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Quarantine Long Hair Cut by Taylor

(Disclaimer no head shaving or short haircut in this story) True Story

Taylor spent his time during quarantine at home, working from there. Been working from home for about five months already. Everything closed down, restaurants, bars, hotels, salons and barber shops. He is a young man in his early 20s and his hair got very long during the quarantine. His hair has always been at around tailbone length, cleaned trimmed every three-four months. Long, black and straight hair. Also, he dressed up like a female most of the time. Since the salons and barber shops were closed, his long hair reached about mid thigh length. It looked beautiful the length it got but needed some cleaning up.

Early Saturday morning, he got up, put his hair a messy bun, put on a black tank top, tight jeans, black opened toes heels and went downstairs to eat breakfast with the family. Taylor lived with his mom, dad, and older brother Dakota. They were a happy family together. Dakota asked Taylor if he could cut his hair after breakfast, Taylor agreed to do it. Taylor been cutting his brothers and dads hair the past few months during this quarantine. He asked his brother to meet him the garage while he went to get his stuff to cut his hair.

Taylor had his brother sit in the old barber chair he found on craigslist for about $50. It was old, a bit torn all over but still usable.

Dakota said to Taylor " Give me a 2 on the sides and a 4 on top" Taylor prepped his brother with a neck strip and put him a classic striped barber cape. He went on to also open the garage door to let some air and neighbors could see the haircut in action. Proceded to grab the clippers, put the 2 guard and starting the cut. It did not take long for Taylor to finish the cut, it was a simple haircut after all. The neighbors could see the "beautiful lady" giving the guy in the barber chair a haircut. Taylor grabbed the blow dryer to get rid of the little hairs of his brother to finish cleaning him up. Once he was done, he started sweeping the hair off the floor.

Taylors dad walked in before he put up all his hair equipment.
"Hey Taylor, when was the last time you trimmed your hair?"

He looked at his dad a bit puzzled "Hmmm back before the quarantine started, about four or fives months. Why?"

"Your long hair looks a bit messy, it's reached past your butt seems like you need a trim."

"And?" Taylor asked.

"Im thinking of giving you a trim right now since were already out here and you got your tools out here"

Taylor did not know what to say or think, it was a nerve wracking having his dad trim his long hair, especially since it’s always been a female who’s trimmed it his entire life and his dad really does not know how to cut hair.

He gave it some thought, sure why not, he really can’t mess up too much because he his hair is rather long to begin with he figured he would give his dad a shot.

"Yeah. Sure. I guess you can trim my hair up a bit" Taylor said nervously.

He sat on the barber chair, with his legs trembling. His dad grabbed the cape and fastened it on Taylor. All the neighbors that saw Taylor giving his brother a haircut earlier were now going to see the "beautiful lady" getting her haircut. Taylor felt a sick to his stomach and his feet were hurting because of heels forcing the feet in an awkward position while sitting on the barber chair. His dad unfastened Taylors messy bun and it came tumbling down, covering the entire back side of the barber chair, it was a view for sure. He grabbed a brush and starting brushing the long black hair for about 2-3 mins. It looked shiny and thick. Then grabbed a comb and ran a middle part on top of Taylors head, looking like Cher when she had her long black hair. Taylors shoulders felt cold because he was wearing a tank top.

"Are you ready Taylor?"

"Yes" nervously.

His dad got the scissors, pumped up the chair and asked Taylor how much he wanted off.

"I want 5 inches off"

"Okay, about to begin."

You can hear the thick snips with each cut, it was very satisfying hearing the snips as they fell to the cold floor. SNIP SNIP SNIP SNIP SNIP. Neighbors watching this, some most likely never seen long hair in a barber chair and getting a good view of a trim.

Then the trim was over. Taylor leaned over to his side to see how much hair was on the floor, he saw a lot of it. His dad spin the chair so chair could look and the trim turned out well. The length turned out to be classic length. It was a sight of relief for Taylor. Looked very very good. His dad pumped the chair down and removed the cape. Taylor then swept his locks that was once his are now in the trash can. The cut was very clean, all one length blunt cut. He looked so nice with hair parted down the middle also. Immediately after, went to take a mirror selfie with his outfit, open toes heels and fresh new trim.

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