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You Need a Haircut by ClipperGoddess

(this is not my work. This is reposted from the now-archived 1hss.com)
Fingers raked back through the long, lush, fiery tresses. The black colored nails lightly grazed along his scalp with each slow brush through his hair. Gooseflesh prickled along the nape of his neck and down along his spine and over his arms, in turn causing the fine hairs on his skin to stand on end. A smirking face stood behind him, as those black-nailed hands would lift up the bounty of red tresses and let them fall back down strand by strand, till the hip length locks hung down his back as they usually did.

"You need a haircut, Kelly."

Those words were spoken with great confidence and yet such nonchalance, by the young man standing behind him. His name was Robert Vanderson, though he went by Rob for short. His name might have sounded quite ordinary, but the man it was attached to was anything but. Kelly had been shocked out of his head, when he'd gotten his first look at Rob.

It had been moving-in day for the Freshmen of NYU. Kelly O'Neil had already finished moving in his few meager things into his room. Kelly would be considered rather unmemorable by many; he was shy, bookish and kept to himself. His body could be described as lanky and slender. And his Irish heritage came out strongly, in his fair skin, green eyes, and red hair. All relatively unmemorable, except for one thing. It was the length of his hair, which ended down around his hips. It rivaled even his female counter parts in terms of how long the red strands were.

Kelly wasn't quite sure how it was his hair had ended up like this. All he knew was he enjoyed the curtain it provided from the outside world. When he walked about campus, he did not have to make eye contact. And while he ate alone in the cafeteria, his hair hid his face from any eyes looking at him. His hair was the perfect security blanket. Maybe that was why he'd taken to letting it grow instead of cutting it short like the other guys his age.

Robert, on the other hand, had quite a lot more going for him, in terms of 'memorability'. The other teen had come into their shared room with a presence that just seemed to magnetize eyes to him. He was tall and clad in ripped up jeans, a form fitting tee, a number of tattoos along his arms, and a ring or two in his lip and brow. The piece de resistance, though, was his hair, which was done up in a purple mohawk. Kelly's dorm mate was the epitome of a punk, at least in his physical appearance. And Kelly felt a red flag of panic go up in alarm.

Thankfully, after his initial shock, Kelly had quickly come to know Robert as one of the nicest people he'd ever met. The other guy was charming, friendly, energetic and up beat. How was someone as socially underdeveloped as Kelly supposed to keep himself from falling prey to his punk room mate's warm smile and friendly disposition? He couldn't.

Thus, he found himself in his current predicament. He'd known Rob now for more than half the school year. And his initial shock over his room mate's appearance had dissipated long ago into a queer curiosity and fascination. Both jealousy and confusion would apprehend him as he tried to picture how his room mate could stand looking so outlandish and dealing with the attention it garnered him. Though, in the mean time, Kelly had already begun to fall victim to Rob's impish personality. The other man had dragged him out to a number of parties and social gatherings now. And Kelly had not tried to stop him or complain in the least. Rob could enforce his will whenever he damn well wanted. And this moment was no different.

So, that sleepy Sunday afternoon, Robert had wheeled over his desk chair and had pushed Kelly down into it like it was nothing. And then, those fingers had begun to touch him in places no one had ever touched him. The long luxurious strokes and playful caressing of his hair had his toes curling in his socks.

"Let me get my stuff," Rob informed, his voice a devious whisper in Kelly's ear. The redhead had to take in a shaky breath as Rob went to fetch his 'tools'. On his room mate's nearby desk, Kelly soon saw a pair of scissors as they were set down. Alongside them was a tool that Kelly was actually quite familiar with, since coming to live with Rob. Although they had never been used on him before, he'd watched Rob many a time in their bathroom in the midst of using the clippers to buzz down the hair on the side of his head down to the skin, as part of the upkeep of his mohawk. The clippers had the name 'Wahl' inscribed on the side of them in shiny silver letters.

