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The change occurred in 1976 by oror

I apologize for the spelling, but my native language is not English.
In 1976, I was 15 years old, and like almost every young boy, I did everything I could to keep my hair as long as possible. My hair covered my eyes, ears, and was over the collar, almost reaching to my shoulders. My father and I were in the city, where we met his colleague from work with his son, whose hairstyle was outdated and short.
After the greeting, a colleague said to my father: I didn't know you had a daughter, I thought you had a son like me. I protested that I was a boy. My father looked at me and said you're right in looking like a girl. We'll have to do something about it. I didn't like this conversation, but we didn't talk about the hairstyle anymore, and I hoped that my father would forget about it when he got home.
At breakfast on Saturday, my father told me that we would both go to the barber shop. I'm going to my modern barber, I said. You will not go to your stylist today, but we will go to a new barber together for us. About half an hour in front of the house the car blew and my father told me we were leaving. His colleague was sitting in the car with his son. I started to feel bad about it all. we stopped in front of an old-fashioned barber shop, I still believed that the situation would change and I wouldn't go to that barber shop. But my father grabbed me around the shoulders and led me to the barber shop door. Not only the barber but also the barber was old, maybe 60 years old. There was only one chair in the barber shop and about ten wooden waiting chairs. We sat down, the boys sat side by side and the fathers sat side by side and had a sociable debate. A 9-year-old boy was sitting in a barber's chair, and his father was in a waiting chair. I regretted the boy seeing his short hair after leaving the barber chair. his father took his place. In the meantime, I met the son of my father's colleague. His name was Andy. He was a year older than. He asked me if we would go to this barber with them every 4 weeks. No, I replied. I have my modern barber, my father only took me here today, I proudly announced.
Another moment came, please, Andy got up and went to sit in the barber's chair. When asked what it would be like today, his father called from the waiting chair: Cut him as always. I started looking at old pictures of short hairstyles that hung on the walls. The barber shop was uncomfortable for me, it wasn't like my modern barber shop.
My father took my hand and told me that I was going to replace Andy in a moment. I looked towards the barber. Andy rubbed the back of his head with his hands. When I replaced him on the barber's chair, I just waited for the question of what it would be like today and I had my request ready for only a small hair treatment. The barber turned to his father and asked: What hairstyle will I give your son? Make him a boy, cut him like Andy. I didn't scream and wanted to jump out of the chair, but a powerful barber's hand pushed me back into the chair. I felt a big stone in my stomach and I got scared. When he combed my hair, he lifted my hair with a comb, which he then cut. About 8 inches of hair fell around me, but there was still plenty of it on my head. He changed the scissors for a moment and tilted my head forward. I feel the cold metal teeth of the scissors on my neck. When they are turned on, they start to rise up the back of the head. Their vibration massages my head on the tarpaulin falling more my hair. He ran scissors over the back of my head several times and tilted my head to the left with his hand. He put the scissors on my left cheek and climbed toward the top of my head, later he bent my ear and walked over the scissors over it. I noticed my pale skin over my ear. Then he crossed to the other side. When I could straighten up I saw pretty long hair on top of my head. I looked in the mirror at Andy, who was watching my change closely. That's when I looked at his hairstyle better, and I still hoped I wouldn't be as short as he was.
The barber took other scissors and began to cut the hair on the top of his head, later making a gradual transition from minimal hair to the top of his head. He started combing my hair towards my forehead, which he finally cut right at the top of my forehead. Almost the entire forehead remained sticks. I already thought my scalping was over, but the barber applied white foam to my neck and around my ears and began scratching the remnants of my hair. Finally, he asked his father if it was enough or for me to continue. My father was happy with my transformation.
I turned my head to my left hip and saw about 1 and 1/2 inches of white skin over my ear and then a gradual transition to longer hair. At the top of their heads, their hair was only a little longer than 1 inch. The barber took a smaller mirror to show me my hair from the back of my head. I couldn't believe my eyes. Two-thirds of my back of the head was hairless, and then the gradual transition to hair at the same height as above the ears began. When I left the chair, I started classing the bare part of my head like Andy did. If I wasn't ashamed, I'd rather cry. While our fathers were cutting, I looked more closely at Andy's hairstyle, because I knew mine was just as drastic. At the same time, I remembered a little boy who was cut by a barber when we arrived. After all, Andy and I have a highly shaved head and short hair on top of his head as he did. I asked Andy if he knew how long it would take for my hair to grow to cover my ears and touch. He smiled and said that in the weeks of his hair growth, he was about 1/2 inch long, the length he had before cutting. In my mind I figured it would take about 4 months.
When both of our fathers were trimmed and paid for a barber for his work, Andy's father suggested that I go to the barber with them regularly. My father smiled, grabbed me around the shoulders and said. I found you a new barber today. I started begging, but nothing helped. My last rescue was my mother, but to my disappointment she agreed to my father's decision. For the next 5 years, I went with Andy and his father every 4 weeks for regular scalping.

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