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Grandpa – part 3 by Chovanec

Excuse my weak English, it's not my native language. I know the story from my colleague's story and I write it on his behalf.
My name is Aaron and I had 3 younger brothers: Ben, Cody and Frank. We lived only with our mother for two years, but then my grandfather moved in with us to help with our upbringing. He found us an old-fashioned barber who we visited regularly every 3-4 weeks.
In 1980 I started a new school. I was 16 years old. After a regular visit to our old-fashioned barber, I had the shortest hairstyle in the class. I received a lot of ridicule and humiliation. Well, one of the new classmates, called Paul in addition to taunts, started catching me by my freshly shaved neck until it ended in a mutual battle.
The next day, parents were invited to the school principal. Paul came with his father and me with my grandfather. At Paul's father's request, we went to our old-fashioned barber shop called: Wilson's Barbershop. There, Paul learned from his father that he would get a haircut like mine. As Wilson wrapped Paul in a tarp, the barber combed his hair. When asked by the barber how it will be today, boy, his father answered. Give him a haircut like Aaron has. The barber took large scissors, tilted Paul's head, and began to remove hair from his forehead to the top of his head. About 7-8 inches of hair began to fall to the ground. For a moment Paul's head was tilted to one side, and for a moment Paul's ear was visible. The barber proceeded to cut his long hair across his back to the other side of his head until he uncovered the other ear. I must say that his ears were quite large and protruding. It wasn't long before a boy with about 3/8 long hair sat all over his head with a long-haired boy in a barber's chair. The barber changed the scissors, leaned forward Paul's head, placed them around his neck, and climbed with them to the middle of the back of his head. After them, Paul's scalp began to whiten. As the barber removed the hair above Paul's ears and hips, he continued to gradually adjust his hair to the top of his head. On his forehead, he cut his hair straight about 1a / 4 inches above his eyebrows, shaving the lower part of his neck and hips. When Paul jumped out of the barber's chair, he had the same hairstyle as me. I already thought we were all leaving when my grandfather told me that I was also fighting and I had to be punished. I sat down in a barber chair. Grandpa said, give him everything away. When asked by the barber to use scissors # 0 or # 000000, Grandpa answered # 000000. I already knew this hairstyle. The barber tilted my head and removed the rest of my hair left after Saturday's haircut. My head remained completely bare. It looked like a soccer ball. I noticed in Paul's facial expression that he was not happy with his hairstyle, but he was glad that I was completely hairless. When I left the barber's chair, I ran my hands all over my head. While my grandfather paid for my new haircut, Paul's father broke the silence in the barber shop. You'll have a haircut like Aaron's and push Paul back into the chair. He began to beg, but his father insisted. Paul was already wrapped in a tarp. He ended his pleas when the barber passed # 000000 scissors through the center of the top of his head. I enjoyed every barber's move around Paul's head.
In 1980, it was not customary for 16-year-old boys to be trimmed to # 000000, so many people turned to us. The young people shook their heads as if they saw aliens and the old people praised our hairstyles.
Paul had a new barber. It was Mr. Wilson. He was not as frequent a customer as I and my brothers, but during school I never saw him have hair on his ears.

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