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Childhood Headshave by SheShavedMe

I was about 7 years old when this story took place
My mom picked me up from school one day and took me to the local barbershop
It was run by a nice lady in her 50s or 60s
My mom always had my hair buzzed to a #2 or #3 depending on time of year
It was early summer so i knew i was going for the short buzz
I liked getting my haircut because it felt nice having short hair
Right as we pulled into the parking lot my mom got a phone call
She told me to go in without her and tell the barber to cut it "really short for summer"
I said "okay" and went inside
The barber was sitting in her chair and greeted me when i came in
She told me to sit down and asked where my mom was
I told her on the phone and as she caped me i told her to cut my hair "really really short" following my mom's instructions
She said "no problem" and she grabbed her clippers from the counter and flicked the guard off of them
She turned me away from the mirror and gently tilted my head to my chest
She clicked the clippers on and ran them up the back of my head
She asked me about school and other things as she continued buzzing my head
It felt really good to me and i was enjoying the experience
Then she placed the clippers on my right side burn and ran them up the side of my head
She continued this till she got to what she cut on the back being gentle around my ear
The process was repeated on the left side
Then without pausing she placed them on my forehead and ran them back over my head
Hair came tumbling down and i could see it was a lot of hair
It was then i realized i be getting a super short haircut this time
After she shaved the top she ran the clippers over my head again making the job was even
Then she brushed off the cut hair that clung to me and reached for the trimmers that signaled the haircut was almost over
She trimmed around my ears, neck, and sideburns and i thought she was almost done when something surprising happened
She placed the trimmers on my neck and ran them up the back of my head all the way to the top
She had never done this before and i was confused
She continued to run them all over my head until she was done
She took a brush and dusted the loose hair off of my head and face and lowered the chair
As i stood up from the chair she told me "all that pretty hair you had is gone!"
I shyly smiled and looked in the mirror
My balanced wavered for a sec then steadied as i realized i had almost no hair on my head
My head was just white skin with a thin stubble covering it
I couldn't believe how short it was
My mom finally walked in and looked at me, looked at my hair, and then gave me a smile
She said to the barber as she paid "gave him a baldy today huh?"
The barber replied "he said really short so i gave him really short"
My mom said it looked good and thanked the barber as we walked out
I was still in shock as i got in the car
My mom told me that i looked good and that i was going to keep it like this the rest of the summer


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