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After the Interview by Shant

This is the sequel to The Job Interview which was the first story I submitted to this site. I had never thought about there being a part 2 but one of the comments made said they would like to see a sequel so I thought I’d see what I could come up with. If you have not read The Job Interview, I’d suggest reading that first because it will give you a lot of background for this story.

I really appreciate receiving comments about my stories. Knowing that people are reading them and liking them inspires me to want to continue writing so thank you in advance for anyone that takes the time to write a comment. It takes a lot of time to write one of these stories until I am happy with it so it's nice to know if someone appreciates it.

It had been almost a year and a half since I had started working at Hunter and Hawthorne. I loved my job and got along great with all the guys. Mike (my barber) was 100% right about getting my long hair cut off before my job interview. It was the best decision I had ever made and I knew I would be forever grateful to him for being instrumental in landing me this job.

To my delight, Jim Hunter and I became really good friends. Jim was 35, ten years older than I was. He had been married once for five years but it ended in a bitter divorce and he vowed that he would never get married again. I had not yet met anyone I was really interested in, so we hung out together a lot.

Right from the start, we realized that both of us were really into our hair. It felt great talking to someone who was into their hair as much as I was and not feeling embarrassed about it. We both knew that we each had great hair and often went to Mike’s together for our haircuts. He’d always have a big smile on his face when we walked in. "It’s rare that you get a guy with really great hair come in for a haircut, but to have the two of you come in at the same time is really a treat. If someone asked me to pick which one of you had the best hair, I honestly couldn’t decide. You both have such thick hair with such great texture, but the color is what really stands out for both of you. Jim, your hair is so black and Adam, yours is so blonde that they are both equally striking. It’s fun for me to see how I can cut both your hair the exact same style and length and they end up looking so different from each other. You guys are so lucky to have hair like this. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a guy come in with such beautiful hair and certainly not two guys at the same time. It’s even more striking when you guys stand next to each other after your hair is cut. You look like you belong in a GQ magazine ad. You really should think about having a guy come in and take pictures." Jim usually got in the chair first and told Mike how he wanted his hair cut. When it was my turn, I would just tell Mike to cut it just like Jim’s. It was fun letting Jim determine how long my hair was going to be. I had gotten over my long hair a long time ago.

It’s amazing how fast time goes by. It was right before Thanksgiving when an announcement came over the intercom asking everyone to please meet in the main conference room. When we had all assembled we were told that the partners of the company had decided that because the business was doing so much better than they had anticipated, they had decided to make some changes, create some new departments and had selected the people that were going to be promoted to these positions. To my great surprise, I was one of the guys who got promoted. I was told that even though I had been working there only a year and a half they could not be happier with my job performance and attitude and wanted to promote me to a position with more responsibility. I was really excited about the promotion. I didn’t expect to move up the ladder so fast. Not only did I have more responsibility, I also got an extra week vacation and a hefty raise. The best part about the promotion however was that I was now going to be working directly under Jim.

As work ended for the day, almost all the guys went to the local tavern to celebrate our success. Everyone was really in good spirits and a lot of toasts were made and a lot of alcohol was consumed. When it was time to leave the bar, Jim and I realized we had had way too much to drink for either of us to drive so we hailed a taxi and went back to Jim’s house. When we got there we decided that we really weren’t ready to end the night just yet so Jim made drinks and we sat down, smoked a little weed, and continued talking about anything and everything.

After talking for awhile, Jim said, "I don’t know if I ever told you this but when you first walked into my office with that fantastic looking flattop, I wanted to hire you right on the spot. I was really hoping that your interview would turn out well so that I could hire you. I know it’s vain to say it, but I don’t think I know anyone who has better hair than we do. I definitely look forward every day to seeing that great hair of yours. I hope that doesn’t embarrass you."

"Not at all." I told Jim. I then said that I had often thought how lucky I had been to walk into Mike’s shop and was really thankful that he gave me that flattop, especially when I didn’t want to cut my hair and definitely didn’t want to cut it that short. "He told me that you would really be impressed when you saw it and he was right. I was really nervous about getting it cut so short, but now I love it. I can’t imagine having long hair like I used to. To think that getting my hair cut resulted in me getting a job and things turning out so well and making a great friend too."

