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Holiday in Russia by School grey shorts

Took a trip to Moscow for a few weeks from university life, luckily I can speak Russian.

Got my room key and chatted to the receptionist " you speak good Russian Tom like you are from here" " took it up at university sir" got my room key, headed up to my room.

Woke up in the morning had a shower went down stairs for breakfast " Tom Wilson" looked round and saw a man in a dark grey suit " yes" " my name is Alex brown from the orphanage" " orphanage you say" I replied back " are you looking for donations sir" Mr brown walked up to me " no tom but you need to come with me" " sorry come with you! Why?" next thing I saw stars.

Hour later I sat up on a bed looked down,
I had no clothes on " what, wait" my bodie hair was shaved off, had little of it when a man came in " you are a wake" "where am I" the man walked over to me pulled me off the bed " do as your told boy" he had me in a t-shirt, under pants, shorts, ankle socks, jumper " this way tom" he took me to a room put me in a chair and start cutting my hair.

As this was happening the room was spinning " how did I get hear" " you belong here tom, Mr brown found you in the street" " I came to Moscow for a holiday" " your birth certificate says you where born in Moscow, you are 14" did he say I was 14 " there" looked up my hair was really short.

I stood in front of Mr brown " you look much better tom in your clothes" " thank you sir" " now you be kept in shorts like the other boys in the orphanage do your work, go by the rules and you be fine" " sir".

For some reason the other boys took to me, had a job and stuck into it. While I was working my mind was confused, why am I doing this I am 17 not 14 what ever they do to me was working. One of the older boy named Tim came over to me " Tom you OK" "" yes I think so" he put his hand on my shoulder " it be OK by the time you done your job" "what Tim" "your 14".

That night I walked around the orphanage when I came across a room with chemical machines, walked in looked at them " wait these are dna machines" I was fighting what ever they put in me " what am I looking at wait I now what these machines are, s**t" sat on the chair holding my head " I am 1-----4 no 1---7 they are dna machines" got off the chair walked over " wait I know - - - - that's - - - - me I think" pushed a button a tube came out, I took it and went back.

Tim came over to me " Tim i went to the toilet" " wasn't asking" he put his hands on my arms kissed my neck, next thing we were making love over and over again. We were in different positions, his pounding of his cock in me was insane like mine in him.

Morning came we all having breakfast " Tim how is tom doing" Mr brown asked him " great sir" " Tom is your brother now Tim" he smiled "thank you" the day went with classes, PE and work, I started to plan my escape.

I asked Tim do any boys get adopted he said yes the ones who do have a great life and don't remember their last ones, last ones I asked, we won't. We got a nother haircut this time much shorter why we didn't know until we saw cars pulling up.

We all stood in a line couple's walked up and down the line, passed me and Tim, boys in front of us got adopted " OK boys you can leave".
Mr brown had me in his office " you are settling in tom that's good Tim and you are close" "sir" "brothers are" " sir my brother?" " you and Tim are brothers now we made sure of that take a look" I went over to the mirror " I look like him" " when you and your brother made love last night his dna went into you" stick to the plan.

My plan went into action that night, I injected my own dna back into me and got out. I told the police about the place and showed them where it was, went to my embassy to get a passport and a ticket home. Stood outside the embassy when a police car pulled up " your name is tom" "yes" " we need more information about this place" " I give you the information" "we need more get into the car please" got to the station and went in " the information that you give us is fluse, no place in that area" " it does, its there" the officers took me to a cell, held me down, stripped me off my clothes, the captain of the police station came in with a needle in his hand " we make too much money from this young man" in went the needle.

Woke up in the orphanage, the same age with Tim beside me " morning Tom".

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