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William's exciting haircut by Manny

William watched carefully as the handsome young barber took the thinning shears and began removing some of the bulk from the side of his executive coif. Methodically, rhythmically, rapidly, the shears followed the comb up the left side of his head. They moved so quickly that all William could perceive was a blur of silver followed by a shower of chestnut-colored snippets fluttering down to the snowy white cape. Once at the crown, the barber combed the bulky side down, pulling out wispy tufts of thinned-away hair.

"You have such dense hair, thick and a pleasure to work with," the barber noted, which provoked a slight blush from his client.

"I've been told that my whole life," William admitted, displaying a small bit of pride.

"Most men your age have started to thin, but this is one very full head of hair," the barber noted with an approving stare at the chestnut-colored locks.

The thinning of the sides and back went on for quite a while. Ironically, shortening some of the internal strands seemed to make William's hair look even lusher and fuller. He smiled, thinking about the praise he'd just received from such the strapping, young stud of a barber. William admired the barber's trim physique that was framed by an awesome professional outfit -- clad in white from shoulder to toe, like a Biblical angel. He particularly liked the way the barber's tunic buttoned up on his shoulder to one side -- a very vintage look!

Then the barber combed down the heavy forelock that extended past William's deep green eyes. His heavy fringe veiled his view of both the handsome barber and his own stylish executive coif.

Snip, snip, snip -- the thinning shears began near the top of the fringe and moved downward to the tips. Each crunch of the toothed blade took out at bit of the bulk. William could see the long strands falling to the white cape that totally shielded his expensive Canali suit from the cut tufts of hair.

The barber performed the same routine again. And, then again!

William to feel a bit nervous. Certainly, his prime forelock had been thinned enough.

But, to his great consternation, a fourth round of thinning began. The forelock was beginning to look quite visibly diminished.

"Uh, I think, that's enough thinning," William eked out from beneath of veil of hair.

"Just one more time," the barber replied, undeterred of his intention to thoroughly thin the prime forelock. "Your hair was just too thick...."

By the time the thinning shears were retired to the counter, William's mighty forelock had been reduced by more than half! It almost had a wispy quality to it

The barber then took a pair of regular shears and snapped them open and shut a few times, like he was priming the engine on a hedge clipper.

In a flash, the shears were at the forelock. Snip, snip, snip.

William's stomach churned anxiously. Almost instantly, the long wispy forelock was reduced to mid-forehead! William was visibly astonished. But, before anything could be said, the barber snipped off another inch, leaving the truncated lock about two thirds of the way up from the eyebrow. To think that only minutes earlier, the heavy veil of hair had completely obliterated his line of sight.

William's bangs had never been cut so short before! Most of his forelock was now on the cape. He looked up again at the mirror. His short, short bangs!! The barber had a bit of a smirk on his face.

As he glanced down, William noticed his groin stirring. The way the barber had asserted himself.... The way William felt vulnerable, helpless, submissive....all of this suddenly excited him. To his astonishment, the cape began to bulge.

To William's horror, he saw the young barber also staring at the movement in his lap; the hair-covered cape began to resemble an incipient tent-like structure with his crown jewel as the center pole. William's cheeks flushed with embarrassment as the barber did nothing to hide his amusement.

"A nice short crop can be exciting," the barber commented ominously. Then, to drive the point home, he snip the bangs even shorter, almost to the top of William's forehead!

Then, the barber took a duster to William's face. Over and over, the soft bristles tickled everything from his eyelids to his chin. Next, he folded down William's shapely ear and dusted the snippets away from the neck and ears. Finally, the brushed William's hair back into his tidy side part.

"That's much better," the barber declared, pleased with this short fringe. "No chance of hair in your eyes, suddenly, on a windy day."

William squirmed in the chair. He hoped that the haircut was coming to an end. He was still reeling from the embarrassment of his unexpected, public arousal.

The barber continued to brush the thick hair into placed and smoothed it down with his hands, almost caressing the silken locks. The handsome barber's tender touch almost seemed like a penance for the surprise assault that left William's forelock decimated.

Still stroking his client's silken hair, he brought his face toward the chestnut mane. "Hmmmm, nice smell of shampoo."

William's mind began to wander. In William's brief fantasy, the barber brought his full lips nearer and near to his own ready pucker.

But that did not happen.

Instead, the barber held up the mirror to display the back of William's head. Still nice and full as William preferred! Everything was as it should be (apart from the very short fringe).

The barber's stare returned to the back of William's head. "Perhaps a little more off the back?" he asked. "Something shorter, to keep you cooler on warm days?" There was a gleam in his eyes and a bit of a smirk that bothered William.

"I think it's fine just the way it is," William stammered, struggling to retain control of the haircut.

The barber reached for the clippers, his ultimate power tool to assert dominance over helpless William.

