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What A Night by SheShavedMe

I was sitting alone at my favorite bar
I didn't come here often but I occasionally liked to drink a couple beers and enjoy the atmosphere
It started off like every night
Order a couple beers and watch the game with a couple strangers that started a friendly conversation
I liked this place because nobody was uptight or looking to start s**t here
It was just people looking to relax after a long week
After a couple hours here I was thinking about leaving when I saw one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen
She had long dark hair all the way to her lower back
dark red lips and a face to die for
She was on the short side almost petite and had a very nice tan
I was young and single and never even had a girlfriend before and I was almost drooling over this woman
I was trying to come up with a line to throw her way but while I was sitting there thinking she sat on the stool next to me
I looked over at her and she smiled and ask if the seat was taken
I told her "no its open" and smiled back
Eventually we started to have a conversation
It started off dull and sort of awkward but I could tell she was into me so that made me a little less nervous
She ordered a couple drinks herself and we continued to talk
The topics ranged from our jobs, family, and even politics
After a couple hours she asked me if I could drive her home
I hadn't had another drink since she walked in and had sobered in the 2 hours we were talking so i said "sure"
She tried to pay for the drinks but I insisted and the bartender took my card
She climbed in my pickup and told me where to go as we went
Her house was about 20 mins from mine and was just outside the city but I wouldn't consider it rural
When i pulled down her drive and parked it she asked me if I wanted to come in and maybe watch a movie
This night had already been more than what I had hoped for and we were really clicking so I didn't deny the opportunity she gave me
I walked her to the door that she unlocked and led me inside
She flipped on a couple lights and led me to the living room where the tv and couch was
She told me to pick out some movies to watch because she was going to the bathroom
I told her "ok" and preceded to skim through the movies on Netflix
I was just getting comfortable on the couch when I heard her yell my name
So i got up to see what she wanted
I was wandering down the hall trying to figure out which door she was behind when she opened one and said "come in here!"
I walked to the door and looked inside
My mind took it all in and almost couldn't comprehend it all...
She was standing there in her bathroom just wearing black lace lingerie panties and bra showing off her perfectly tone hourglass figure
Her pretty feet were in black high heels and in her hand she was holding hair clippers
I just stood there at the door with my jaw to the floor looking at her
She smiled at me and seductively walked my way
Like i said, this night was going so well and I just didn't expect this curveball being thrown at me
I was still in shock at seeing this woman pretty much naked in front of me that I really didn't know what the clippers meant
She finally reached me and stood on her tippy toes and kissed me
Fireworks went off when our lips touched
Everything that ensued was out of my control
Her kiss was like a poison that rendered my self control useless
After some more kissing she pulled away and told me to sit down on this stool
I immediately obeyed because I definitely wanted more kisses tonight
She walked behind and ran her hand through my hair
I've always kept my hair on the shorter side
I normally have a buzzcut and it never gets longer than a 1/2 inch before I get itchy and go for a haircut
As she continued to massage my head she asked "is it alright if I shave you bald tonight?"
I was in such a overwhelmed mental state I couldn't think properly when all I could think about was having sex with this goddess
Then I heard myself say "yeah babe, shave it bald"
That's all she needed to hear
With a smile she plunged the clippers in at my forehead and plowed them through to the back of my head
I was left staring at the white strip down the middle of my head as she reloaded for another pass
It was then my mind cleared up a little and I realized that its just hair and it'll grow back
I might not get to ever be around a woman this beautiful ever again
I began to enjoy it realizing that I was extremely turned on by getting shaved by this gorgeous woman
She also realized that I was turned on and she wrapped a leg around me as she continued shaving my hair off
After a few more minutes she had buzzed my head completely bald and she ran her hands over my sandpaper like stubble
She sat on my lap and gave me more of those kisses that I had become addicted to
After several minutes she stood up and told me "almost done, just need to get you smooth"
She leaned over the counter knowingly giving me a good view of her perfectly shaped ass
It took a lot of self control not to just rip those panties off and let her know how i felt right there
She turned around with a razor and shaving cream in her hands
Once again she sat on my lap as she lathered up my head
Once she got my head sufficiently covered she grabbed the razor and waved it in front of my face teasing me
Then she ran it from the back of my head to my forehead shaving with the grain
After she shaved the top of my head she worked around my sides and then did the back
As she moved around me her heels clacked on the floor sending goosebumps up my spine
Then when i thought she was done shaving my head I felt her apply another layer of shaving cream
She told me "one pass isn't smooth enough, got to have 2"
She firmly and quickly made the second pass with the razor and threw the razor in the sink
After grabbing a towel she removed the extra shaving cream and hair that clung to my now smooth head
After she dried me off she rubbed a oil on my head that gave me a slight burning sensation
She said "bald and shiny looks great on you" as she ran her hands and nails over my head
The sensation was incredible
Then she helped me stand up and there was no hiding my full erection from her
She just smiled at me as she removed her bra
After that I once again lost control
I reached out and grabbed her panties and yanked them down to her feet so all she was wearing was her high heels
She returned the favor by stripping my clothes off and then led me to her bedroom
Her neatly made bed didn't stay made for long as we exhausted ourselves pleasuring each other
I couldn't believe how I just went out for a couple beers and now I'm laying in this amazing woman's bed after she shaved my head bald

When I woke up in the morning I got up before her and went to the bathroom
I looked in the mirror and felt my white scalp
It was still pretty smooth but I could feel just a little stubble growing in already
I was about to go make some breakfast before she woke up but when I turned around she was standing in the door way
She walked over to me and picked up the razor that was in the sink
She asked "you wanna go for round number 2?"
I just smiled and I said "make it even smoother this time"
She just smiled as she reached for the the can of shaving foam


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