaving the barber's chair. Everyone swept their hair as they fell to the ground. When I was within reach of the educator, he was screaming in my ear, I wanted to tell him that I was not an inmate, that I only came to cut my hair like last length # 1.5, but I didn't even have a chance to open my mouth properly. As I sat down on the barber's chair and the barber wrapped me in a tarp, then the barber jerked my head back until I whimpered in pain. He cut my hair on the top of my head and gradually turned my head as if it were on a spring. He held his head tightly with his left hand, I thought I had it in the vice. When I noticed for a moment in the mirror, I saw that I was completely hairless on the top of my head like the inmates who left the chair in front of me. Later, the barber pushed the shirt with the tarpaulin slightly away from my neck, and my hair fell out of my shirt. It was uncomfortable to feel tiny hair on my back but I didn't even have a chance to scratch myself. When done, I saw a hairless boy with white skin on his head in the mirror. Now I understood the neighbor's punishment that I looked like a real inmate. I wanted to jump out of my chair and run after my neighbor Michael like last time, but the tutor swung his cane over my calves and ordered me to sweep my hair around the barber.
Then he put me on the second white line. I stood close to the inmate from the front row, we almost touched our bodies. I only saw his smooth skin on his head. I went to pluck my back, because the hair behind my shirt bit me, but I again earned a blow to the calf. Soon a third-row inmate stood behind me. He was breathing on my head, it was uncomfortable, but I realized that I was breathing in front of me as well. When we all left the barber's room with the inmates, I marched in the courtyard of the institute for about 3.5 hours. When the educator called me and told me that I could go to see Mr. Michael, it was the greatest reward he could give me. I couldn't wait for the shower to get rid of the hairs on my back. When I saw myself in the mirror, I started crying and rubbed my bare head with my hands.
I realized that I no longer wanted to survive such a day, so I would no longer oppose my neighbor and I would do everything he said. I had 7 red stripes on my calves and 3 red stripes on my ass. I had no way to disguise my hair, so I had to listen to the mischievous allusions of my classmates for a few days.

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