After a little more time passed Jim said, "I’m glad how things have turned out too. I’m really pleased that we have become such good friends. I can’t wait for us to be working together more and more." Jim paused for a moment and then said, "Remember how I told you how much I admired your hair when you first walked in? Well, to be perfectly honest, the next thing I thought about was how much I wanted to brush your hair. I hope that doesn’t sound strange. I have always wanted to brush your hair but have always been afraid to ask. I guess I’ve had enough to drink tonight to get up the courage to ask you if you would mind. If that’s something you’d be uncomfortable with and would rather not do, just forget that I ever brought it up. I’ve just always been into my hair and really enjoy other guys who have awesome hair too. I think I’d have a really good time combing and brushing your hair because it always looks so fantatic. I’d like to see how I could make it look."

"I’d actually enjoy you brushing my hair," I said. "I like the idea of having my hair brushed by someone and I’d be glad to let you do it, but only if I can return the favor." "Oh man, I would definitely love that!" Jim said. Being the first of November we had started growing our hair out again and no longer had our summer flattops. Our hair was now over two inches long on top and the sides and back were no longer square but brushed back and blended in together. "I don’t know why, but I’ve always really enjoyed seeing a guy with great hair. I can’t explain it, but I’ve always been turned on by it. This is going to be really fun." Jim said.

"Okay," Jim said, "Who goes first?" We decided to flip a coin and I won the toss. Jim sat down in a chair and I went to his bathroom and found a brush and a comb. I came back and started brushing his hair, changing it from side to side or brushing it all straight back or parting it down the middle. It really was beautiful hair. It was so thick and full and very straight and had such incredible body. It was also the blackest hair I’d ever seen. It was almost a bluish black and had such an incredible shine to it. With his blue eyes it was really a striking combination. I had never brushed another guy’s hair before and I discovered I really was enjoying myself and felt a bulge growing in my pants. I loved combing his hair and I was surprised that I felt really comfortable and not at all self-conscious.

After awhile we switched places. Jim proceeded to comb and brush my hair pretty much the same way I had done his. "Man, your hair is so great. You know how I said the first thing I wanted to do when you walked into the office was just look at your hair? The second thing I wanted to do was brush your hair and now I finally got up enough nerve to ask to do that. There’s just one more thing I have always wanted to do and now seems like a great time to go ahead and do it." I had no idea what Jim had in mind. Jim then brushed my hair straight back. He ran both his hands through my hair, massaging my head, messing up my hair, and then combing it back into place again. He then tilted my head back so that I was looking directly into his beautiful blue eyes and he then gently ran his hands through my hair, grabbed it in back, pulled me towards him and bent down and kissed me! Wow, was I surprised! I had never suspected that Jim could be gay. I didn’t get that vibe from him at all. As for me, I had fooled around with a few guys in college. At the time it was no big deal to experiment a little. Jim was so handsome and such a great guy that I knew that if I were going to be with a guy, it would be hard to find anyone better. I returned the kiss and the next thing I knew we were both tearing each other’s clothes off and jumping into bed.

That night we discovered we were into a lot more things than just each other’s hair. The sex was intense due to a combination of alcohol, weed, and the fact that neither of us had had sex in quite awhile. It was also incredible because neither of us had expected it. I guess that’s what a little alcohol and weed can do. Both of us worked out regularly at the gym and were in great shape. We enjoyed exploring each other’s bodies and playing with each other’s hair. It was very physical, very intense.

Eventually we fell asleep and when I woke in the morning I found myself with my head on Jim’s chest with one of his arms wrapped around me and the other buried in my hair. When he woke up, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world for us to be in bed together. There was not a single awkward moment. It was as if we both realized that last night we had done something we had wanted to do for a long time but were afraid of what the outcome might be. We had exposed ourselves to each other and we had never done that with anyone before and that was a little scary but only until Jim made the first move. We had sex again and it was even better than the night before. In addition to the intensity, there was now an added emotional quality. I think we both knew that this could turn out to be something very special. We took a shower together and then took turns drying each other’s hair and combing it perfectly into place and then we headed out for lunch. That began the beginning of our relationship.

