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Business Shaves by SheShavedMe

Business Shaves

My mom was a single mom and was struggling to keep up with bills and paying for my schooling
I helped out as much as i could but i was only a 8 year old boy
My mom was still very young and quite attractive to men
Some of the men she dated treated would treat me poorly
If this happened she would immediately stop dating that man but most men didnt want to have a stepchild to look after
Then one day she started dating a wealthy man that treated us both very good
He would include me in their dates and we had a lot of fun together
He was by far the nicest of the men my mom dated
After a couple months he moved us into his nice big house
He was older than my mom by a couple years and didnt have any children of his own
I was a very obedient kid and did what i was told to the best of my ability
I studied hard and was a straight A student
James really respected this and helped me with my school work
After a couple weeks James and I started growing closer together
He would take me out to his business meetings and I would get to eat fantastic food with his high profile clients
I was always excited to go to meetings with him because he talked about how the world worked and told great stories
As he continued to take me to his meetings he started to make me look like a business man
Before the 4th meeting he took me to a clothing store and had a suit measured for me
I felt like a new boy when i put it on
The other men and woman at the meeting said i was dressed better than anyone there
I would come home and tell my mom about the fun i had and she would just smile and laugh with me and James
2 weeks later James told me that he had another meeting across town and said if i wanted to go i had to hurry up and get in the car
I hurried into my little suit and ran out to the car
As he drove down the road he told me he was going to stop at his barbershop to get cleaned up before the meeting
I hadn't been to a barbershop before simply because my mom couldn't afford it before
She had just given me simple scissor cuts if my had gotten to long
After 30 minutes of driving James pulled into a little parking lot in front of a spinning barber pole
James asked "you want to come in with me and get cleaned up?"
I didn't answer right away because i was nervous about going into a barbershop since Ive never been in one
He said "nothing to worry about, they're here to make us look like proper business men"
This calmed me down a little and i got out of the car and walked in behind him
When we got inside the barber gave James a handshake and James introduced me
The barber shook my hand and told me to wait in the 2nd chair while he took care of James
James had always had very short hair
He would come home sometimes shaved completely bald
His hair at the longest was only a quarter of an inch
I watched as the barber used clippers on James shaving the hair off as short as he could get it
He ran the clippers over James's entire head and after he was done shut them off on the table
I continued watching from the other barber chair as the barber worked up a lather in a bowl and started covering James's head with white foam
I had never seen anyone get their head shaved before and it was very weird to me
I had never seen a barber put shaving cream on anything but someone's face
After he covered James's head he used a straight razor to shave the hair off
He ran the razor over his head removing the shaving cream and clearing the hair off
After he was done the barber then put another layer of foam on his head and shaved him a second time
After he finished the second shaving he rubbed an oil and lotion on his head and released him from the chair
Then i become nervous again because it was my turn
The barber walked behind me and asked what i wanted
I had no idea what to say so i just stayed quiet
I was a shy kid anyway and i didn't want to sound stupid or get misunderstood
James's came up to me and asked "you want to look like a business man don't you?"
I shook my head yes and James told the barber to give me a clean up
I had no idea what that meant but i trusted that James wouldn't do something to me that i didn't like
The barber reached in a drawer and pulled out black and red clippers
The barber said "relax boy, you're going to look and feel like a new man!"
I smiled and did my best to relax
The barber pushed my head to down into my chest and placed the clippers on my neck
The clippers were run up the back of my head
Hair was tumbling down and i could see a lot of my black hair on the cape
The barber continued buzzing my hair and started attacking the side
Since he had the chair facing the waiting chairs i couldn't see how i looked
He started on the other side and James told me I was looking good
I gave a shy smile and just enjoyed the buzzing of the clippers
The barber then attack the top of my head and ran the clippers from my forehead straight through to the back of my head
He quickly finished the top and finished with another pass all over my head
I could tell my hair was very short but I liked the feel of it
The barber was rustling with something behind and James came up and rubbed my stubbly head
He asked if i was ok and i shook my head yes
He said "halfway there, you're looking like a proper business man now!"
I smiled and I was excited to go to the meeting with my new haircut
I felt the barber start rubbing the shaving lather onto my head and it felt great
He lathered my head and then ran the straight razor over it
I felt like James getting my head shaved
The feeling of the straight razor was weird but i eventually got used to it and started to enjoy it
Just like James he shaved my head twice and rubbed the oil and lotion on my head
He swiveled me around so i could see what i looked like
I was shocked at first
I had no hair on my head
It was just white skin that was so smooth it was reflecting light
The barber removed the cape and said "there you guys go, 2 smooth and shiny headshaves for a couple of dealmakers!"
I reached up and felt how smooth my head was
It was surreal to see myself without any hair
James came up to me and put his head next to mine so i could see i looked similar to him in the mirror
He rubbed my head and said i looked better than him
I smiled and continued looking in the mirror
James paid for the haircuts and we walked out to the car and drove to the meeting
When we got there everyone commented on our matching suits and shaved heads
I then realized this was a slightly different meeting
This business we were meeting with was run entirely by woman
These women just loved James and I with our matching suits and shaved heads
The meeting went very well and James had secured a great partnership with the ladies
When they left they all rubbed my head as they walked out and said "you're already a handsome business man"
I blushed at their compliments and kept shaking their hands
When they were gone James told me "I think you just closed your first deal with those ladies without even talking!"
He gave me a high five and told me how proud he was
I was feeling proud myself and on the way home we got ice cream as a celebration
When we got home my mom was in the kitchen cooking her delicious spaghetti and meatballs
A meal she knew was my favorite
When we came in and she saw me she was shocked
She said "James what did you do!"
She came over and rubbed her hand over my head and gave me a hug
I didnt understand why she was upset
James said "hey he wanted it shaved and he looks great compared to his shaggy hair"
My mom looked at me and asked "are you ok with your head shaved sweety?"
I shook my head yes and said "i look like James now and we had an awesome meeting today because my head was shaved!"
I was still very excited from what had happened earlier
She looked like she didnt understand and James told her the whole story
My mom finally starting to understand started to smile and then admitted that she thought i looked good with a shaved head
She said "well, from now on i want you to tell me when you're going to do stuff like this but I'm glad you both had a wonderful day"
We sat eating still talking about our great day
It was then I started looking to James as a father
I felt a new sense of security and felt much more confident than before
My mom eventually married him and we became a family
I still accompany James to his meetings and we now go to the barbershop together to get our heads shaved and to look our best
I hope i can do the same with my children


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