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Hair Slasher by cfsmud

"Come on, come on," Josh muttered to himself as he tried to peer out the windshield of his beat-up car. The rain was coming down in sheets, and the windshield wipers were hardly doing anything to keep up with the water. His headlights, the only light around for miles, were just barely illuminating the road ahead of him.

Josh had spent an enjoyable Halloween evening with some friends in a town a couple of hours away. They had indulged in slasher flicks until 1AM, when Josh decided he really must leave to return home and get some sleep before work the next morning.

Now he was beginning to regret that decision. The old country road he always took as a shortcut was turning into a dangerous drive. It would have been much better to spend the night at his friends' but he didn't have the vacation time at work yet. He had to be there the next morning.

And just as that thought went through his head, lightning struck a tree next to him, and a huge branch fell into the road. Josh slammed on the brakes, but his car swerved all over. Despite everything Josh tried, he landed nose first in the ditch on the side of the road.

Josh was dazed and just sat there for a few moments. As his wits returned, he realized his car has stalled. He restarted it, and was thrilled to hear the engine roar back to life. However, his car was stuck in the muck of the ditch. He'd have to wait until he could be towed to get on his way again.

Josh grabbed his cell phone, only to realize he wasn't getting any reception. In frustration, he let out a yell, and started pounding on his horn. The sound in the middle of the storm made him feel a little better, so he kept it up for a full 30 seconds before letting the sounds of the storm over take him again.

He began to think about trying to get some help. That's when he realized he'd left his coat behind. Looking out the window, he discovered that the ditch actually had a couple feet of water in it. He'd be soaking wet before he even got out the door. And he had no idea how close the nearest house might be. They were few and far between in this area.

Figuring staying dry was probably the better decision; Josh reached into the back and found a blanket. Moving over to the passenger seat, he rolled himself up and tried to get a little sleep.

But he'd only been that way for a couple minutes when there was a pounding on his door. He opened his eyes to find a light shining in his window.

Every cliche he'd seen in his slasher marathon that night came back to him, and for a minute he thought about shouting "Go away." But he laughed off his fear and instead rolled the window down a crack.

"Everyone okay in there?" the stranger asked. He was still shining his light in Josh's eyes. Josh couldn't see more than an outline of the figure beside him, and then all he could tell was that the person had a hood over his head. His voice was masculine and friendly, however.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Had a very close call with that branch, but I'm fine now."

"Well, between your car in this ditch and the branch on the road, you obviously aren't going anywhere tonight. I'm just a half mile up the road. You want to crash at my place?"

Again, Josh hesitated. But really, this was real life where people would help you out when you needed it. He didn't have anything to fear. "That would be great," he said. He rolled the window back up and opened his door.

Josh misjudged just how swift the current in the ditch was, however. He had barely stepped into it before he was pulled off his feet and under the water. He crashed into the stranger before he got his feet under him. When he finally stood up, he found the other man trying to stand as well. "Sorry about that," Josh said as he started up the bank to the road.

"Don't worry about it," the man said. "Despite my coat, I wasn't that dry. This storm is crazy."

"So it doesn't matter that I forgot my coat?"

"Not in the slightest. It would just be another piece of wet clothing. I'm Sean by the way."

Josh introduced himself as they crossed the road.

Instead of following the road, Sean jumped into the ditch on the other side of the street and started off across a field. "I came by the road. Trying to get around that branch is what took me so long. It'll be much faster if we cut through the field."

So the two of them set off across country. But it wasn't easy going this way, either. The field was a muddy mess, and both Sean and Josh slipped multiple times. By the time they had crested the little hill that hid the house from the road, both of them were pretty filthy.

Sean paused at the top of the hill. He turned to Josh. "Screw this. I'm going to have some fun." Then he lay down and rolled his way down the hill. "You gamed?"

Josh couldn't help but laugh. "Why not?" And he followed his host's example. The mud was definitely oozing around him now.

When he reached the bottom, Sean was struggling to stand up. "I think I owe you an apology. This way was much harder than I thought it would be. Muddier, too."

"I don't mind," Josh replied. "Anything beats spending the night in my car." Sean had managed to stand by that time and came over to offer Josh a hand up. Josh accepted it, but yanked Sean back into the mud. "But if you insist on some penitence, how's this for payback?"

That led to an impromptu mud wrestling match. While Josh kept himself in great shape, he was obviously outclassed by Sean. The two men rolled over each other several times, flinging mud at each other in the process. Finally, Sean had Josh pinned face first in the mud. Josh cried uncle and the two stood up, laughing.

