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Jax will have a new father. by Chovanec

Jax will have a new father.
It's an old story from the last century and I only know it by hearing, In this period, long hair was in fashion for boys.
My name is Eric, I'm 14 years old and Jax is my best friend from school. Jax had 2 years younger brother Jamír and they lived alone for several years only with their mother without a father.
One day, Mr. Richardo moved in with them, and the mother told her sons that he would live with them and that he would become their new father, and they would have to obey him as their own father.
He was at Jax's after school when Mr. Richardo came and told Jax and Jamir that they were going to the barber's together. He told me to go with them, but I resisted that my parents didn't tell me to get a haircut. Mr Richarardo asked his parents' phone number. I heard him say. Hello, I am the new father of Jax and Jamír. Your son Eric is friends with Jax and is with us now. My sons and I go to the barber to get the boy's hairstyles and, if you want, we also take your son. ..... Then Mr. Richardo came and told me that my father agreed to go with them to the barber.
After about 15 minutes of driving, we stopped in the parking lot, and when we got out of the car in the area, we saw no modern barber shop, but only an old-fashioned barber shop called: Roger's Barber Shop. I've never been there, but I knew it wasn't a favorite barber shop for boys my age.
As we entered the barber shop and greeted each other, Mr. Richardo seated us in waiting chairs. The barber shop had only one barber, who was slim in a white coat and was about 60 years old. He was just cutting a gray master, and an old man was still ahead of us. Mr. Richardo started talking to the barber and it was clear that he was his friend. All three of us were nervous. It was not like in fashion salons where dreams went to hair styling.
The first of us went to the barber's chair Jamír. Mr Richardo said he wanted Jamir to be a boy. After about 10 minutes, Jamír jumped out of the barber's chair and Jax sat down. Jamir's hair was short, but he is only 12 years old so his hair is probably shorter but Jax and I are older so we will probably have longer hair. When the barber finished Jax's hairstyle, his hair was as short as Jamir's. I took an uncertain step to the barber's chair. As he twisted me into the sail and combed my hair, the barber asked. So how will it be today? I mean, just align. The barber told me: I didn't ask you anything, this is where Mr. Richardo decides. I didn't hear what he said to the barber. With the help of the comb of hand scissors, he cut my hair about halfway, but then he tilted my head forward as much as I could. He put electric scissors around my hair and started to climb on the back of my head with them, and I saw my blond hair fall on the sheet. As he tilted my head sideways, he cut my sideburns, shaved my ear and arched around it. After about 6 years, I saw my ears without hair. I closed my eyes and was afraid to open them. The barber continued to cut my beautiful hair. I opened them with a brush to remove debris from the sail around my neck. He foamed the white cream he applied around my ears and neck. He then gradually scratched. When I was freed from the sail, I jumped out of my chair and looked at myself in the mirror. About 1 1/2 inches above my ears, I had no hair that gradually lengthened. At the top of my head, my hair was combed at the side and was about 2 inches long. My blond hair blended with the skin above my ears so from a distance it looked like I was hairless on my hips. The last one was edited by Mr. Richardo. While we waited for him, I used my hands to find out what kind of hair I had on the back of my head. Jax noticed and said to me: You have it just like Jamir. I looked at the back of both boys. Both heads were hairless about 3 inches above the collar of the shirt. I said quietly to Jax. This is an outdated hairstyle for us and tomorrow at school I can't imagine how they will make fun of us.
When I got home I checked my new hairstyle. Then I was to show my parents. I was angry at my father for allowing me to go to the barber shop with the boys. My father asked me what barber shop we were in. I replied that at Roger's barber shop. My father went to the phone and called Mr. Richard. I thought he would tell him why I had such short hair, but when my father introduced himself, he thanked Mr. Richards for my hair and told him that he could take me again next time and didn't even have to call for permission. After a short pause, his father just added that he agreed.
Erick, my father told me: I agreed with Mr. Richards to go to Roger's barber shop with them every 3 to 4 weeks. What? I shouted. I never want to go to Roger's barber again. But my father insisted on what he said and I became a new customer at Roger's barber shop

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