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The Road To My First Ever Headshave by Steve1991

I’m Steve, 29 years old and this is the story of the very first time I had my head shaven.

For the first 28 years of my life, I’ve kept my hair at a shaggy longer length. The shortest I ever had it was a #4 clipper cut. From time to time I had thoughts enter my head about actually getting my head shaven but I either always got cold feet or anxiety, so I never went through with it. It was late 2019, I’ve been growing out my hair over a year now, and it’s gotten to a length to where I was able to put it up. At the same time I had them thoughts about wanting to shave it all off again, but at this I discovered St. Baldricks. I looked at the site lots of times seeing people braving the shave and the kids who have there hair taken from them due to cancer. It only took a couple days, but on Dec 15 2019, I decided that I’m gonna go through and actually be shaven bald. I set up an event through St Baldricks and was set to be shaven on 4/25/2020. Since St. Baldricks, to my knowledge, only do there headshaves with clippers and I wanted to raise more money, I set a brave daring challenge up. That challenge was if I raised a certain amount of money, I would also get a hot lather head shave and be completely bald. I was definitely nervous when I put that up but I was determined to go through with it if I raised the challenge goal. In early to mid March, right before COVID hit and a little over a month before my event was scheduled, the goal was met and surpassed, meaning on 4/25/2020, I was gonna be shaven smooth to the skin. In mid March, the COVID-19 started up and that ended up changing the events and making them virtual online ones. The one I was supposed to attend was made virtual. In early April, St Baldricks started live setting up shaving dates on YouTube. I had no intention of backing down so I set the new date to be 4/24/2020 at 4PM to be shaven, though I would now have to do the clipper part myself and get help with the hot lather part. At this point all anxiety was gone I was amped up ready to do this and try the shaved look for the first time. The morning was 4/24, I sat around watched tv most of the day. At 3:50PM I got my clippers without the guard ready and towel and waited to join the live virtual stream. At 4PM it began with talking and featuring honored kids that have faught cancer. It was about 415 to 420 the shavings began. I didn’t go immediately as I did get slightly nervous. Finally close to 430, I fired up the clippers, and then it happened. For the first time ever, I ran them clippers down the middle of my head with out a guard on them. I blinked and looked in mirror and saw the part the clippers got. I then did it again and didn’t stop and as the clipper shave was progressing, I was more at relief then anything. I was glad I decided to do this. Then I finished shaving with the clippers, only little stubble remains that clippers can’t get. The event ended and then, I had help doing the next part. I was sitting and had a hot towel put right on my head. After that, my head was lathered in shaving cream. I knew right then and there I’m gonna be completely bald soon. Then the one helping me started taking their straight edge razor. It felt weird at first but then as he progressed, it felt normal. I didn’t look in a mirror till it was all over with. About 520, the shaving was completed. I looked in a mirror and, while shocked with my actual appearance, rubbing my hand against my head for that first time was a surreal feeling, considering at one point in my life I was to overcome with mental road blocks to do such a thing. I enjoyed it and liked rocking the shaved look, but I’ve been growing it since then. I actually decided to shave again with clippers and possibly a hot lather shave too if I meet a goal i set. I decided my 30th birthday next August will be the time period it will happen. Why so long from now? One reason is I wanna do something for my 30th BDay and why not shave to help others. I also hope it can grow out a decent amount (8 inches or so) so I can donate my hair to Children With Hair Loss. With barber shops now open back up and the only headshave I’ve had was at my house, The urge to shave and not wait to my 30th BDay and experience a head shave at a barber shop is at an all time high. For now tho, I push them urges away and know if I wait, I might be able to donate my hair to help others and raise money that would help out.


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