When Josh stood up, he finally saw the house. It was a huge stone building. It looked like it was two stories high. Mansion hardly began to describe the place. In fact, he was standing in awe for a second and had to run a little to catch up with Sean.

Sean bypassed the front door and led them to the far side and into a small laundry room. "Let's get our clothes washing, then we can go clean up ourselves." And Sean started to strip off his muddy things.

This was Josh's first good look at his host, and he discovered that Sean was actually just a few years older than he was. As the shirt came off, he saw that Sean did indeed have pecs and a six pack that made Josh a little jealous. And Sean had his hair buzzed down almost bald. There was definitely hair there, but it wasn't very long at all.

As Sean stripped, he just put his clothes in the washing machine. Josh started to follow his example, but when he got his shirt off, finally, he was a little surprised to see Sean dropping his boxers into the wash. His host turned around, and sure enough, he was standing there fully naked. The shock must have been evident on Josh's face because Sean laughed. "What's a little male nudity after you've wrestled in the mud, right?"

"I guess," Josh shrugged. Still, he hesitated for a second before he slipped his filthy briefs off.

Sean started the washer going and then led the way into the house. It was just as beautiful inside as Josh had imagined. After a couple of turns, Sean opened a door to a bathroom. The shower was the size of the bathroom Josh had at home.

"I've got a huge hot water tank. Feel free to take as long as you like. I'll see you when we're both clean."

The hot water felt glorious. Normally, Josh took short showers, but he actually stood in the water for half an hour, long after the last of the mud was gone. Josh did discover that there wasn't any shampoo in the bathroom, so he had to use a bar of soap to clean at his hair. It wasn't that easy to do. Josh kept his hair long. It covered his ears on the sides and reached his collar in the back. But he still managed to get it clean.

Josh had expected Sean to slip back in at some point with some clothes he could borrow, but when he emerged from the shower, he found only a huge, soft towel. After drying, he wrapped it around his waist. Looking in the mirror, Josh saw his hair was a disaster. It was sticking off in every direction. He looked a bit like a monster himself, but there was nothing he could do about that right now.

With the towel wrapped firmly around him, Josh set out to find Sean. The storm was still raging outside, with thunder and lightning every few seconds. After a little hunting, Josh found Sean similarly clad in a towel, relaxing by a roaring fire.

"I made us some hot chocolate," Sean announced when he noticed Josh walking into the room.

Josh couldn't quite get over this guy and his casual attitude toward clothes. But he shrugged it off and took the chair opposite Sean.

The two started talking over their drinks. Josh learned that Sean had started an internet company, sold out for millions, and built the mansion of his dreams with the proceeds. Sean started laughing when he heard what Josh had been doing that night. "So after watching slasher films, you get stranded in a storm and are rescued by a stranger?"

"That pretty much sums it up," Josh agreed. "You can imagine how my heart started pounding as my imagination ran away with me when you knocked on the door."

Eventually, Sean offered Josh a tour of the place. It was lavish from top to bottom, and the grounds outside were shaping up to be that way, too. "I haven't lived here long enough for the landscaping to be finished yet," Sean explained. "Hence our trek through the mud earlier." But he did turn on the lights in the back to reveal a huge swimming pool and hot tube. "If we weren't having this storm right now, I'd invite you for a late night swim."

The tour concluded with a trip down to the basement. The first thing Josh spotted down there was an elaborate home gym. He was very impressed with the variety and condition of the equipment. "I spend a lot of time down here these days," Sean said.

"I kinda noticed earlier," Josh admitted.

"But you have to see what I have in the back," Sean said. Josh turned to the other half of the basement and discovered an authentic barber shop recreated from the chair to the mirrors along the wall and the counter with sinks. He wandered over to admire it. "I love to cut hair," Sean explained. "In fact, let me take a whack at yours."

"No, no. That's quite all right," Josh said. "I know it looks a mess now, but I'm sure I can get it back in shape once I get home."

Sean's smile fade. "Actually, that wasn't a request. Take a seat in the chair and let me know what you want. I'm up to any challenge."

There was a threatening tone in Sean's voice now, and Josh was a little freaked out. "And I said I'm not interested." Josh tried to be very firm this time.

But Sean wasn't taking no for an answer. He casually reached over and picked up a pair of battery powered clippers. Then with lightning quick reflexes, he grabbed for Josh.

