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Grandpa – part 2 by Chovanec

Excuse my weak English, it's not my native language. I know the story from my colleague's story and I write it on his behalf.
My name is Aaron and in 1979 I was 15 years old. I had 3 younger brothers. Ben was 12, Cody was 10 and Frank was 7. For two years we lived only with my mother, but then my grandfather moved in with us to help with our upbringing. He found us an old-fashioned barber who we visited regularly every 3-4 weeks.
On the first day of the school holidays, right after breakfast, my grandfather took us to Wilson's barber shop. We had our last hairstyle 3 weeks ago. Frank, me and the last one of us always go to the barber's chair first. But now it was the other way around. My grandfather ordered me to sit in a barber's chair. To the barber's question about what it will be like, I was waiting for the classic grandfather's answer, as always. But he said give the boy everything away. I did not understand this expression, so I remained calm. The barber tilted my head back and I felt the metal teeth of the scissors run over the top of my head. When I had the opportunity to straighten up for a moment, I noticed in the mirror. I saw myself on the top of my head without hair. What is that? I can't believe my eyes. Let's leave it like this or I'll give # 000000 to ask Grandpa's barber. Do it # 000000. Head back again and I lost a small stubble. In about 5 minutes, my head was bare and round like a soccer ball. I have not seen such a hairstyle for any 15-year-old boy. I would rather cry, but I didn't want to make my grandfather happy. It didn't take long and all 4 of us left the barber shop completely bald. Everyone who saw us laughed at us, but there were also remarks about whether we had escaped from prison. But Grandpa, on the other hand, was proud and told everyone that during his boyhood he was a normal children's hairstyle for summer.
A week passed and our hair was about 1/8 inch. Grandpa told us to undress in our shorts and come to the bathroom one by one. I went first. Aaron sat here and pointed to a prepared chair. I was reluctant to do so. He moistened my head and brushed the cream he used to shave my chin with a brush and applied the foam prepared in this way to my head. He took a razor and gradually shaved my short stubble. I ran my hands over my head. She was smooth as a child's ass. Send another, Grandpa said when I left. When I came out of the bathroom, the brothers were shocked. It was clear to everyone that they would end up just like me. Ben, you have to go to the bottom. In half an hour we were all 4 completely bald. At weekly intervals, we completed such a shaving of the head 3 more times.
By the start of the new school year, our hair gradually began to grow to a length of about 1/2 inch. On the last day of the holidays, we were at Wilson's barber again to shave our necks and make arches around our ears.

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