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Album: Part 4. by Domko

Sorry for my weak English, not my mother tongue
I recommend that you read the previous sections of the Album first. My name is Raul and in 1988 I was 14 years old. When I saw a photo of my father in his 15 years with a short haircut, I found that I was very attracted to it. I got my first short haircut voluntarily in an ancient barber shop, but the other was already forcing my parents as punishment, because they found out that I had lied to them. This hairstyle was military and I was to receive it at regular intervals until my 16th birthday.
I believed that my parents would forgive me and I would no longer have to visit Nelsov's barber shop. Time has passed since the last hairstyle and my hair has grown about 3/8 inch. Since my last visit to the barber, my behavior has improved, I have helped my parents, I have been preparing for school regularly, I have been polite and respectful to my surroundings, and I still hoped that the punishment would end.
3 weeks have passed since the last hairstyle and on Saturday at 7 o'clock my father wakes me up. Raul, get up! Remember, you have responsibilities this morning and you have to go to Nelsov's barber shop. Mr. Nelson will be waiting for you between 8 and 9 o'clock.
I entered the barber shop at 8:45 o'clock. There was an elderly gentleman in the barber's chair, about 70 years old. There were 3 old gentlemen sitting on the waiting chairs, then my father and two of his sons, whom we met during my last visit, and there was also a boy about 9 years old with his mother, who still begged her not to get a short haircut. The only free waiting chair was between the older of the two boys and the 9-year-old who was there with his mother. The older one with the boys looked at me and said quietly. We should never have met you here. I didn't understand what he had against me. When it was time to cut them and the younger brother sat down in a chair, their father went to the barber and told him that the boys would get the same hairstyle as last time. The barber pointed at me. You mean, like, Raul? On the top of the head # 2 and smooth ass and hips? That's right, my father replied. That's when I looked at the older boy better and saw that he had the same short hair as me before the haircut, and I understood his remark. The barber leaned forward the younger boy's head, put the scissors around his neck, and climbed to the top of his head. He tossed about only 3/8 inch of his long hair, leaving the boy's head about an inch wide white stripe. The more the boy's skin whitened on his head. The older boy spoke to me again: If we hadn't met here, we would have stayed with Nelson's classic short haircut, every 3-4 months, which was still depressing for us. Now you are our role model for your father and we will be here like you to have this hairstyle every 3 weeks. But it's probably not pleasant for you either, you probably have an old school father like me. I wanted to tell him that I had no problem with long hair so far, but that I had it as a punishment for lying. But before I could say anything, the barber shouted another and the older boy replaced his brother in the chair. Now I was enjoying peeling an older boy. On the one hand, it was beautiful to look at him, but when I thought it was for me and that I would be sitting in his place in a moment, I was sad. It didn't take long for both boys to leave with their father with a short military haircut than I had three weeks ago.
The boy sitting next to me with my mother kept begging her to go to a modern barber. His mother opposed him that they were going to his grandfather's party, and he didn't like his long hair. When the boy said that now the boys wore long hair and not short mom answered briefly. The boys who were here are much older than you and they were well trimmed, and this one next to you do you think has ears covered with hair like you?
When it came to the boy, the barber took a high wooden chair. Mom asked him to put it away from the mirror. When the boy was wrapped and trapped in a sail, Mom whispered something in the barber's ear. He combed the boy's hair, tilted his head, and scanned the top of his head with electric scissors. About 4 inches long blond hair fell to the ground. The boy did not know what was happening to him. The barber made a few more cuts, and half-headed hair covered the sheet or ground. When the barber turned off the scissors and the boy saw his hair on the tarpaulin and the ground began to cry. There was already the sound of softer electric scissors from the barber shop, and he was losing the rest of his hair from his hips and back of his head. In the end, after applying white cream, the barber shaved his hips and the back of the head smoothly, as both brothers had, and in a moment I will probably have one too. While watching the boy's haircut, I realized that I was excited in my crotch ... When the boy jumped out of his chair, he searched for his hair and cried. His short hair on top of his head blended quite well with his skin, and from a distance it looked like he didn't even have it on his head.
I tried to calm the boy down, don't worry, your hair will grow and you will have a modern hairstyle again. I'm worse off, I have ordered 31 such hairstyles in 3 week intervals. When it was my turn, the barber said with a smile. So what about Raul. Didn't the father change his mind? Are we staying with the last hairstyle? At first I was glad that I would still have a little longer hair than the last time. But in the end, the barber added, or we scrape it on the top of the head. I didn't cry out of my throat and I almost urinated from fear.
My parents insisted on my punishment and I regularly got my haircut every 3 Saturdays. The father of two brothers asked the barber if his sons could also go for a regular haircut like me. The barber smiled, adding that he would be there when they arrived. He suggested that they go like me every 3 Saturdays between 8 and 9 o'clock. In the end, the three of us became friends. We agreed that we would wait for each other at the barber's and all three of us would go for dessert.
I found that it excites me to see the cutting of short hairstyles, so I was at the barber's shop among the first customers at 8 o'clock. The brothers came for me an hour later. After my haircut, I sat down on a waiting chair so that I had the best possible view of the barber's chair and could watch the barber cut the hair of his client. I was very tempted to see both brothers in particular, their 3/8 inch long hair disappears under the scissors and the white skin begins to glow. Many times it excited me in my crotch.
I was most interested in the incidents when boys entered the barbershop with their parents or grandfather. When they noticed an ancient barber shop with one chair and an old barber, they started begging them to go to a modern barber shop.

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