Josh was fast on his feet as well. He dodged just as Sean grabbed for him. Instead of getting Josh, he just managed to grab the towel around Josh's waist. Sean stumbled a minute, and that was all Josh needed. He took off at top speed, dashing up the stairs fully nude.

Josh tore through the house, trying to find a place to hide. His mind was trying to remember the lay out from the tour he’d just had. He didn’t hear Sean behind him, but he figured that didn’t mean anything.

Finally, he spotted a small room off to the side of the hallway. He dashed in there, locking the door behind him. He stood leaning against the door, trying to breathe as quietly as possible. Even so, he didn’t hear anything on the other side of the door.

After a good 30 seconds of silence, he began to relax as best he could. The room he had entered was pitch black. There was a window in one wall, but with the storm raging outside, no light was coming in the window. Josh kept his back pressed again the door. He was afraid of moving and giving away his location. And he was afraid of turning on a light for the same reason.

Suddenly, there was a pounding on the door. Josh jumped and turned to face the door. "I know you’re in there," Sean called as he rattled the doorknob. Josh stood completely still, hardly daring to breath. He hoped that Sean would think Josh had closed the door as a decoy and move on. There was a second pounding on the door, and Josh began to slowly back up from the door.

Then all was quiet again. Josh slowly let his breath out. But he kept slowly backing up. If Sean came in, he wanted enough space to be able to get away in need be.

Josh was about half way across the room, when out of nowhere, an arm grabbed his neck. Josh struggled as best he could, but there was no getting away. Suddenly, there was a buzzing in his ear that just made him struggle harder. Slowly, as if the person were enjoying it, the buzzing moved toward Josh’s head. Starting at the front of his hairline, it slowly mowed backward, leaving Josh with a reverse Mohawk.

Just as suddenly, the clippers turned off and Josh was released. The sudden loss of the arm around his neck made him fall to the floor. Then the room was flooded with light. When Josh had finished blinking as his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw Sean standing by the door smiling. Sean was also now naked. "You really took off fast," he said. "But I built some secret passages. Care to see them?"

Josh just sat on the floor. "You jerk! What have you done to my hair?"

Sean went over and closed the secret doorway behind the bookcase (they were in the library). "I’m accepting my payment for my hospitality tonight. If you’d been willing to get a haircut, you could have had a normal cut. But after that stunt, you are losing all your hair."

Josh reached up and felt his head. Sure enough, that strip was shaved down to the wood with just the tiniest hint of stubble left. He sat there for a good 30 seconds cussing out Sean. Finally he stopped and then Sean said, "Call me all the names you want, but there’s pretty much only one thing to do now." He unlocked the main door to the library. "You ready to follow me back downstairs now?"

Reluctantly, Josh got up and followed Sean back to the basement. When they'd reached the basement, Josh headed straight for the barber chair, but Sean stopped him. "No, the barber chair is for the good customers. I'm afraid I need you in these." Sean indicated a pair of shackles located on the floor next to the chair and a couple of feet out from the wall. They were a good six inches beyond shoulder width apart.

Josh considered arguing, but he knew he didn’t have any leverage. Reluctantly, he stepped into the shackles and let Sean lock him into place.

"And now your hands," said Sean, indicating more chains hanging down from the ceiling. Josh raised his hands above, and Sean quickly secured them as well. Josh was standing up completely spread eagle with no way to escape from the coming haircut.

And he and Sean were still naked. Sean didn’t seem to mind, but Josh was very uncomfortable. He’d been silent since they came back downstairs, but finally he spoke. "Can I at least have my towel back?"

Sean just laughed, and it sounded slightly evil. "No, I don’t think that will be possible."

Sean stepped over to his barber supplies and pulled out some heavy duty clippers. "Don’t worry, though. I’ll have you fixed up in no time." So saying, he turned the clippers on and let them hum in Josh’s ear for a minute. Then, slowly, so very slowly, he placed them at Josh’s left sideburn and began to run them up the side of his head. Josh tried not to flinch or show any emotion and Sean kept going slowly, so very slowly, one strip at a time. When Sean walked in front at one point, Josh could see he was smiling. Clearly, this man was enjoying what was very close to torture for Josh.

Sean must have dragged what could have been a simple five minute buzz out to half an hour. Every stroke was slow and deliberate. After the initial pass, Sean went over things twice more to make sure every hair was even. And if the grin on his face wasn’t proof enough of his pleasure, Sean’s cock was at attention through the entire thing as well.

