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Back to fourth year by School grey shorts

I was lacking in my school work in 6th year, maybe it was late nights watching movies or just a bit lazy. My brother who attended the same school was doing well in his classroom, oh I forgot my name is John and I am the oldest and James the youngest.

The school has strict hair cut rules, 6th years above the ears the rest of the boys old fashion short back and sides, I sat at my desk going over my notes when Mr Wilson came into the classroom " John you have to go to the headmaster office" " yes sir" walking to the headmaster office I was thinking ' why does he want to see me for, knocked on the door " come in" the headmaster called from his office so I opened the door walked in and closed the door behind me. "John the reason why I asked for you is that your teachers noticed your school work is lacking or your not paying attention in class which one is it" " headmaster I am a bit lazy that's all" " not good enough John, your brother James is doing excellent in his work and your not, he's more mature than you" " headmaster?" " John were you not throwing paper balls in art class the other day at Tim?" " both where headmaster" " miss Watson says she saw you throw it first, so I got the barber from the town to give you a short back and sides so you can pay attention in class".

I sat on the chair the barber started cutting, my hair got shorter and shorter, next was the clippers, when the barber was done with the clippers, he got the cut throat razor with the hair board, next was old fashion hair cream " much better John and thank you Sam for coming" headmaster paid him.

I looked in the mirror that was on the wall, bloody hell it was a 1920s boys hair cut " headmaster it's too short" " the reson why it's like that so you can take in the information John" I looked half my age with this hair cut " now your school work does not get better John, you be back in my office, beside when I said your brother is more mature than you, he doesn't throw objects in the class and off you go".

When I entered the common room none laughed at my haircut which I thought it was strange so sat down took out my maths book, James was called to the headmaster office which I knew nothing about.

" James have a seat" " have I done anything to be here headmaster" " no, you and I are going to have a long conversation". Headmaster talked to James like a mature 6th year which he liked " so James at lunchtime you be talking to some 6th year's In the common room, you fit right in" " just for today headmaster? " James said " and tomorrow as well, oh I put down your name for the 6th year school convention that will be held in London in the next three weeks is that OK?" " yes headmaster thank you" " I keep you posted on the London trip James, oh you might need this" the headmaster handed James a parcel, he opened it " headmaster its a 6th year uniform" " its yours for the convention in London" James smiled " you can wear it for today when you are taking to your fellow 6th years and there's something else inside the parcel james" he looked inside " boxers shorts" " do you wear them at home james" " no headmaster, but I try to put on John's" " forget about John James your more mature than he ever be" James felt good the way the headmaster was treating him " so before 12pm, change into your 6th year uniform and go to common room" " what about this uniform I am wearing headmaster" " you won't be needing it james" he looked at the headmaster with a surprise look " the students you be talking to at lunch time are from upper 6th" " I didn't know we have upper 6th at the school headmaster" " yes we do, John is in lower 6th for the moment and your in upper 6th, James you fit right in, your mature, when I saw you the first time, you looked uncomfortable in your uniform, wearing your school grey shorts you felt out of place looking at the older boys in their trousers and your not" " I did headmaster I got more hair on my balls than John has, he is bare all over his bodie".

James put on his boxers then his 6th year uniform, he had this great smile on his face " this so right on me wait" losen his tie pulled out his shirt from behind " not to much" put his other uniform in a bag when he got a text from the headmaster it read " I have registered you in Upper 6th form from today James" he texted back " thank you headmaster". James left the toilet walked up the stairs, passed the common room which I was in, did not look in, turned round the corridor walked a bit, opened the door to the upper 6th common room and walked in " James where have you been" James felted at home.

I was in the canteen having my lunch, looked out the window and thought I saw James walking out of the school gates in a different school uniform with other boys "what uniform is that" the uniform james was wearing was, light blue shirt, dark grey tie, black trousers, black jumper, black pointed shoes, " why isn't my uniform like that" when a 4th year sat at my table " is James not coming for lunch" " who is James" replied the boy " my brother is in your 4th year class" " none by that name John why? are you staring 4th year?" " no" " my name is Simon John, that's a great hair cut" I looked at Simon " James Peters my brother" " third time John no" Simon got up from his chair sat beside me looked at me up and down " I think you must be confused John" " about what Simon" " Right we don't have any boy by that name in are class John" " ok" I went back eating my lunch.

Went outside to the play ground with the other boys when James came back in with the boys, as I about to go over Mr O'Hanlon stopped me " John what are you doing" " talk to my brother" " they are upper 6th you are lower 6th" " Mr O'Hanlon we have upper 6th since when" " being of the school term John, you should be more thinking of you school work than those older boys".
Before I went to art class I walked to the Upper 6th Common room, opened the door and looked in " it's better than areas" it had coffee machine, TV, fridge, microwave " better get to class". Miss Watson walked over to me " I see you throwing paper balls in class today John I will treat you like a primary school child, understand" " yes miss Watson" John was painting away when someone threw a paper ball at him " John follow me please" " miss Watson it wasn't me" " now John", John came back to the class wearing a red t-shirt, dark blue pull ups shorts, dark blue ankle socks and trainers " John sit down on your chair" he did " I told you what would happen if you behave like a child" " miss" the rest of the class miss Watson treat John like a child.
The other boys left the class but John was standing in front of miss Watson " you did what your where told John and from now on in my art class you be treated as a child, tomorrow you be doing shapes" " yes miss".

Going threw a book in the library when miss Watson walked over to me, next thing she was breastfeeding me " no point struggling John I am stronger" I stopped struggling " that's it" after a hour of breastfeeding she left " thank s**t I am gay".
Miss Watson best milk was going threw my bodie while in English "sir my I go to the toilet" went to the toilet came back " John you have to see the headmaster". Stood in front of him " John I have decided to put you in 4th year from Monday, full school uniform with school grey shorts" "yes sir".

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