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should have i asked for more by ian

i have allways had a thing for haveing my haircut .i was about 50 at the time and had seen an old barber shop i wanted to try i had just finised work got in the car and drove there i parked near the shop as i was wailking yo the shop i was quite nervous i opened the door there was no one in so i went and sat in the chair the barber put the cape on then wailked to the door and put the closed sign on the door he picked up a comb and started to comb my hair and asked me what i wanted short back and sides please he started with a long comb working his way down to the shortest one as he was doing the sides i could feeling him touching me and i noteiced . abuldge in his trousers when he finished doing my hair he picked up a mirror to show me the back it was short but whish it was a lot shorter he then asked if i needed anyting else i said no thats fine thanks iwailked to my car to drive home on the way back i kept thinging should i have asked for something else and what would have happened.

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