Try as he might not to show any emotion, Josh began to give himself away in the same way. He had a bondage fetish, so his cock began to spring to life almost immediately. He spent a few minutes trying to fight it down, but finally he gave in as well. So when Sean had finished with his head, there they both were with cocks at full attention.

Finally, Sean stood back to admire his masterpiece. "You look great. I was right to give you a haircut. And I see you are enjoying things. So, on to phase two."

"Phase two?" Josh asked.

"I told you, you deserve to lose all your hair." And so saying, Sean turned the clippers back on and started buzzing Josh’s arm pits. Those didn’t take more than a swipe or two each. With the clippers still on, Sean stood in front of Josh and started staring him directly in the eyes. He placed the clippers on Josh’s stomach and slowly started buzzing his treasure trail down to his bush. At this point, Josh was so mesmerized; he couldn’t have said anything even if he wanted to. After an initial pass or two, Sean broke eye contact and knelt down to fully remove all the hair.

When he was done, Sean turned off the clippers and set them aside. He grabbed Josh’s throbbing cock. "May I?" Josh just nodded, and Sean gave him an excellent blow job.

Finally, Sean released Josh’s hands and feet. Josh’s chest was naturally hairless, but Sean had left the little bits of hair on Josh’s legs. The two young men were covered in Josh’s hair.

Josh figured it was time to get cleaned up, but Sean had other ideas. As soon as Josh stepped away from the shackles on the ground, he stepped into them and fastened them. "Get my arms in place," he said to Josh.

"But your hair is already so short," Josh protested even as he fastened the wrist restraints.

"I’ve got other hair you can have," Sean replied.

So Josh picked up the clippers and did the one thing he never expected to do, get his revenge on a guy by taking his body hair. Like Josh, Sean didn’t have much chest hair, although it looked like he kept it shaved normally. Josh took his time on Sean’s pits before moving down to his bush, but even then it was over all too soon. Josh even returned the blow job before letting Sean free.

As Sean walked over to get a broom to sweep up the mess, Josh just stood trying to figure out what had just happened. Finally, a shudder went through him. "That was…intense."

"Yeah," Sean agreed. "What do you think about the cut?"

"I want my hair to grow out as quickly as possible. You can’t expect me to like a forced haircut, can you?"

Sean just smirked. "We’ll see. I might see you again before you know it. Look, I’ve got a shower over there if you want to clean up some."

On the wall between the fitness equipment and the barbershop were two shower heads. Josh headed over there and turned the water on. He’d have to figure out something to tell his friends and co-workers about his hair. Fortunately, they wouldn’t be seeing any of the other shaved parts.

Josh stepped into the water and noticed a curious thing. While the water felt warm hitting his head, it was freezing cold on his feet. He moved his feet around, trying to figure out what was going on…

…And kicked the door of his car. He sat up with a start, completely disoriented. He was sitting in the passenger seat of his car with a blanket wrapped around him. He ran his hand through his hair and was delighted to learn that all his hair was still there. "I must have dozed off after all," he said aloud to try to convince himself. "What a crazy dream. Was that a combo of the spicy food we ate and the movies we watched? And do I have a secret fetish to buzz off my hair?"

While he was still pondering his dream, he looked down, and realized that water was starting to come into his car. In fact, his feet were soaked from water, which is probably what woke him up.

There was no way he was staying in his car with rising water. While he could still climb into the back and be safe, he didn’t want to take a chance in this bad storm.

He turned around to find his flashlight when there was a sudden pounding on his window. He turned to be blinded by a light. "Everything okay in there?" the stranger outside shouted.

"Yeah, although I had a close call with that branch, but I'm fine now."

"Well, between your car in this ditch and the branch on the road, you obviously aren't going anywhere tonight. I'm just a half mile up the road. You want to crash at my place?"

Josh wasn’t sure what to think. Here he and a stranger were completely recreating the dialogue from his crazy dream. Surely that’s just because it is the normal thing to say in this situation, Josh tried to reassure himself. Besides, he was about to go looking for help.

"That would be great," Josh said, trying not to laugh too much at himself. He opened the door and stepped carefully into the water in the ditch. The current was strong and the water was deep, up to the Josh's crotch. He was able to make it out of the ditch without falling over, however, thanks in part to the help from the stranger. Score one of not repeating the dream, Josh thought.

When they were both on the road, the stranger stuck out his hand. "I'm Sean by the way."

Josh stopped cold. He grabbed the flashlight and shone it on his rescuer. It was the same man from his dream. Sean looked at Josh, grinned mischievously, and winked.

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