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BandProblems by MGM

"You have to do it, or you´re out of the band!" but I refused and shook my head. The other bandmembers were all in our rehearsing room and the atmosphere was tense. Michael, the leader, stood in front of me with that clippers pointing directly at me.
The truth is that I had completely let them down. I was too shy to join our idea of a collective mowhawk. I backed out and just didn´t come to the appointment. The next bandmeeting they all had their sides shorn to zero, one could see the skin. It looked wild but I couln´t cut my hair, because my mother would freak out completely. Michael, also the guitarist had sacrifised his wonderful thick and long blond hair of the sides. Everybody else got the look as well. For me, the singer, it was absolutely mandatory to get the same style. It was like an unwritten law. The guys had met at a salon the day before. It must have been fun I thought and I felt a bit guilty.
"Can we please concentrate on the music?" I said and tried to change the subject. "We really have to continue rehearsing!"
Oringinally it has been my idea, with the haircuts and the name of the band. We were the "mowhawks" I figured out one night after a gig. I thought that would make us brothers and get us closer.
"Either you will in or you have to go", Michael said sternly to me.
"What would you do without a f***ing singer?" I yelled back "so please let me grab the mic and get on with the music"
"You really let us down" spoke Toby, the drummer "We did it all because of you and now we are disappointed" He had dark brown hair, always wore it short, but the mowhawk suited him quite well.
"Seems like we need a new singer" I heard Matthias saying, who wrote our lyrics. He starred aggressively at me.
"It was a stupid idea of mine and you all look pretty s**tty to be honest!" I saidknowing that I really hurt them. Michael took a step very close to me and I was very frightend. "This is your last chance" he said "we´re gonna give you the haircut you made us all wear right here and now or you leave the band forever"
His word hit me deep in the stomache and I felt a weird tension in my throat. Thinking of my mother and the neighbors that would see me. Not to mention the teachers. All of a sudden the three of them stood in front of me letting go of their instruments. There was a strange old smell in the room.
"You´re a pussy" said Matthias "Let´s get rid of him, guys" he told the others.
I had brown locks which were touching my shoulders. Nervously I ran my hand through it. There was sweat all over my body.
"Come on" said Michael nicely "relax" he wispered.
"Get on with it" I whispered in his ear. And then Mathias pushed me in a chair while Toby put his hands on my shoulders, just to make sure I wouldn´t change my mind. So now Michale could start. He fixed my eyes which I closed immediately to show that I tursted him.
"NOW SHAVE HIS HEAD COMPLETELY" bursted Mathias out. He fixed my head with his strong hands. And before I could scream Michael had run the clippers thorugh the top of my head!
"Thats for failing us" Michael said grinning. I was so weak I couldn´t help my self and just let it happen. They shaved my complety bald. "That´s not fair" I screamed. "Now we are even!" Toby laughed out. They then put cream on my head and shaved my beautiful hair off. The one really mean thing was that Mathias drew with a thick black pen COWARD on my freshly shaved head. In the end they let go of me. We didn´t rehearsed that day or any other...

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