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Part time job by School grey shorts

I got myself a part time job that I worked round my free periods at school. The job was working in the mail room at a office building.

The manager of the mail room was very strict, old fashion in his ways. My job interview was a bit strange, I had to stand when he entered the room and sit after he did, he looked at me " time keeping is good Tim I like that" he asked me a lot of questions, I could not interrupted him when he was talking " so Tim you like to play games?" " yes sir I do" " what games Tim" " play station sir" " oh I thought you meant playing with your friends in the street" I slightly smiled " football" I replied back, he looked at me " you are at school Tim" " yes, I can work round the job with my free periods that I have in school sir" " Right you have the job Tim, get your hair cut short back and sides, your clothes will be tie, shirt, v neck jumper, trousers for the mean time, shoes".

When the interview was over I went straight into town and got my hair cut " what will it be" asked the barber " short back and sides could you cut it tight please" he took out clippers, razor " let's start" my hair got shorter and tight " there we are" said the barber, I looked at myself in the mirror " that's really short sir" " you asked for short back and sides and tight" " not for school," " it's for the best young man" I paid him and left.

Peter from my class saw me leaving the barbers " Tim wait up" I stopped, looked round and saw Peter walking up to me " that's a hair cut" " it's too short, bloody barber thought it's for the best peter, I didn't expect this" he smiled " thought you have a job not going to fourth year" I walked off " Tim I am kidding.

We where in a clothes shop, I got what I needed and paid for them" Tim I see you outside the shop"" OK" Peter came out " how can you have a job and do your classes Tim" " Peter I can" " I have a great idea let's go for some ice cream" "I" "come on" said Peter.

Peter and I sat eating are ice cream " Mr Watson was wondering why you left class so early Tim" " how could he I told him I had a job interview today Peter" " just saying that's all" replied Peter smiling " Tim some of the guys in class have said that you shouldn't have a job at all just remin in school and they have put on money on it" " how much peter" " hundred pounds" Tim is getting a bit confused thought peter " I have a part time job Peter" " OK if you think so.... oh another thing Tim, they put another hundred pounds in, that's two hundred pounds all to get there, that you wouldn't wear white fronts with your uniform" Peter looked at me " me I would do it for the money but I am not you" I took a deep breath " before you decide Tim, they put fouthy pounds that you wouldn't wear what's in this bag" I looked at the bag then at peter he give it to me.

I left my phone on the table when it rang " hello who is this" said Peter, it was the mail room manager " my I speak to Tim" " Tim is not hear my I take a message" repiled Peter " yes tell Tim to call me back please" Peter looked over and saw me walk out from the toilets wearing a red t-shirt, dark blue pull up shorts, dark blue ankle socks, trainers " f***ing wow, yes I tell him" I sat down peter had this big smile on his face " do I look out peter" " wow what did you do with the other clothes Tim" " I put them in the bag you give me" " had it over" I did " your shorts don't have pockets so I keep your money for you" " thank you Peter I left my phone on the table was there any calls for me" " no sorry are your clothes comfortable Tim" " yes Peter they are so that's 40 pounds in my pocket" I picked up my phone " phone tomorrow about the job".

Before I got home peter talked me into getting my hair cut a bit shorter " think about the money Tim" " it has nothing to do with getting my hair this short peter" " it does Tim didn't I mention it" " I can't remember if you did" " I did when you came back from the toilet at the ice cream factory" " OK".

I got home when my phone rang " hello" " Tim it's Mr Wilson the mail room manager" " hi sir I was going to call you tomorrow" " did you get my message that I left with your friend Peter" " he told me none called me" the rest of the conversation lasted for half in hour " Tim I see you on Monday morning" " yes sir".

I called Peter over to my house " what's up Timothy" " it's Tim, I had a call from my new employer that he left a message with you to tell me and you said none rang" " who cares Timothy" could not believe what he said " who cares, really peter" he was not listening to anything that I was saying to him, " are you finished Timothy" there was no point in talking " yes" " what are you wearing tomorrow at school Timothy your white fronts" " I decided not to Peter" " lose all that money" " yes" " talking silly Timothy" I played along which was a mistake for me.

In the morning I was getting ready for school, had my shirt and tie on but in front of me on my bed was a pair of white fronts and boxers, I was drawn to the white fronts and put them on, put the rest of my uniform on.

Walked into my class and sat down peter came in " Timothy I called to your house, why didn't you wait for me" " forgot sorry" " next time wait for me" he sat beside me " good your wearing your white fronts" " yes" " we have PE after English so I have your kit here" Peter put a sports bag beside me " it will fit" " thank you" better stop playing along.

After English we went to PE, I got undressed put on my white PE kit, fixed my shorts " Timothy you look smart" said Peter " tuck your t-shirt into your shorts" I did " OK boys let's go" are PE teacher called " Timothy wait" " sir" stand over there " I walked over and waited for 3 minutes.

For 3 hours I did running, fitness trainng, stretching the sweat was pouring out of me" come on Timothy get a move on "" yes sir " when I was done had a shower, got my uniform on and headed back to the common room." Peter my I have my 40 pounds "" I spent it "" on what "" you find out later oh by the way it's up to three hundred now ".

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