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The Barber of Seville by Julian

My game master had everything arranged. My instructions were simple: "You have been rented as a model to the Barber of Seville. Just go there November the 4th at 5:00 pm and be at his disposal".

The last game was about getting a street haircut style just like they do in India. I ended wearing an embarrassing haircut for a week and I was then allowed to get a fade to fix it. That was more than two months ago, and I was really in need of a trim.
I dreaded this game. I did not want to get a too short haircut this time. I had the feeling this was going to be one of those. I had to travel all the way to Seville, too much trouble, too much money.

I will spare you from all the preparation details and share with you my experience living the game.

At 5:05 I was getting into the barbershop. Big place. Just one barber chair in front of the mirror. And in the back, separated by a curtain, another room with a chair and a place to wash hair.
The place was empty, and the barber welcomed me and asked to sit down. To my surprise, he closed the front door and locked it with a padlock. This was not good. I asked him about his potential customers, and he said that I will be his only customer for the rest of the day.

He caped me and asked if I had any requests. I said that in fact I did. I knew I was there as his model, but I would love to keep that sexy tail I get over my neck when my hair grows, and I pleaded for letting my top long. He said that the tail will have to go. Not a surprise for me.

The combed the hair and took his scissors. The started to cut it using a comb and masterfully trimming it all over, giving me a classic gentlemen stile. He cut and cut for a long time, but he never trimmed much, he was doing an excellent job in shaping it without cutting a lot. More than half an hour went by. My small tail was gone but I ended with a nice haircut. One of those that people do not notice but you know you look good.

When I gave him a compliment, he said, yes, good for a first haircut. What do you mean by "first", I replied, and he said, we have a long journey ahead. Oh, my God… I knew this was not going to be that easy.

He looked at my beard. It was off limits. My game master knows perfectly what can be done and what is not allowed in my games. Limits are clear: no head shave, no H&T, no weird styles and not touching the beard. The barber said that there was a couple of hairs out of place and that he was going to fix them. I trusted he wouldn’t pass the limits and I lean and closed my eyes. I always leave it longer in the chin and shorter on the sides. Well, I guess the barber didn’t think it was a good idea and he clipped it all short.
After the haircut was done, I was instructed to go to the place behind the curtain. He casually said, oh, and please take of your clothes, I am going to shave your body.

What!!! This was not part of the deal, I said. He went to his desk and handed me over a document. Here is the contract. As you can see, your body hair is included. I was astonished. There was a contract signed about me!! It says he could cut my hair however he wanted, as many times as he wanted and that if he pleases, he could trim or shave my body hair. At least, my limits were also clearly included too.
I had no choice. I took of my shirt and sat. He asked me to remove the rest of my clothes. I felt so self-conscious ☹. I took off my pants and sat again. Suddenly, he took a small pair of clippers and ran them thru my chest, leaving a white shaved lane!!
A chunk of hair felt down over my crotch. He said, you better take off your briefs, it will be extremely uncomfortable wearing them with hair on them. So, I did. I sat down again, completely naked and he started to remove all my chest hair. In a couple of minutes, it was clean of hair. He took a razor and made sure I had nothing left. It looks so weird in the mirror and I felt even more naked. Lift your arm please, he said. I plead not to shave my armpits, but he just passed the clippers, leaving one clean. Razor again. Then the next arm. They looked so white without hair, so strange.

He sat in a stool in front of me and asked me to lift my leg. Please sir, not the legs. It would be too embarrassing. Summer is gone, nobody will see them, don’t worry, he said. He turned on the mini-clippers and passed them from the ankle to the knee, leaving a white path. Oh my God, no way back now, I thought. He enjoyed passing the clippers over and over until my left leg was completely smooth. He then used the razor and made sure nothing was left. I was at the same time feeling awful and soooo excited. I compared my legs. One looked so normal and the other so strange: white and soft.

He started with the other leg. This time I said nothing. I just saw more hair on the floor that I would have expected. He repeated the process with my arms. Not much hair there, but the few I had was gone in a couple of minutes.
I usually keep my pubic hair well-trimmed. This time, however, it was exceptionally long, even embarrassing long. He looked at it. I felt so ashamed. Naked, shaved, observed.

I knew he was going to go for it. My first reaction was to move away. I then asked him not to do it. Finally, I said that maybe just a trim. I would look ridiculous with nothing there. He just stared at me for a second and then passed the clippers right in the middle, cutting it with no mercy. Five more passes and all the bulk was gone. He carefully kept moving my hard dick from one side to another, up and down, making sure not a single hair was left. And he didn’t miss a single one.

I was shocked. So naked…

He asked me to stand up. He looked me up and down. There I was, naked, shaved, smooth, exposed. After a long embarrassing moment, he pointed to the barber chair again and told me to sit there. I asked if I could get dressed but, no… You are not going to need my clothes for your next haircut, he said.

