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Neighbor's by SheShavedMe


It was mid summer and i had just turned 8 years old
My best friend was 3 houses down and our families were good friends as well
He invited us to a pool party his family was having tomorrow while we were playing in the woods behind our houses
I told him wed be there and we were both quite excited
The next day i was excited to go to my friends pool and told my parents I was going to go over early
Since they could tell i was excited they agreed and told me they would go early with me
We figured itd be good to beat the crowd that we knew was coming
My mom knocked on the door to my friends house and his mom greeted us
As we walked in she was said "i was just about to give colt his haircut, do you want me to give josh one"?
My mom looked at my hair which had become slightly shaggy after the beginning of summer buzz
She said "sure, he needs a haircut, thank you very much"
With that my parents went out back to relax by the pool
I was led to the bathroom where i found my friend colt sitting on a chair wrapped in a towel
He asked "what are you doing here?"
He was clearly embarrassed and i was to
His mom responded "im going to give him a haircut to!"
He looked defeated as his mom grabbed some clippers and drove them from his forehead all the way to his neck
My stomach dropped as i realized that a haircut here meant shaved bald
Whenever Colt had been given a haircut it had always been very short but i never paid that close of attention to it before
Now i realized that i would be getting scalped all to soon
It was almost torture watching his mom drag the clippers ruthlessly through his hair
Colt was wincing due to pain every once in awhile because she was obviously pressing the clippers hard to his head
After a couple minutes the shearing had been completed and my friend was released from his towel rubbing his shaved head
His mom patted the chair telling me to sit down
I did so slowly scared more of the pain she was going to inflict on me than from the actual haircut
She wrapped me in the towel and told me to hold still
With my friend looking on she once again placed the clippers on my forehead and dragged them back all the way to my nape
It definitely hurt but i tried to suppress the pain so i wouldn't make her feel bad
I was a very good boy and always minded adults and never raised a stink
She kept running the clippers over my head and firmly pressing them against my head
There was a lot of hair falling from my head in clumps and as i feared, the haircut did hurt
She said "your hair is a lot thicker and harder to cut than colts"
I looked over at colt and he had a shocked look on his face as he watched my hair being shaved off
His mom made a couple more passes over my head ensuring all my hair was shaved off and she shut the clippers off
She said "there you boys go, all shaved up for the party!"
As soon as she released me we ran straight outside and jumped into the pool
My parents were surprised to see two kids jump in the pool with shaved heads but they just sort of shrugged it off and went along with it
when the pool party was over and we were walking home my parents told me that i looked good with a shaved head
I kind of smiled and just said "thanks"
Now whenever my parents see that Colt got a fresh haircut they make me tell his mom to give me a haircut also
So like the goodboy i am i walk over to my friends house and ask his mom for a headshave
And every time she smiles and tells me to come in
I received countless head shaves from her from 8 to 14 years old
Then my parents finally allowed me to keep my hair how i like it
But i sometimes want to ask colts mom for a headshave just to relive the good old days...


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