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Not a story, but a survey by Fantasy Weaver

Story Survey

Hello everyone, this is your fellow hair/haircut enthusiast, Fantasy Weaver. I have recently finished my latest four-part story "Of Hesitation and Doubt" (thank you again to those who read it and left feedback, I am humbled) and I would like to continue writing more for this site. I have a few stories that are being worked on, but I am interested in what the regular audience here would like to read.

Obviously (at least, I think?), the stories I write are of the fictional variety, and I don’t write, or ever will write, detailed accounts of personal events. My stories are just that; stories, made up. However I do try to add as much detail as possible to cement some form of realism to the fiction, and try to research about the things I write if I have no experience in them; though I do put personal experience into the plot if I have it (art and hairstyling being two of the most prevalent).

I digress. What I have here is a list of questions in regards to what you like to read, what you would like to read, what you enjoy from the stories, what you would like to see more of, and general questions regarding story elements. For example, if I were to answer question 3.a bellow, I think we can all tell, I like the enemies/friends-to-lovers thing (what can I say, I get myself riled up while writing).

If you would like to answer the questions to help me continue writing for this site, just leave your answers in the comments and I will make note of them. I’m sure this survey will also help other users of this site to write more stories, as the comments are public and anyone can read them. There are examples for most questions, but the more elaborate the answer, the better I can write something which hits close to home for you (all).

Alright, I don’t want to sound long-winded, but maybe it’s already too late. On with the survey!

-Fantasy Weaver


1.a: What are your preferred length, color and texture for hair?
b:What is your favorite hairstyle/haircut?
c: Tying both questions together, what is your favorite "change"? (i.e. long to short; business to military; haircut in stages, etc.)

2: What time period do your prefer? (i.e. 1970s, 1950s, 2000s, etc.)

3.a: What dynamic/relationship do you enjoy between characters? (i.e. Father and Son; down-to-business-barber and poor-sod-sitting-in-their-chair; enemies/friends-to-lovers; Barberettes? etc.)
b: What personality traits do you like in characters? (i.e. Confidence; bossy; subdued; loud; funny, etc.)

4: Where do you prefer seeing the haircut take place? (i.e. Barbershop; Kitchen cut kind of deal; Hotel room; Outside/In the yard, etc.)

5: What context should lead to the haircut; how did we get here? (i.e. Dad/Mom wants me to get it cut because of reasons x, y, z; Being gently coaxed into it; As punishment for x, y, z; Going into the military, etc.)

6: What ending do you prefer? (i.e. Bitter-sweet; Happy ending (yes it can be "that" kind too); Bad ending; Left up to the reader, etc.)

7: What narrator style do you prefer? (i.e. 1st person perspective; 1st person perspective with character change between scenes; 3rd person perspective from one character; 3rd person perspective from more than one character, etc.)

8: What is your favorite story on this site, and by whom was it written?

9: What story did you start reading, but opted out of a little ways in and why did you not continue reading it? What made you reconsider?

10: What themes would like to be explored more of in the stories on this site? (i.e. Fear of haircuts; healing haircuts; strong bonds between a parent and child, etc.)

11: What genre of story do you like/ would like to read? (i.e. personal accounts; contemporary; sci-fi; historical fiction; fantasy for all I care? Etc.)

12: Alright, this one’s just for fun, but what are your favorite tools of the trade and why do you enjoy them so much? (Personally, clippers and straight razors are equally as delightful for the sounds they produce -especially the snap of clippers turning on).

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