I sat down and I was caped. He said, I’ve seen your videos where you play the dice game with your clients, lets do something like that. An alarm went off. What the hell was he thinking about. When is your birthday? He asked. May 27th, I replied. All right, 2 and 7. How do you want to play them. 2 on the sides and 7 on top?. I was not expecting this. I said No, come on. He took the #7 guard and put them on the clippers. He turned them on. I tried to move away but this guy was very skillful and he ran them over the top. Not much was cut. He had already cut the top with scissors so it was not long enough for a #7 to be very harmful, however, feeling the clippers cutting some hair here and there was very stressful.

May you said. That’s a 5. Let’s try that one. All right, I didn’t want my games to be played on me. I asked him to stop it. I was serious about it. He tried to use them over my head, but I was really trying to avoid it moving my head as far as the clippers as I could. Finally, he was able to make some passes over the top, toward the back. My hair there was now shortened. The good haircut I had received was ruined now. After few passes, he turned them off and took the scissors. I relaxed a bit. He fix the mess by cutting it skillfully on top, leaving the front part pretty long and shorter behind. The problem was that with the top shorter, the sides and back were kind of too long, it didn’t look nice. I thought he would trim it a bit there but instead he took the small clippers.

He bended my ear. What are you doing? You already made a good job over the contours. I asked with some desperation in my voice. I think they need to be done again. He said. He used the clippers to cut a huge arc over my ears, like too big. My natural line is close to the ears, so having them so exposed looked very strange, like if I had huge ears. He moved toward my back and bent my head. No please, it is already too high! I said. In fact, is simply perfect, you have a nice line just where it should be, however, you have such a nice neck that it would be very nice to expose it a bit more. He put the clippers about half an inch over my previous line and made a new, higher one. He took a razor and shaved me all the hair below that line and the one he had done over the ears.

I hated it. I really did. My top was too short. The sides and back, to long. My ears and neck very exposed. I was naked. I wanted to cry.
He showed me with a hand mirror the result of this haircut. He said it was ugly, but it was not his fault. According to him, that haircut was ordered specifically by my game master. He offered me to fix it if I was willing to get a third haircut. I agreed.
He put the #1 guard and passed it over the sides and back, up to the middle of the head. He used the # 2 in the upper sides and back and then he faded it carefully to #0,5. It was good, incredibly good. A nice fade, not to close, not to high. It looked great with my shorter top, that now look just perfect.

That was so great. All the suffering was gone. I loved it.

He dusted the loose hairs and made all the barbers’ ritual when they are done. I was so ready to be off that chair, get dressed and leave. One more thing. He said. I know this is what YOU want, but is not what I want. Oh my God, what the hell, I thought. I want to buzz you. I want to use the guard #3 over your head. My heart started to pump so hard. I couldn’t stop my self to grab my dick. I really didn’t want that, but, it sounded so tempting. Your game master told me you have business meeting coming soon and you don’t want any extreme haircut. I know I have the right to do it anyway, but I am willing to spare you from it. I really want to do this, but I know you have been thru a lot today. So I am going to put the guard on the clippers and I will slowly get near your forehead. We have agreed on a safe word, if you really want me to stop, just say it.

My mind went crazy. I had planned to use the safe word if he even mentioned touching my top with clippers. I was so clear I didn’t want that in this moment in my life. I looked fantastic just the way I was. But… But in the other hand, I had come from so far, I had received money from fans who wanted this to happen. My game master had spent many hours planning all this…

He put the blue guard on the clippers and turned them on. I was sooo excited. My hand on my fresh shaved dick, my heart pumping, the clippers getting closer and closer. I finally said, no please, wait, one second. Stop. I heard my voice trembling. He hesitated for a second, but none of those words where the safe word. He kept getting closer, very slowly. I don’t think this is a good idea, I know I would regret it. I said with a very low voice. He hesitated again. He looked at me, waiting one more second for that word. The word that would break his dream. The word that would save my hair. The word that was not pronounced.

The clippers ran furiously over my head. He was not slow anymore. My beautiful hair was cut soooo short. The clippers went over and over, like not wanting to miss one hair. My head looked so round now. Just the face and a very thin layer of black hair on top and no hair on the sides. I had lost 95% percent of my hair and 100% of my body hair. It was gone. I was done.
I must confess that it was not that bad. The barber kept telling me that I looked amazing and I was so excited that I was able believe him. And I know most of you guys love the way I look buzzed.

One more thing. He said. Would you shave my head? He is a bald guy who keeps his head shaved, but he had let his sides and back grow for a couple of weeks waiting for this moment. He has been following my YouTube channels for more than 10 years and he knew I cut hair too.
After all he had done for me, I was more than ready to return the favor. He took the cape off and I stood up. He sat down. Do you want me to get dress? I asked, knowing what he was going to say. No, do it like that. He answered.
There I was. In front of a barber chair, completely naked, completely shaved and completely buzzed. I put the cape on him and with a small pair of clippers I shaved him off. Nicely and slowly.

Julian Clippers

P.D. Thanks to all the great guys who supported me during this game. Without the money you sent, it wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks also to my friends who knew this was cooking, for the constant cheering and encouragement. Thanks to my great game master who did an excellent job setting all this up and thanks to the wonderful barber who spent hours making sure I was going to get a great adventure, taking the time to really understand what turns me on and pushing me all the way, respecting my limits.


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