"Just a bit of a taper," the barber suggested rhetorically. He snapped on the machine. There was no question about who was in control.

Again, William's groin surged with delight as the barber forcedly bent his head forward. The barber was dominant, the client submissive.

The machine sprang to life, and William's heart beat wildly as he awaited the assault on his nape. The barber stretched out the waiting period for what seemed like an eternity. William's head was bowed very low. His nape was very exposed. The metal teeth of the clippers were certainly very efficient and unforgiving.....

"That's fine, then, a bit of a taper," William conceded reluctantly in order to move the situation beyond its gut-wrenching pregnant pause.

The clippers plowed tightly up the back of William's head. Teeth to scalp. Up, up, up they climbed before easing away and peeling off a thick padding of chestnut colored hair.

"Oh, my," the barber declared aloud, sniggering with unmasked delight. "This is going to be quite the change for you. I hope you like it very, very short!"

He took the clippers a second time up the back and peeled off more of William's helmet hair. Purposely, he flicked the machine so that the huge, shorn swath landed in William's lap.

William heaved at the site and gripped the arms of the chair to steady himself.

"I see you're enjoying this shorter haircut very much," the barber noted. "You most certainly will be pleased with a tidy military look, I think. When a man shows off skin, now that's my idea of a proper haircut. What do you say? I think you're ready for it."

"For what?" William panted helplessly.

"A very streamlined look. Just skin and stubble? Zero up to the crown and a #1 on top?" the barber said. "Here, let me show you how nice and creamy white your scalp is in back."

William felt dazed. His head was spinning. He found concentration hard and any response impossible.

The barber held up the mirror. The back of William's head was stripped clean of hair all the way up to the crown. A broad trail of white surrounded by a thick, plush chestnut pelt. There was no taper at all!

Then the barber adjusted the mirror to give William a clear view of the huge bulge that had formed under the professional white tunic he sported.

William smiled weakly. As he suspected, there was proof that the handsome barber was thoroughly enjoying his position of dominance.

"We're both excited about your new look," the handsome young barber noted wryly.

Then he wrenched William's head, cocked it to the side and began to strip the side clean. William watched as his executive coif fell to the cape. Swaths of hairy padding fell away effortlessly. William's barber was quick in stripping the sides bare of all hair.

William's head looked like a mushroom. A broad white stalk, capped with a wonderful bowl of chestnut hair!

The barber took a break from the clipping and snapped off the clippers.

"I believe you are my last client today. I love saving the best for last," the barber said as he strode over to the door and flipped the sign in the window to closed. "Wouldn't you prefer a little privacy as we finish off your new look?"

There was no need to reply. The barber was letting down the blinds. "Now, we can both have some real excitement!"

William admired the angel-like countenance as he watched the young barber stride back to the chair and pick up a different set of clippers.
As he turned back to the chair, the barber unexpectedly straddled William's legs and imposed his broad, muscular torso very close to the cape. His baton was full of power and glory.

"Ready to be on the receiving end of an unforgettable thrust?" he quipped in a toying manner as the machine came to full throttle.

"Very," murmured William as his eyes shifted nervously from the barber's tunic to the clippers that were poised to mow off his mushroom cap. "Take me down...." he groaned softly.

William noticed he was totally cut off from any site of himself in the mirror. He would be transformed the next time he saw himself in the mirror.

The barber came close, very close. "With pleasure...."

As he thrust the clippers into the thick, glossy cap of chestnut hair, William exploded with ecstasy. His lovely hair rained down all around him, streaming in silken clumps down his face and over his ears. William gave into his emotion and continued to heave with delight. "It's all yours," he murmured.

The barber aggressively mowed everything off as they locked swords through the cape. Then the barber began to caress the stubbled top of William's head as their lips locked together. Neither needed breath for what seemed like ages.

Finally, the barber came up for air. "You're in pretty good shape for a man your age," the barber whispered after their lips finally came undone.

"Thank you," murmured William shyly.

He took a good look at the caped William. Then he grabbed a fistful of the shorn hair. "No more youthful glossy hair flopping around in an executive coif for you, Mister! I'm going to keep you clipped, and on a very, very tight leash. Ready to see your new stubble head?"

With that the barber stepped aside and William saw himself without almost any hair for the first time. "AGH!" he exclaimed. "My head, my hair...."

The barber scooped up a handful of shorn hair from the cape and held it up, taunting the stymied client. "This needs to be swept up and discarded. And, all I've left you with this up here..." His firm hand stroked the stubble on top.

William enjoyed the barber's vigorous rubbing of his stubble against the grain.

"Is it all over?" William asked sheepishly.

"There's nothing more to take off," the barber chuckled. "Unless...." he stared at the lather machine and cracked another malicious grin.

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