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Album: Part 3. by Domko

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I really wanted to try the hairstyle my father got when he was 15 years old. Yes. Raul Anderson and in 1987 I was 13 when I visited Nelsov's barber shop. The humiliation and ridicule were greater than the joy of having a shaved back of my head. I had no plans to have Nelson's haircut again.
It's been almost 10 months since his visit, and I've had 14 years and about 5 inches of hair, covering my ears, reaching into my eyes and on my shirt collar. At that time, an unpleasant incident took place at the school. One of his friends brought cigarettes from home and offered us with them at the toilet in the school. The headmaster caught us and called our parents to school. My father asked me if I smoked too. I was only among the boys but I didn't smoke, I lied to my father.
My father returned from school very angry. After a while, my parents called me and my father shouted at me. The fact that you wanted to try what it's like when someone smokes would forgive you, but the fact that you lied to me, that you didn't just smoke, some boys made me very angry and that's why we have to punish you so that you remember that you can't lie. Now I will take you to the barber, whom you will visit regularly every three weeks for the same hairstyle until your 16th birthday. I didn't pay so much attention to my punishment, because I didn't know what hairstyle it was.
My father drove me to get a new haircut. We didn't say a word along the way, and I didn't think about my new punishment at all until we stopped at Nelson's barber shop. My father handed me a barber ticket and pointed to my barber shop. That's when I realized that my hair would be too short and outdated among young boys. I started to convince my father in the car that he must remember the last time I had my hair cut for a short time and that it was in this barber shop, because I didn't know that this barber only makes old-fashioned haircuts. But my father couldn't be softened, on the contrary, he became more and more angry with me.
I took an uncertain step to Nelson's barber shop, looked around. My father was waiting in the car until I went to the barber shop. I greeted and sat down on the waiting chair and now read my father's actual message to the barber: Mr. Nelson, our son Rual, disappointed us very much because he lied to us. My wife and I will be very happy if you become his barber. He will visit you regularly, every 3 weeks for a tight and tall hairstyle. Well thank you . Eric Anderson.
I have never heard of this hairstyle before. I was sitting on a waiting chair. Soon a gentleman with two boys entered the barber shop. One about my age, the other about 10 years old. They seemed familiar to me, then I remembered seeing them about a year ago when I was watching this barber shop.
Another barber called, please. That's when I realized it was my turn. As I sat down in the barber's chair, I handed him a ticket from my father. So you're lying to your parents? The barber asked. I didn't want to, I answered sadly. But I was already wrapped in a white sheet and the barber combed my hair about 5 inches long. He tilted my head and placed electric scissors on my forehead. He walked over the top of his head about 6 times when I had the opportunity to lift my head, the top of my head was covered with small hair but my ears were still covered with long hair. The barber gradually turned my head and my hair fell into my lap. When he cut his whole head, it seemed to me that I had shorter hair than it was on the first visit. The barber changed his scissors and began removing his short hair. He placed them on the left cheekbone and walked with them to the top of his head. Then he shaved my ear and continued to cut the left side, before he tilted my head forward I saw that the left side of my head was hairless. It didn't take long and he was already cutting the right side of my head. When he turned off the electric shears, he removed the remnants of hair from the tarpaulin with a brush. He foamed the white cream in a container with a brush and applied it to the places which he cut with the second scissors. In the mirror I saw both sides of the head white with foam. The hair was just on top of her head. This was followed by scraping the foam from his head. When finished, Mr. Nelson showed me his work with a small mirror. The back of the head and hips were without a single hair.
When I left the barber's chair, the younger of the boys replaced me. The barber looked at his father's ticket once more and said. Raul, I mark my calendar, on Saturday at 3 weeks you will come between 8 and 9 o'clock and we will cut what will grow during that time. By the time I paid, the father of two boys was standing next to me and said in amazement: You have a beautiful military hairstyle, boy. When will you come next? At 3 weeks on Saturday, sir, I replied embarrassed. Several older gentlemen waiting for their haircut also praised the barber as he cut my hair that it is not seen in boys today. Before I left the barber shop, I looked at the older boy in the waiting chair. He watched me with clenched teeth and fists as if I had done something wrong to him.
At home, my father checked my new hairstyle and asked me about the date of the next meeting with the barber. I answered him: on Saturday at 3 weeks between 8 and 9 o'clock. I'm checking my new hairstyle in the bathroom in front of the mirror. It's much shorter than I had last time and what I saw in the other boys leaving Nelsov's barber shop. The back and hips were completely bare. The hair at the top of the head was about 1/4 inch long.
Stroking the smooth skin on my head is half exciting but that was the only thing I liked. This was no longer a voluntary hairstyle but it was a hairstyle that I was forced to punish and I didn't like it at all. As a bad memory, I will be photographed again. I hoped my parents would drop this punishment and that was my last short haircut. I've found that I'm fascinated to see boys with old-fashioned short hairstyles, but I don't like it anymore if I have it, because it's very humiliating and the one I got now is really military. If I were older, they would think I was a military deserter.

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