Kelly inhaled sharply, as Rob went back to running his fingers through his hair a few more times. The punk behind him seemed to hum in thought as he pondered his fate. And Kelly, in typical Kelly fashion, said nothing. He was about to lose his security curtain, yet he could sum up nothing. No complaints, no fears, no requests for this to stop. He took another ragged breath as Rob tipped his head to the side, this way and that. Long fingers and warm palms caressed through his hair and his eyes rolled into the back of his head in enjoyment of the touches.

The redhead heard the sound of one of the tools being drawn from the desk. His breaths caught in his throat, as Rob grasped a handful of his hair and used it to tip his head back. Kelly stared up, to find Rob looking down at his face. The eyes of his punk room mate were alight with excitement and possibility. Confidence too, something that Kelly never had. It was something he'd come to adore about his room mate. The punk had everything that Kelly did not. He dressed how he wanted, said what he wanted, and was adored for it by those who mattered to him. He even had the power to not give a s**t what others thought about him, those who's opinions were not supposed to matter.

Rob said nothing. He didn't ask if Kelly was ready to start. He didn't even tell him what the hell he was going to do to his hair. Instead, he slid his hand up to the top of Kelly's head, and he pushed his room mate's chin down into his chest. Kelly stared down at his lap and the grip of his hands atop his thighs. He could feel his fingernails biting into his palms.

Kelly felt Rob's fingers playing through his hair a bit more, before that hand went back to holding tight to the top of his head. The bit of force had a little spark lighting up in the pit of his stomach. His eyes then widened as he heard a loud pop followed by the hum of Rob's clippers turning on. His breathing turned shaky as he realized just what tool Rob would be using on him for this haircut. He recalled, vividly, watching Rob peel away the hair on the side of his head and leaving nothing but stubbled flesh behind. And the knowledge that the same thing would be happening to him, shortly, had tingles of arousal shooting through his system. He really should have been more alarmed at his response, but he was too far gone to think or to care.

The clippers were pressed at the base of his neck. Kelly stared with wide eyes down at his lap and the floor of their dorm room. He couldn't breathe as the cold, nibbling metal blades were pushed up the center of his neck. The buzz of the clippers changed pitch the moment they met his red hair. Kelly's green eyes rolled closed, as the intimate feel of the clippers climbing his nape began to have it's sensual impact upon his sensitive skin. He had no idea how much hair was coming off, as he was unable to see behind his head. The clippers though emerged at the top of his head. Kelly had to take a few deep breaths, as he squirmed there in the chair.

Instead of starting on his next pass, Rob pressed the clippers below the start of the first buzzed path and ran them up the back of Kelly's head once more. Up and down a few times. Kelly shivered in response to the pressure of the clippers being nuzzled into his skull. And a low moan ended up escaping his lips. He jolted, startled at the sound that had gotten out. A hand lifted up, to cover his mouth.

Behind him, Rob just smiled at the noise that his room mate had made. His hand on the top of Kelly's head kept a firm grip. The clippers were nestled a little to the right of the first buzzed path in his hair. Then, Rob began to guide them up the back of his head once more. Kelly drew in a sharp breath as the clippers finished their second pass, and came out at the top of his hair. Just like with the first, Rob ran the clippers up and down the newest path a few times. Only two passes in and Kelly was finding it hard to breathe.

The buzzing clippers were put to the left of the already sheared section of his head. And, as before, they were pushed up, up, up, till they emerged at the top of his head. With the back of his head cleared of hair, Rob took the clippers and ran them over the area a few times, to be sure no hairs were missed. Then, his hand slid down to rub against the freshly buzzed skin. Kelly's flesh seemed to spark and tingle under the new intimate caress and Kelly let out a shaky gasp. For years now, he'd had nothing but hair there, and now, it was just skin to skin contact as Rob touched along the back of his neck.

