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Affirmative barber by Storyteller

This story happened when I was 13, in the late 70s. The fashion for boys my age was long hair, no boy in my classroom had short hair. I had straight, silky, fine, brown hair, it was to my shoulders, the bangs went up to my mouth and the ears, which were huge, were always covered.

I was a very well-mannered, respectful and obedient boy. At the time, the parents had already gotten used to the idea that the boys were wearing short hair, so even boys like me had long hair.

One day, I was walking down a street not far from home and I noticed that there was a barbershop that I had never seen, even from the outside I could see that it was very old and the barber was an old man, so it didn't seem to be a newly established barbershop. I was curious because I never really noticed and I kept looking for a while.

The barber, who was currently not busy, got up and came to the door. Smiling, he said to me "You can come in, boy". I was surprised by his invitation, but since I didn't want him to think I was just looking for curiosity, I accepted and went inside. He then rubbed my head and gently led me over to the barberchair, saying "You were really wanting me to cut your hair" in the affirmative. I, not knowing what to say, said: "Yes, Sir" and obeyed the sign he was giving me to climb on his chair.

After I sat down and settled in the chair, he put a white nylon cape around me, with a neckstrip around my neck, and closed the cape tightly, taking care to keep my long hair out of the cape. With the pedal, he raised the chair to an appropriate height. Then he swiveled the chair around and left me with back to the mirror. With a comb he combed my hair carefully, leaving all the bangs on my face, I couldn't see anything.

He then said, "You came because you want me to give you my most special haircut" again in a tone of affirmation rather than a question. I was silent for a few seconds, but then, not knowing what to say and not wanting to upset him, I said, "Yes, Sir." He then said "Good boy" and I said "Thank you, Sir".

He then quickly grabbed his clippers with blade # 00000, held my head very tightly, pushed it down, leaving my chin against my chest, turned on the clippers and started moving them starting under my long hair, starting at the nape and up to the crown.

I got scared, I felt a chill, I had never felt clippers in my head before, nor heard his buzz sound, when the movement he made ended I saw a lot of my hair fall on the cape in my lap, and I barely had time to see and then he was starting a new clippers pass, next to the first. And more hair falling out.

And so it went, pass after pass on the back of my head, and the hair accumulating over the cape, a little already falling on the floor… a lot of hair. When he got close to the right side he tilted my head a little to the side and started to pass the clippers from sideburns to crown, on the right side. I felt my huge ear getting exposed. And right after that I felt his hand folding my ear to run the clippers around it. I could see him very focused on his work, very serious.

When he completed the work on the right side he moved to the other side and changed the direction of my head by turning it to the other side, I did not show any resistance, I let him move my head as he wished. On the left side he made the same movements he had done on the right side, and again a lot of hair was falling to the floor. Again, he bent my ear and ran the clippers around.

He then raised my head again, turned off the clippers a little, and changed blade # 00000 to # 1. He put the clippers on my forehead under my long bangs, turned on the clippers and started moving them from the forehead towards the back. I felt the vibration in my head and heard that loud sound, while the hair was being cut very short. He repeated the movement a few times on the top of my head.

After a few passes the top was all buzzed to # 1. He then turned off the clippers and changed the blade back to # 00000. And he turned them on again and started moving it in movements that went beyond the crown towards the top, but without going too far, so he was creating a small oval patch of # 1 length hair on top, while the rest was all at # 00000.

He turned the clippers off and placed them in their holder. He looked at me and said "You sure want to shave off the sides and back" again in an affirmative tone. And I, already resigned, said "Yes, Sir". He smiled and said "As it should it be" and took a mug and a shaving brush and started preparing shaving foam.

A very good aroma started to spread through the air. When there was already a large amount of foam he started spreading it over my head on the back and sides, across the area he had buzzed # 00000.

He then took a razor and sharpened it on a leather strop by the chair. He then said "Be very quiet, boy", I just replied with my eyes and became focused, quiet, and he started to shave the tiny hairs that were left in that area. After finishing he reapplied the foam and started to move the razor against the grain.

When he was finished, he took a piece of cloth and removed the excess foam. Afterwards, he spread aftershave throughout the area he had shaved. The aroma was also very good and I smiled.

He then swiveled the chair front to mirror and, holding a hand mirror, stood behind the chair showing me the final result, saying "Okay, exactly as you wanted" I was shocked at first, but I didn't want to disappoint him and tried not to show. I said "Yes, Sir, it looks great".

He took a duster brush and started dusting my head, going very well around my ears and on my neck. Then he put talcum powder on the tips of the brush and ran it around my ears and the back of my neck. The aroma was also very good.

After that he shook the cape well, and opened it and said to me "Ready, boy, you can get off the chair" I went down and said "Thank you very much, Sir" taking my wallet to pay. He thanked me and said "You are already my best client, boy, I want to see you here every week to keep the cut" and I said "Yes, Sir".

I walked out of the barbershop rubbing my head, feeling the difference between the back and sides and the top.

Guess what happened one week later ...

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