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An English man in the deep south by Manualclippercut

In the early 80's I had just finished my apprenticeship, and to celebrate I took myself off to Nashville, meaning to enjoy the atmosphere and the music, When I had been there a few days I decided to rent a car and to get out and about to see more of the US, and headed, reasonably aimlessly south. I still had a good week to kill and was enjoying the drive and meeting people, but as I drove it became hotter and hotter, my hair was not very long but longer than a lot of the males I saw in the more rural parts.
I arrived around 1pm in a small town, and neede to stop to eat and fill up, and after I did that I had a bit of a wonder round, not loads of people but it was hot, when I noticed a barbers pole dow a side street. Now I had thought to myself to lose a bit of the thatch and so I walked down to the shop, there was no one in except the barber, and so I opened the door and went in. The barber got out of the chair and asked what he could do for me, he himself was a nice mature man with quite severely cropped hair, and I said I badly needed a haircut that will help keep me cool for the rest of my time while on holiday. Well he said, I don't do stylish but I do do cool and he invited me to sit.
He asked me where I was from and he loved the idea of cutting an Englishmans hair, he put a tissue around my neck and threw the big striped cape around me and closed it at the back of the neck. Now all this time I had been looking at the tools of his trade and could only see various scissors and a couple of old manual clippers, one set of which he picked up after combing my hair out. I hope you are not in a hurry he said, then gently pushed my haead down so that all my neck was exposed and with that he very slowly and deliberately began to run the clippers into my hair. He gradually clicked his way up the back, I felt a little tug or two but he was relentless and only finished his first pas when he had gone high over the bone on the back of the head, when he had done this he started another pass up my neck, after the second pass I knew i was probably in for a short one as he carried on clicking his clippers and denuding my neck. When he had finished the back he moved my head to the side and startde up in front of my ear cliccking his way high up the side - leaving an almost shaved side, I was a bit shocked but also excited, this will be a haircut!
He bent my ear down dfor another pass up my side and when finished that he did the other side, so now I had virtually no hair on the back and sides of my head, but still a mop on top. He put the fist pair of clippers down and went for scissors and a comb at first, then got a big wide flat comb thing, picked up his cliuppers again,and began to run the clippers over this comb, flattening the hair as he paid more and more attention, eventuall the comb was laid directly on the comb and my hair was clipped almost to yhe wood. How are you doing he asked and I said fine and feel cooler as we speak, he said you will when I have finished don't worry.
By now I had stubble up the back and sides and some hair just on the evry top of my head, he picked up the smaller manual clippers and began tp go around the back and sides again, this time shaving them to nothing, then he casually put them in the middle of the top of my head a cliccked them back towards my neck, he did this a couple of time leaving the middle of my head shaved bare like the back and sides. After this he wiped me down and then applied shaving cream to my nck,sides and top and shaved me smooth. When he finished he asked what did I think, I said I didn't know such a haircut existed but I really liked it, he said it was a horse shoe flatt top and to ask for that again if I decided to have it tidied up, I paid, thanked him and left, well and truly clippered.

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