"Good," Rob hummed. His fingers slid up into the long hair on the left side of Kelly's head. Then, he gripped to the hair still there and used it to pull his head to the side. Kelly panted a little, as the clippers were nestled on his neck, low behind his ear. Kelly's eyes rolled closed as he felt the next pass of the devious blades move up his head, and the following swish of a few long locks of his hair sliding against his back and shoulder. Down again, the blades were placed then pushed up into his hair. Up the side of his head, and soon they emerged again from the top of his hair.

A pink, flushing ear was quickly becoming revealed, as more and more hair was shaved down around it. Rob folded Kelly's ear down, as he moved the loud clippers around it. His eyes had come open, as the sound of the clippers proved much too loud to ignore now that they were beside his ear. Rob positioned them low on his cheek, and then pressed them up, firmly, into the skin. Kelly's jaw fell open as he felt the clippers buzz his side burn clear off, and they didn't stop there. They went up till they moved over his temple, then Rob lifted them away from his head. Another little moan escaped Kelly from the feeling. Rob just continued to smile.

The punk grasped the long strands still on the top of his room mate's head, and used them to maneuver his head a bit. The clippers were run all over his bare side and back of his head once more. Kelly quivered in his seat and his teeth sunk into his lower lip. His cheeks were flushed a dark pink. Rob looked down at Kelly's face and marveled at the vulnerable expression upon it.

Rob tugged Kelly's head in the other direction. What was left of his long red hair brushed against his cheek and over his face. It hung down in a lovely red cascade. So different compared to the bare side of his head where there was nothing. As he had done on the other side, Rob nuzzled the clippers up the side of his neck, and dragged them up till they reached the top. Over and over, he ran them from bottom to top. Around another little ear, too. Then, he pressed it low on Kelly's cheek and went about shaving off his side burn and all the hair up on his temple. The other side of his head was soon buzzed down, just like the other.

Kelly's breathing was shallow and soft little moans continued to leave him. Rob kept a grip on his hair, as he rounded his room mate, and stood in front of him. Kelly avoided looking up at him. He was too embarrassed to look. Though, Rob instead took him by the hair and tugged his head back, and made him look up at him. Kelly's green eyes were hazy with arousal, and his brows furrowed shyly. Rob smirked down at him.

"You're going to be so hot when I get through with you," Rob whispered. Kelly's nostrils flared and his eyes widened as he heard those words. "Just need to finish buzzing off all this hair. Then I'll make you my sexy little bald slut," Rob husked. Kelly gasped out as heat rolled down his body in a molten avalanche, leaving a prickling sensitivity in its wake. Rob had never spoken so brazenly to him before. Sexual and intimate. He was overwhelmed and uncertain what to even think or say.

Before he knew it, Rob was unzipping the front of his jeans. He pulled from his boxers his very hard and very large cock. Kelly stared at the monster dick as it was poised in front of his face. Rob then took him by the hair, and guided his head in toward the throbbing crown. The tip pressed to his lips, and even the innocent Kelly knew what to do. He moaned as his lips parted and Rob thrust himself into his mouth.

Rob gripped tightly to his hair, as he began to buck his hips against Kelly's flushing face. The punk panted a bit, as he guided Kelly's head a while longer. Though once Kelly seemed to understand what he wanted, he turned his focus back to his hair. He let the long strands fall loosely, as his hand instead gripped at the bare back of Kelly's head.

"Look up at me," Rob ordered. Kelly's eyes flicked up on command. The look in them was hazy and unfocused. Kelly's loins throbbed as his own trapped cock fought against the front of his jeans. Rob smirked down at him with a pleased expression on his face. Then, he lifted the buzzing clippers up to the center of Kelly's forehead. He held them there a moment or two. Kelly squirmed as he moaned in anticipation. The blades had gotten quite warm now, from buzzing off all the rest of his hair. He kept his head still with his hand, as his hips began to buck roughly against his face once more. And, the clippers pushed back along the center of his head.

