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Owen part 3. by Chovanec

Owen part 3.
Excuse my weak English, it's not my mother tongue. I'm describing a story I've heard.
My name is Zaan and in 1975 I was 14 years old. I've been going to lower school last year. My best friend's name is Owen, 16 years old, and a year ago he stepped up to a state weekly boarding school for poor and abandoned children.
Once my father came to see me at school and we went home together. There he started telling me that he loved me and didn't want to leave me. But today they took my mom to the hospital and she will be there for maybe 2 or 3 weeks. But he has to go on trips to make money. I can't stay alone at home, so the authorities have decided that I will be temporarily placed in a boarding school for a lower grade. Since when? I asked my father, we'll go there tomorrow morning, but we still have something to equip.
We went to Pablo's barber shop. It's been 15 months since my last haircut and I was about 8 inches long. The barber had no customer, so he called me into his chair. I saw my father hand him a white card. He asked his father if I was attending a year-round boarding school at a lower level. My father said yes, but what was the difference? He replied that there was a difference between higher and lower grades and those who were in school during the week and those who were in school permanently. I cut your son's hair # 2 and the rest # 000000 first.
The barber tilted my head and the metal teeth mercilessly cut my hair first at the top then at the sides and finally at the back of the head. When I saw myself in the mirror on my head for a moment, I was only short about 1/4 inch. They are much shorter than Owen's. When he replaced the scissors, he tilted my head to one side and climbed with them along the temporal bone to the top of my head. He bent his ear for a moment and walked around the ear with them. He certainly repeated the same thing on the other side of my head as he tilted my head forward and began cutting from my neck all over the back of my head. Finally, he applied the foam to the hips and the back of the head, which he gradually scraped off. It was the worst hairstyle I've ever had. I only had short hair on top of my head. The hips and back of the head were smoothly shaved. I hope this is my last haircut in this barber shop.
The next day, my father took me to boarding school, and as he had promised on Sunday morning, he came for me and I was given a pass for 10 hour

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