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Owen part 1. by Chovanec

Excuse my weak English, it's not my mother tongue. I'm describing a story I've heard.
My name is Zaan and in 1974 I was 13 years old. My best friend's name is Owen, he is 15 years old. He lives without his father only with his mother. Even though my mom works all day, they have little money and Owen. A week later, after the holidays, he enjoys a higher level at the state weekly boarding school for poor and abandoned children. He will be at home with his mother on the weekends. Like me, he has years of long hair covering his ears and eyes and reaching over the collar of his shirt.
I was at Owen's and we were playing a game, his mother came with a letter in her hand, which was brought by a postman. Owen, get dressed in town, we got instructions from school about uniform. Owen asked his mother to go on another date, but his mother said that then she would not have time and we could finish the game after returning from the city.
In about 3 hours I went to see Owen to finish the game. From a distance, I saw Owen's mother with some unknown boy in a gray uniform. When I was about 5 steps away from them, I met Owen. He was dressed in a dark gray uniform and had a beret on his head. Where is your hair That was my first question. Owen took the beret down from his head. At the top of his head he had about 3/4 inch long hair which was gradually shorter on the hips and back of the head. Then he started talking about how the school got a new principal, who had previously been a military officer and was introducing strict discipline at the school. He put the beret back on and said. When you have a beret on your head, your hair must not be visible longer than 3/8 inch, so on the sides and back the barber cuts with # 0 scissors, which is about 1/25 inch. Students are instructed to visit only Pablo's barber shop. The barber used to cut at a military base. Therefore, the new principal sent letters to all students so that students could have a prescribed hairstyle and uniform to start the school year. When we came to the barber shop, we only presented a red card and the barber knew what kind of hairstyle we should get for which we did not pay.
I wanted to see if other students at the school would get the same hairstyle as Owen's, or if you just made it up. The next day I went looking for Pablo's barber shop. I wanted to look at him. I saw two boys about 16-17 years old holding red cards in their hands. I went to the barber shop door with them, I just wanted to look into it. I wanted to turn around in the door and leave, but the gentleman and the boy were already following me. Go to the bottom and not stand in the door, he called to me and pushed me into the barber shop. I remained in panic. The barber looked at me and told me to sit on the waiting chair. A boy sat in a chair with a bare neck like Owan. I got up from the waiting chair and wanted to leave, so I said I forgot my card at home. But the barber smiled and said that it didn't matter that I would bring it to him later and I should wait until it was my turn. I didn't know what to do, I love my hair. I wonder what to do when a boy who came with his father stabs me and tells me: it's your turn. I see the trimmed outgoing two boys. My legs are completely numb and it's hard to go to the barber's chair. The barber wrapped me in a tarp, combing my hair. He tilts my head and I feel him put scissors on my forehead and pass them over the top of my head. He has one hand on my head and twists with my head and I just watch my hair about 6 inches long fall. I don't even want to look in the mirror, I just grit my teeth and hold on to the armrests on the barber's chair. The barber replaced the scissors that sounded and I can feel them on my neck as they climb the back of my head. I close my eyes and imagine a picture of Owan's new hairstyle. I open them when he applies a cream on my neck and above my cheeks, which he carefully scraped off. 5 minutes ago I sat down in a barber's chair with beautiful blond hair and now in the mirror I see a boy who has white skin over his ears and about 3/4 inch long hair on top of his head. I don't even have hair over my eyes anymore. The boy in the mirror has about 1 and 1/2 inches high forehead without hair above the eyebrows. When I was freed from the sail, I thanked and ran home.
When I told Owan my story, he just laughed and at home my parents praised me but did not understand how it was possible that I voluntarily gave up my beloved hair. I replied that I was with Owen at his school barber. When they saw that Owen had a hairstyle like mine, they believed it.
Now I wonder how long my hair will grow to be as long as before? I know that for a long time I will not have to visit any modern barber. I estimate it for one year.

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