Kelly moaned out loudly, as his mouth was used so vulgarly, and more of his hair began to rain down from his head. The long, silky red tresses slithered down and pooled in his lap. They fell over his hands, and his fingers curled a little around the shorn strands.

Rob pushed the clippers toward the back of Kelly's head, till it met the shaved back. Then he repositioned the clippers at the front and made his second pass across the top of Kelly's head. More long hair slid down. Kelly panted around the cock in his mouth, as the thick long girth was plunged in and out of his mouth by his room mate. He swallowed around the length and tried to suck upon it, but his moans made it difficult.

A third pass was made, as the last of Kelly's long red long rained down to coil in his lap. With that, Rob began roaming the clippers all over Kelly's bare head. He clicked the clippers off, and the room became deftly silent. Rob's hips continued to press against Kelly's face, and his hard member pressed into his mouth over and over. Rob ran his hand along Kelly's head as he stroked along the red stubble and the bare skin beneath it. Kelly moaned as his head was stroked by his room mate's hand.

"Touch it," Rob murmured. "I know you want to," he smirked as he rubbed a little more at Kelly's buzzed head. Kelly shivered, as Rob read his mind. Then, his hand tentatively rose up and his fingers brushed along his skull. Much to his surprise, it wasn't only skin. There was a definite grit of stubble along his skin. It was so different from his silky hair. Rob watched him, and his hand soon rested over Kelly's. He directed him to rub his palm across his bare head.

"Doesn't feel very good does it," he smirked. Kelly shook his head, despite the hard cock moving within his mouth. Rob took him by the chin and pulled his cock from his lips. Kelly panted. His lips were swollen and pink from servicing his room mate. Rob stroked over his stubbly head again.

"I'm going to shave you bald. Your head will be smooth and silky," Rob purred. Kelly's face and heads lit up a bright pink. Rob grinned at his room mate's reaction. "Loving those ears of yours. And those pretty eyes," he hummed, as his thumb brushed along Kelly's lower lip. "All that hair was hiding you."

Kelly stared after Rob as his room mate headed back to the bathroom to grab up what he could only assume was a razor and shaving cream. He dared then, to glance down at the floor around him. His long red hair was everywhere, in large shimmering piles. The corners of his eyes pricked with tears, as his fingers pet over some of the cut strands that were still in his lap. Before the panic could get much further, Rob was back by him. He gasped as his head was tipped back up. Rob thrust his cock back into his mouth and Kelly moaned on instinct. It was hard to be upset when he was horny beyond all belief.

"Not gonna lie, that hair of yours was pretty," Rob smirked as he set the razor on the desk. He squeezed out some shaving cream into his palm, and began spreading it over Kelly's head. "But I like it better on the floor," he mused, as he brushed more of the foam around Kelly's bright pink ears. He wiped his hands on a towel he'd laid over Kelly's shoulder. Then, he picked up the safety razor from the desk. His bucking hips moved more slowly, as he began shaving away the stubble with his razor. Though as he went to wipe the blade, his hips would pick up pace and buck quite frantically into Kelly's warm mouth.

Kelly quivered, as Rob dragged the sharp razor over his head. It rasped over his skin and caused little tingles of pleasure to trickle down his spine. His hands hand lifted up to grip at Rob's hips. The top of his head was bare after many short strokes. Rob then worked slowly around his right ear, and then his left. Each side burn was shaved right down to the skin. Only his fair Irish flesh was left in wake of the razor.

All that soon left was the back. Rob tended to that too, with expert strokes. As he finished up the last of the shaving, he picked up the towel and wiped off Kelly's freshly shaved head. Then, his fingers began to caress over Kelly's silky bald head.

