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Fantasy came true by School grey shorts

I was on my computer looking up photos of boys old fashion hair cuts for my college project, dates from 1909 to 1960,the photo that I picked was of a boy aged 15. The boy in the photo was wearing a shirt, dark grey shorts, black ankle boots.

I print the photo out and put it on my desk " right take down his details and look it up on the net" i took the photo from my desk, put it on my bed " get this project halfway done today and do the rest tomorrow morning".

Got the information, put it in order, then into a folder, " this is going to take me forever to write out in my own words how would I feal if I was in his boots for this assignment". In class the history teacher give each of us different assignments to do and mine was this one, I looked at the boy in the photo " I have 200 words to describe how would I feel to be in your boots some fantasy would do the trick" I started writing.

I took time out from writing and feel asleep, in my dream I woke up in a room, looked around when the door to the room opened in walked a man " come on Peter get out of bed your getting your hair cut today" " yes dad" came out of my mouth next thing I was putting on my clothes, pulled up my shorts then ankle boots, I looked down at my shorts " I am dressed like the boy from the photo" looked up and saw myself in the mirror, I was the boy" can't be, wait ".

Walking through the streets to the barbers I was watching everything, the 1909 cars people" when we are done at the barbers Peter I am taking you to get more shorts "" yes father ".

I sat on the barbers chair" hello Peter now I am going to use the clippers on your hair this time " said the barber he put his hand through my hair" OK I start " my hair was getting really short, he put down the clippers got a small pair" head down peter" I put my head down " good boy" clip after clip " there all done Peter" I looked at my hair " it's really short than the last one sir but thank you" we left the barber shop " come along peter".

Dad and I walked Into a shop when the shop owner walked up to us " morning sir how can I help" " my son needs shorts" "how many pairs sir" " a lot" the smell of the shop was so real, I looked around the shop put my hand on a pair of dark brown shorts "wow I can feel the material of these shorts" " Peter come over here" " coming dad" I walked over to him " take these bags from your dad while I pay the gentleman" " yes sir" we left the shop and went home.

I hole dream was so real " Peter don't forget to take out your school uniform" " I won't dad" the dream took me to my school which was a all boy school, I was wearing school grey shorts " morning boys this term at fourth year" did he say fourth year I put my hand up " yes Peter" " sir I think I am in the wrong class" " no Peter you are not" " I am in fifth year sir" " you have been in fourth year since yesterday Peter settle down".

The school was very strict with discipline ,I found that out by getting cained a lot the hole day, the experience I was having at the school and out was brilliant. I woke up wrote everything down that took me 1 hour " do the rest tomorrow morning" sat on my bed " imagine I woke up tomorrow morning with the hair cut from my dream wearing those shorts" I looked at the photo for a while " lucky s**t".

Went to bed had the same dream but instead of waking up in my own room, I woke up in the same room as my dream " wait a minute" got out of bed looked at myself in the mirror " no" I was the boy from my dream "" how is this possible " the door to my room opened in walked my teacher" I made this possible john".

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