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headshave with a friend by Mike S.

This is a story about me and my friend John.
We were training partners for almost 1 year now, working out together 3 times a week.
Oh man we look strong now! I never thought that having muscles would push your self-confidence to such high levels, but it does.
We are about the same height, wich is 1.80m, brown hair of medium lenght, shaved face and 23 years old. We both have girlfriends, who like how we developed.

Our training room is my houses basement, because there is a shower-room, big enough so we can both shower directly after training, wich is nice.
To keep our selfs motivated we look on the internet for pics of trained men we wanted to look like.
They all look differntly, but there is one thing that makes some of them look more manly, strong, conident and simply amazing:

After recognizing that, i started looking only for those pictures that showed shaved men.
I thought: Man I gotta have that too!
So i started imagining how i would look with a shaved head when standing naked in front of a mirror and dicided it would fit perfectly.
My worked out chest and shoulders, my face and head shape are realy good for a shaved head.
but I didnt want to do it alone. I wanted John to have the same, because doing it alone felt somewhat weird.
I thought about what my girlfriend would say to that drastical change.

When thinking about how John would look, i figuered his body is even better for that look.
So I have to make up a plan to make him want to shave his head with me:
Next time he comes to my house i will act as if i have an spontaneous idea: shaving our heads for fun or as part of a bet. Who can do more push ups? The loser has to shave his head! Or something like that...
I knew i would win that bet and to be a good friend i would shave my head too (; if not i could say i lost a bet... thats better than nothing

First I organized some clippers and a safety razor and placed them in the bathroom cabinet where we shower together.
Then i send John a message: 'Wanna work out tght?'
He replies within seconds: 'ok i ll be there in a min!'
My heart rate jumps at that monent. Its becoming reality!
Now I have to wait. Nervously walking up and down the stairs.
Will my plan work? No it won't... the plan is stupid... or maybe?
Than the bell rings. John is here. I try to calm my self down and open up the door for him.
"Come in!" I say.
"Hi!" he replies. "I m so motivated today, man!"
"Me too!" I smile.

Then we go down into the basement and start working out.
I m thinking about my plan all the time but i cant find the courage to ask him.
The clipper and razor are so close but something is holding me back.
After half an hour John says he has a bit of pain his left shoulder and wants to cool it with cold water.
Then he makes his way to the showers, giving me time to clear up my mind.
Oh no... If he is injured he wont be in with the bet...
Disapointed I start walking to the shower-room getting naked on the way.
John is cooling his shoulder with running water from a shower head.
"I'm done for today" i say and start to shower next to him.
"The pain is pretty nasty. Do u have some painkiller here?" he asks and turns around to the bathroom cabinet... WHERE THE CLIPPER IS IN!
He opens it and sees the clipper.
"Hey whats that?!" he says, takes it out and smiles. "Did you buy that?"
"Yes" I say smiling back.
"But you don't cut your hair, do you? I know you don't. And a razor next to it!" He spots the saefty razor.
Then he continues: "I know what is that here for: You want to shave your head!"
I cant say anything at that moment but smile nervously.
"Ok lets do it!" he says.
"What do you mean?" i ask hopefuly.
"Shave our heads!" he says.
My heart stops for a moment.
"I know you want it and i wont let you down, bro!"
"I think it will look realy good on us!" i say enthusiastically.
"Yes i was thinking about it for a while now too! I should have told you right away." he says.

Then we prepare the room for the shaves. We fetch the vaccum cleaner and a chair. Our barber chair!
"I'll go first" John said and quickly took a seat.
So I turn the clippers on and place them on his forehead.
Then I start pulling it with one big stroke down the middle through his medium brown hair, leaving a patch of stubble behind.
I stopped for one moment enjoying my work.
"Go on!" John says.
Then i continued shearing down all of his hair. When i finished, it looked amazing! I want to have the same!
"Your not finished yet! The razor!" he says.
But I wanted it so badly and right now! "Lets do that later. First sheard down my hair so we can clean the floor before we go on to shaving"
He smiled at me and stood up pushing me down on the chair.
"How u wish!" he said and placed the clipper just like me on my forehead and did a big stroke.
Oh it felt sooo good! I could see my bare scalp in the mirror. I saw it would look amazing!
Then he continued at the sides, connecting with the patch on the top.
I loved every stroke he took. My head became lighter and lighter. I started to feel more manly than before.
When i was sheared, John took the razor without hesitation and started shaving my head. That was the best feeling ever!
He pushed my head around, to hit every last hair.
Then it was done! I stood up and took a look through the mirror on the new me!
Absolutly amazing! My shaved head fits perfectly to the trained upper body, private area (; and legs. I will never go back to hair!
John tabbed me on the shoulder. "Now me" he said.
Then i shaved him, which felt amazing too. We should have done it far earlier!

We decided to party and drink some beer.
My girlfriend came home that evening and saw us with ur shaved heads.
She was amazed and liked it. She couldnt stop looking at me, so i send John home and thanked him.
Then we had sex, the best ever!

If you want to shave your head, do it! It's worth it!

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