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Step dad by School grey shorts

Came home from school and met my mums new boyfriend Tim Wilson, he's 6'1 and dressed in a old fashion suit" Philip I like you to meet Tim " I shock his hand" Philip manners you say nice to meet you sir "" nice to meet sir" I replied back " that's better young man" mum stepped in " Philip go to your room and change out of your uniform" " yes mum".

" Tim I know you are being nice just give Philip time to get used to you" " Susan I can get Philip into a good public school, the headmaster is a good friend of mine" mum turned round " you do that for Philip Tim" mum said in a surprise voice " of course I would Dear beside Philip and I will get on" I walked into the kitchen " mum I need a new PE kit" " what happened to the other one" " it got ripped so I had to wear a white kit at games" Tim looked at me " there's a school uniform shop I know has them" " Tim no its OK" " dear it's no trouble at all, I take Philip in my car if that's OK with you" mum looked at me with a smile " Tim that would be kind of you" I replied.

Tim car was a big range rover " Philip I love your mum very much and some day ask her to married me" I know we're this was going " I be your father and you my son" "" "how long have you and my mum being seeing each other" " about two months Philip why?" " just asking Tim" " could you please call me sir instead of my name" I didn't say a word " it's better I am your elder and after a while father" I thought for a second " sir" Tim smiled.

We pulled outside the shop and went in, the shop was old fashioned " bloody hell they are 1920s school shorts" I thought to myself " how can I help you sir" said the shop owner " yes my son needs a white PE kit for school" did he say son " I have the right one for your son" and walked off " Philip don't touch please" the owner came out with a bag " sir I put the kit in this bag for you, would there be anything else" " I be back soon to get my sons new school uniform" " see you then".

" Philip your hair needs cut so I am taking you to the barbars" " sir it was cut yesterday" I replied back " not short enough Philip I know what's best for you" OK sir"" I saw you looking at the 1920s school grey shorts" " sir do boys still wear them" " yes".

I sat on the barbars chair " my son needs a good old fashion short back and sides with clippers, razor the works" " I do that sir" the barbar started cutting my hair, inch by inch my hair got shorter and shorter " there we are young man" what I saw was this really god dam short hair " it's really short" " of course young man it's for the best" replied the barbar.

We arrived home and went in " how did it gooo" mum saw my hair cut " Philip you got your hair cut" " yes mum" " Tim why did you get Philip haircut?" " it needed a good old fashion short back and sides dear" " my I be excused mum" " yes" went to my room.

Took off my clothes, had a shower, went back to my room got dressed when mum came in " Philip are you OK with your hair cut" I fixed my shorts looked up at mum " yeah I am you asked me to play along mum" " you really suit it Philip my babie boy" " mum" " Tim is taking us to dinner so put on your jumper" I went down stairs " Philip my I see you for a second" called Tim, opened the door to the front room walked in " yes sir" " tomorrow you and I are going to have a day to are selfs father and son time" he put his hands on my waist band of my shorts and pulled them up a bit more " there you go Philip".

The dinner went well my mum seems happy that she met Tim and as long mum happy that's OK " OK let's go home".
I put on my pjama top and short when I heard my mum and Tim talking " what year is Philip in at school" " he is in 6th form Tim" " couldn't be June" " he doesn't look his age just young for his age for years" " when he starts his new school he be in fourth year" this went on for a while " we know what's best for are son june" for some reason I did not say a word.

Back at school I was in the common room when Sam came over to me " great hair cut Philip" " your the only one that has said" " really old fashioned cut, wait your wearing white fronts Philip?" " so Sam" " comfortable on you" " yes" we talked for a while " PE first lesson Sam" I took off my uniform put on my white PE kit, Sam watched me pull up my PE shorts " they must be 1950s shorts" he smiled when Mr Jones are PE teacher came saw me " OK Philip come with me to put out the equipment, let's go" I went with him " Philip great hair cut you suit it" " thank you sir" I helped Mr Jones to put out the equipment " Philip you stand over there and wait for me" " sir" " do as your told Philip".

The 6th form came into the hall as Sam walked passed me he slapped my bum " you look smart Philip" " 6th form this way" Mr Jones give them instructions how to use the equipment, walked over to me took me by the arm and give me a good spanking " you do as your told Philip from now on" "yes sir" two and half hours my PE lesson lasted for the 6th form all ready left " I like your PE kit Philip traditional, I be talking to the headmaster about changing the PE kit for the rest of the boys to the one you're wearing" " even the 6th form sir" " no boy they be wearing a dark blue one" had a shower got dressed went back to the common room.

As I was in school mum and Tim were at my new school talking to the headmaster " Philip is more than welcome to my school, here is the list of his new uniform school grey shorts, he be going to fourth".

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