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Seducing the driver to get the haircut by Bhrata

Seducing a driver to get haircut

Hi, just call me Bhrata. My written English is not really good, but I hope it will be understandable to read. The story begin when I went back to my hometown. I travelled with Bus around 1.5 hours and need to transit in one city because the bus was not stopped near by my hometown. In the transit city I actually need to take the public motorcycle to a certain station to get public transportation toward my hometown. In the bus my haircut fetish was just coming to my mind and teased me with a lot of plan to force someone to get haircut. And in the bus I planned to seduce motorcycle driver to get haircut which is army haircut in the barbershop nearby the station that I mention before.
I remember there was a barbershop near by station , it is quite clean and I guess not many styles that barber can do to their customer.
And I planned everything and aimed to do that after getting off the first Bust that I took.
After arriving in the transit city, as usual the motorbike driver will wait the passengers who stop in transit city right after in front of the bus door. And there was a driver came toward me and offering his service, "Hey, do you need a ride to the station ? just 15.000 thousand rupiah (around 1 dollar). I observed his hair that covered by his helmet first before agree to go with him. And finally agree to get his ride with that price (even I’m not so sure that his hair will be long enough, or will he agree with my offer or not) I just keep in my mind that its ok if this plan not work as I want.
Then during the trip I ran my plan by talking with him. I ask him few questions about the city condition and just small chit chat. And I asked him to stop at the spot nearby barbershop and as I planned before I prepared a sheet of money 100.000 Rupiah (around 8 dollars) so that he will give me the change, and I was confident that he couldn’t give me change because his money oh his pocket will not be enough. Than I shown him a disappointed expression followed by offering.
I said "ohh.. I actually have assignment from my university to make the video of a haircut, the assignment will talk about how the barber works. Since the driver was not highly educated and he just node his head show that he is agree but don’t know what haircut will he gets.
‘Look.. there is barbershop there, but here is one thing that you should know that you will get army style haircut (I still don’t know how much hair he has inside that helmet)". He just node his hair and ask me to go with him with his motorbike. Not so long we arrive in front of the barbershop. He just keep in silent without saying a word. And the barber asked me who will get the haircut. I said, He will please give him a very short army haircut, and I said a few word about my assignment to take the video of haircut process..
The when he open his helmet, I was quite happy that he has quite long curly hair that really need haircut, and I was so sure that he never got any short haircut at all. He sat on the barber chair. And barber start to put the cape on this body. And the barber starter to cut his hair by using clipper #2 start from his forehead. He is very surprised , scared yet very submissive again without saying a word. And after the crown part, I can see clearly his scalp. And I said to the barber that please make it shorter. Barber said "are you sure it will be nearly bald". I said "Yes, he is agree already" then barber just followed my instruction by changing the guard into #1. And yeahh it was so short.. and I believed side and back of his head will be nothing left. And it was true that the barber said "Since it is #1 guard, I think I will make a bit fade on the back and side of his head’. I said "its okay,,’" (I know in my mind that this kind of barber don’t have that kind of skill). I will just pretended to be not satisfied for his work. After he made a fade with #0.5 and no guard clipper. And He finished his work by brushing his hair on cape. Barber stared at me and saw my disappointment expression. He said "something wrong? , he check again his result.. actually that was not really good fade right? .. I said "to be honest yes.. I’m sorry to say this,, but the fade is not so good. I said "just shave his back and side and left #0.5 on the top" just to make it clear that he is going to army induction (I just say non sense anyway). He only said " ok then" and the driver on the chair just staring at his own face and hair in the mirror with a very scared and confused expression but very submissive. Barber continue his work and followed my instruction. After it is all done. Tadaa.. long curly driver turns out to be shaved high and tight man. He stood up from the chair and directly go his motorcycle and drive very fast without saying a word and permission at all.
Then I pay the barber after that "Barber said, "just come again with another model, I will do better next time" I said "sure, sir"
I leave him and take the bus to my hometown. And still don’t believe what I was doing and really want to make it one or more time like that.. it was actually very satisfying

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