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Who's the first? by Storyteller

This story happened when I was 18, in the 80s. By that time my hair had reached a very long length, to my shoulders, completely covering my ears and the bangs, if I’d let, would fall to my lips. As I didn’t have to serve military, I took the opportunity to grow my hair even more.

On vacation, I traveled to a beach town where my uncles had rented a house. When I got there I realized that it would be good to have my hair trimmed and decided to go to a barbershop early in the morning.

Arriving at the barbershop, I saw that it had just been opened, I went in and said "Good morning, Sir" to the barber and I sat in one of the waiting chairs while he finished organizing his work tools.

Meanwhile, a large group of young men started to arrive at the barbershop and sit in the waiting chairs, some even had to stand up. The barber then turned and saw us all there. He said "Who's first?", I smiled and said, "It's me, Sir" and he indicated that I sit in the barber chair.

I immediately went to the barberchair and sat down, saying "Yes Sir". The barber put a cape around me, a neckstrip around my neck, taking care that my hair was not inside the cape and turned the chair to the opposite side of the mirror.

He picked up clippers with blade # 00000, didn't ask me anything and said "Let’s start it". Immediately, he pushed my head down, turned on the clippers and started to go from nape to crown. A huge amount of hair started to fall out. I felt the metal and the vibration of the clippers.

I said, "What are you doing, Sir?" and he said "Be quiet, recruit". I didn't understand anything, but since I was always very obedient and respectful, I didn't complain, and I became quiet as he said.

He kept moving the clippers, one step after another, from nape to crown, and a lot of hair was falling on my lap, over the cape. He did this job very precisely and did it very fast, so I was already feeling the air in the back of my head.

He then turned my head with a strong movement and he started to move the clippers on the right side, from sideburns to crown. More hair falling ... There he was very fast. And then he forcefully moved my head to the opposite side and started doing the same buzzing on the left side that he had done on the right side.

No words, no comments, just working focused.

Then he moved my head and put it in a straight position. He turned off the clippers and replaced blade # 00000 with # 1. He switched the clippers on again, put them under my bangs and started going right over the top of my head, from the forehead to the back. Wow, what a feeling.

And he continued to do his job, very fast, but very accurate. In just a few steps my hair was all cut very short: # 1 on the top, # 00000 on the sides and back. He turned off the clippers, picked up a brush and dusted my whole head.

He shook the cape, let all the hair fall to the floor and said "Ready, recruit, get off the chair, and wait, in formation outside the barbershop for the platoon to return to the barracks". He didn't charge me for the cut.

When I arrived outside, there were some guys waiting there, one of them said to me "How did you arrive so fast? I don't remember you in the barracks " and I said" I wasn't in the barracks, I just came here to get my hair cut" and went home, running my hand over the hair that was almost shaved in the back.

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