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Owen part 2. by Chovanec

Excuse my weak English, it's not my mother tongue. I'm describing a story I've heard.
My name is Zaan and in 1974 I was 13 years old. My best friend's name is Owen, he is 15 years old. He took a higher level at the state weekly boarding school, for poor and abandoned children. He entered school 2 weeks ago in a prescribed uniform and with a prescribed hairstyle. He will come home from school on Friday afternoon and we promised our weekend that we would spend together. We want to go to the playground on Saturday morning. But Owen said on Friday night that he had to be at Pablo's barber shop on Saturday between 8-9 o'clock because his hair in the back of his head was 3/8 inch. We agreed to go together in the morning and I'll wait for Owejn to get a haircut and then go to the playground right away.
There was already a group of boys before the barber shop. I waited about 20 steps from them. An educator came out of the barber shop and shouted at me so that I could come to him immediately. I didn't know what he wanted so I came. He kept yelling at me that he knew me, that I didn't want to listen and learn, and that he would take care of me. He kept shouting the same thing. I wanted to explain it all to him that it was just a mistake, but my neck tightened from fear and I couldn't say a word, I just grunted. He was already holding my hair on top of my head and pulling me into the barber shop. When the barber's chair came loose, he slid me over it and I was already wrapped in a tarp. He shouted that if I didn't get better, I would lose all the hair on my head. The barber asked him what hairstyle I should get, he said normal today. A barber with scissors was already running over the top of my head. About 3/4 long hair remained on top. With other scissors, about 1a1 / 4 inches above my ear, he began to make a line around my head, along which he cut all the hair on my hips and back of my head. Finally, he made a gradual transition from her to the top of his head. He cut the pike high above his eyebrows and began to shave his neck. When I was freed from the sail I quickly thanked him for my haircut. My next unwanted hairstyle lasted 2-3 minutes. I had waited for Owen, then cut for about half an hour. He teased me that I fit in nicely with the other students at his school.
Owen regularly got a school haircut every 3 weeks, but I didn't go to Pablo's barber shop with him anymore. I got used to Owen's short hair and I liked it when he came from the barber and I rubbed the back of his head. It scratched his palms pleasantly. And I didn't have to visit any barber for a long time

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