"So sexy," Rob breathed. "Kelly, your head is so smooth, baby," he panted. He drew his hardness from his lips, and instead tilted Kelly's head down. His sensitive arousal pressed to the top of Kelly's head and he ground against it. Kelly gasped out from the weird and new feeling. He squirmed more in his seat as Rob continued to drag his cock along his freshly shaved head. His hand on the back of Kelly's neck tipped his head back up, and Rob rammed back into his lips. Kelly moaned out loudly as Rob gripped either side of his head and used his mouth some more. The pattern continued, as Rob would remove himself from Kelly's mouth and rub some more against his head before thrusting back between his lips. When the punk finally came, he was grinding against Kelly's bald head, though he dragged his cock along his face and finished up inside his lips. Kelly felt the trickle of cum across his head and face, and got the intimate taste of Rob upon his tongue.

"Swallow," Rob husked as he kept his strong grip on Kelly's head. The ex-redhead did so without a second thought, then panted as Rob withdrew his cock from his mouth. Still in a daze, Kelly groaned as Rob leaned down and kissed him hard on the mouth. Kelly's hands gripped at his room mate's shirt as his tongue was soon dancing about in his mouth.

Before Kelly knew it, Rob had dragged him over to one of their beds. He'd shoved him down onto it and went about yanking his jeans and boxers down, in turn exposing Kelly's own very hard arousal. Rob looked bemused, as he spread Kelly's cheeks and spat between them. His fingers rubbed a little at his intimate pink hole. Kelly cried out from the new, strange intimate feeling. Rob was atop him, his chest to his back. And soon, a hot tongue was trailing along the back of his bare nape. Kelly panted from the stimulation, and Rob groaned as his tongue teased behind Kelly's ear.

"Going to f*** my bald bitch," Rob hissed in his ear. He was already hard once more, from simply touching Kelly's new shaved head. He spread his cheeks wide, then aligned his hardness right up against Kelly's asshole. The ex-redhead cried out then, as Rob plunged deep into his virgin body. Kelly bit his lip, as his fingers gripped to the sheets. His insides burned from the sudden intrusion. Yet, as Rob began to move within him, the pain dissipated and pleasured began to overwhelm him.

Rob had shaved him bald, demanded head, and now was f***ing his body. The realization hit him and made him moan out even louder. Rob spoke of him so possessively. Lips and tongue continued to caress over his shaved head.

"You're never having hair on your head again, Kelly," Rob growled in his ear. "Every morning, you're going to sit in my chair and ask me to shave you smooth. Then, you're going to suck my cock to show me your gratitude," Rob laid down the rules. "Then, in the evenings, you'll find yourself so disgusted with the stubble already growing back on your head that you'll ask me to shave you smooth again. After this, you'll lay yourself on my bed and beg me to f*** you to show me how thankful you are to be shaved smooth like the little bald slut you are. The next morning, everything will repeat," Rob smirked against his ear, as he bucked hard against Kelly's soft supple cheeks. The ex-redhead was nothing but pants and moans as he tried to picture how the rest of his year was going to be. Rob was so demanding, yet he knew he wasn't going to be disobeying him. He never did and never would.

"You understand, Kelly? Morning and night, you're going to sit in my chair and say 'Rob, I need to be bald. Please, shave my head and make it sexy and smooth'." Kelly cried out at his words, and soon came all over the bedsheets as Rob f***ed him mercilessly into the mattress.

The night proved to be quite tiring, as Rob continued to f*** Kelly in any damn position that struck his fancy. His pubes soon followed the route of his head, and were shaved smooth to match. Eyebrows were the last to go. And by the morning, Kelly was a sticky, hairless mess. Rob had gotten up before him. When Kelly did arise, he heard the shower running and could only infer his room mate was busy in the bathroom. Though, as Rob came out of the shower a few minutes later, he was greeted with the sight of Kelly sitting on his computer chair, naked, blushing and half aroused. His hands gripped to his knees as he gazed up at his room mate.

"Rob, I need to be bald. Please, shave my head and make it sexy and smooth," Kelly breathed the magic words. Rob only smirked as his room mate made his request. "Let me get my razor."

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