We kept our relationship private. It was against office policy for co-workers to be in a relationship with another member of the firm. It was strictly forbidden for a partner to date a junior employee. It would be a much bigger deal for Jim to come out than me, seeing that he was a senior partner. It just wasn’t worth all the drama that would occur if we announced we were seeing each other. It was also possible that one or both of us could be fired. We decided not to tell anyone that we were seeing each other and just enjoy what we were sharing. We weren’t ashamed of our relationship but we both felt that it was no one’s business. We were both private people and we wanted to keep what we felt was a fantastic relationship to ourselves and not share it with anyone just yet. At work we were strictly professional. No one ever expected that Jim and I were actually a couple. At home it was another matter, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

Four months passed and it was only another month before we would go back for our flattops. By now both of us had hair almost five inches long on top. We had let the sides grow out a little but liked them short with the long top brushed back. One night while Jim was brushing my hair he said, "I’m looking forward to our getting our hair cut short next month. I love the feel of the bristle on the sides of my head when it’s that short and I can’t wait to rub my hands all over yours. I think we probably look our best when we get our flattops!"

The day approached when we had decided to get our haircuts. About four inches would be coming off the top and almost all the sides. The thought alone of what was ahead was a major turn on for both of us. Mike always closed his shop at 2:00 on Saturday but if we called him in advance and told him that we would like to come in that day he would gladly stay open just for us. As soon as he finished his last customer, he would close up the shop and draw the blinds. Mike knew both of us were really into our hair and he was too. I think he may have enjoyed cutting our hair off even more than we liked getting it cut off!

Like always, Jim sat in the chair first. I could tell that Mike was really charged up for this. He probably looked forward to this day more than any other day of the entire year. Many times as spring approached he would reveal a big smile and tell us how he couldn’t wait to cut our hair off, threatening to give us horseshoe flattops instead of our square boxy ones. He told us he would like to cut almost all of our precious locks off and leave almost nothing for us to even comb. That of course, turned us both on. We knew he wouldn’t actually do that to us. We trusted him totally but it was fun to play act a little and suprisingly Mike really got into it. Mike’s favorite haircut was a boxy flattop and the opportunity to do two in a row, especially on us, was like a dream come true for him.

He brushed Jim’s hair for awhile, playing with it and enjoying himself. He then reached for his clippers and started at the back and ran them up the back and sides. I figured he was using a #1 guard because that’s what he usually used when we got our flattops. I looked into Jim’s eyes and I could tell that he was really turned on by having his hair cut. I had a magazine spread open, covering my lap so Mike could not see the boner I had. I could tell by the look on Jim’s face that he had one too! I thought I would explode when Mike combed the front of Jim’s hair straight up and then cut off about four inches! His hair was so thick, black and beautiful. What a rush to be in a relationship with such a handsome guy!

As I watched Mike continue the haircut, it looked to me like he was going a little higher up than usual. To my amazement instead of squaring up the back and sides he ran the clippers right up to the crown and high enough up the sides so that there was very little hair left to cut into square sides. As he started taking the top down even more, I could see that it was also much shorter than it usually was. He changed the guard on the clippers and placed them at the center of Jim’s forehead and then proceeded to run them straight back to the crown! I couldn’t believe how much hair was coming off and how short the haircut was going to be. Mike had changed the guard to probably a #3. There was barely enough hair left to even comb. Mike continued to work at a furious pace, removing all of Jim’s beautiful hair! What the hell was going on?

I couldn’t believe that Jim was just sitting there smiling and not saying a word, and then it dawned on me… he had been planning this all along and then I realized that when Mike was finished with him I was going to be sitting in that chair and getting the exact same haircut! A year and a half ago I would have been so upset about having to cut my precious hair so short, but now I was excited and looking forward to it. I knew that Jim and I would be having a very intense evening ahead of us, just rubbing our hands all over each other’s heads and feeling the bristle. It wouldn’t be long before we would start growing our hair out again, enjoying every moment of it!

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