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Fantasy came true part 2 by School grey shorts

" The reason way I got you here John, I wanted you to really experience 1909 for real, I know you can do this" " send me back to 2020" " no John you be hear for nine months bye" he disappeared in front of me.

The next thing I was sitting at the breakfast table with my new parents " John you are going with your mother to get you new clothes especially shorts" " yes father". Before I left father give me a huge " do what your mother says John" " I will father".

The nine months came and went, my new parents were kind, strict disapline, school was the same but it was a great experience. I was in my room playing with my train set when my history teacher appeared beside me " John you look smart" " thank you sir" " your shorts look comfortable on you" " they do sir" " OK John I am taking you back or do you want to stay for good" " I come with you sir" we went back, my father came into my room " John where are you".

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