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Part time job part 2 by School grey shorts

" I don't care how much peter" " you do" "I don't" walked away. I sat at the table going over some of my notes when Peter sat beside me " going over my notes peter" " money is that you don't have the balls to wear a fourth year uniform for 3 hours or longer" " don't care go away" " me I would wear it for the money" peter want on I tried not to listen to what he was saying " it's only 3 hours Timothy" to keep him quiet " OK I do it".

I took off my uniform and put on the fourth year uniform, shirt, tie, jumper school grey shorts, knee socks shoes " it's only 3 hours" I thought, " Timothy you really suit it" said Peter with a smile "" it feels comfortable " I replied" it's only for 3 hours " Peter smiled and handed me the blazer and skull cap" pitcher time Timothy "" no way Peter "" come on Timothy " he took the photo.

The 3 hours came and went, peter was treating me like a fourth year in that time, I got changed back to my uniform" Timothy three hundred pounds in your pocket "" you no what I don't care about the money peter "" wait a minute Timothy, you want to wear the fourth year uniform for good "" I have a part time job peter getting paid ".

Lunchtime I was in the canteen having my chicken soup my phone went" yes peter "" why are you in the canteen for, 6th formers go outside for lunch "" I decided to have lunch in the canteen Peter talk later " turned off my phone " Timothy glad to see you in the canteen " I looked round and saw Mr night standing beside me" sir" " you have a part time job Timothy" " sir its only during my free periods after school" " I was a bit surprised when I heard it from Peter, is the money you get each two weeks not enough? come on boy forget about the job and remin in school" " sir its only part time" " do not talk to me in that manner Timothy" my name is Tim and why is everyone calling me Timothy, I thought " what do you say boy" Mr night said in a raised voice " sorry sir" " come with me" Mr night took me to a empty class room and give me 6 of the best with a leather belt across my bum, i rub my bum " it hurts" " it should be boy, talk to me in that manner" " s**t it still hurts" I said " bad language what" next thing my trousers and white fronts where pulled down and put over his knee, with each hard spanking with his hand it hurt, while I was getting spanked peter was looking on.

Mr night pulled me up from his knee " you look much better Timothy, I have spanked your badness out of you, a few more would do the trick" he put me over his knee again whack after whack after whack " there we are".

I stood only wearing my shirt and tie " next time you talk to me in that manner again Timothy it will be worse oh by the way wearing white fronts" " yessss sir" " I have the right ones for you" Mr night took out a pair of white fronts " you will wear these as punishment, you got your spanking now these, old fashion boys white fronts" I put them on " get dressed".

I slowly sat down on my chair behind my desk " you OK Timothy" " just got a hell of a spanking from Mr night Peter I thought my head was coming off from the whacks he was giving me" I looked over at Peter " did you tell him about my job?" " might have it much have came out when we were having a conversation Timothy why" " nothing" have way threw class the pain eased off, we were leaving class peter came up to me " why did Mr night spank you" " I replied back to him in a bad manner then the spanking started, he knew where to hit on my bum Peter, he pulled me up from his knee, that I had a slow look on my face" " you mean you look like one of the boys from a special school" replied Peter " yes" we walked to the common room, went in " Timothy you be with the rest of those special kids wearing their school uniform" I sat down peter showed me a photo of a school uniform from a special school " what about this one Timothy" " not funny" the door to the common room opened " Timothy the headmaster wants to talk to you".

I knocked the door to the headmaster office and went in " stand in front of me Timothy" I did " Mr night told me how you talked back to him in a bad manner, you deserved that spanking boy I am surprised at you Timothy" " sorry sir" " he told me that he spanked the badness out of you that you still deserve punishment, I thought what punishment to give you so you be wearing a full school uniform with white PE kit from Monday, full lesson with a time table" " headmaster I have a job" " not any more" " full lessons headmaster what?" " that's right Timothy full lesson, you start at nine in the morning and finish at three o'clock" he smiled "your going to fourth year" " how long sir" " a full term Timothy by the time you start you will have a mental age of a 14year old boy" I justed stared at him " Peter told me everything, how you told him that you feel really uncomfortable in your uniform, he saw you look out the window watching the fourth year's playing, what you where wearing when you and him were eating ice cream, Peter over heard you saying that I would be better off wearing school grey shorts so from Monday you will be "" peter is telling you lies headmaster " he took out a recorder from his desk and pressed play" that is your voice Timothy ".

I went home went to my room got out of my uniform, when I felt dizzy fell on my bed, my room was spinning and passed out. 5 hours later I woke up steached and sat on the side of my bed, looked down at my body I was hairless all over " what? " stood up went over to the mirror blinked " I am 14" I had a slim soft body, very small waist, jet black hair, dark brown eyes, my voice was not broken. I felt my body " my skin is really soft" my phone rang " hello" " hi Timothy its Peter" " who?" " Peter" "come over" " on my way", pulled out a draw it was full of shorts took out a dark blue addias shorts, pulled out another draw it was full of shorts, put it back in.

I was wearing a white addias t-shirt, shorts, socks, trainers the door bell rang, I opened the door " Timothy what age are you" " 14" what came out " welcome to your new life"

Part 3 soon.

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